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  1. Well the first thing they need to look at is removing Debbie Wasserman Shultz as the Chair of the DNC. I'm supporting Hillary but DWS needs to go soon. I don't think millenials will drink her kool aid.
  2. http://gabbard.house.gov Tulsi Gabbard is young but has a progressive trajectory and is definitely well spoken.
  3. Limbaugh is his own employee so the only way he could get "fired" would be if all his syndicated stations drop him. And the only way his syndicated stations drop him is if the sponsors pull their ads. And the only way the sponsors pull their ads is if the listeners are so outraged that they threaten a boycott.And that's not going to happen because Rush's listeners aren't outraged by what Rush said . Sleep Train, Sleep Number, Quicken Loans, and AutoZone all pulled their ads today.
  4. I read Moby Dick in its entirety about 5 years ago and it did nothing for me. I was mad at myself afterwards for not quitting on it. Just finished rereading Crime and Punishment and I can heartily recommend that one for a "classic" experience. Dostoevsky can describe the human condition like no other author I've ever read. I just started on The girl with the dragon tattoo. Are the 2nd and 3rd novels pretty good?
  5. Yeah, golfers in their 30s are usually at the prime of their game. I expect Tiger to win several times next year and probably sniff a major or two. His problem will be fending off the new wave of talent coming up. The Rickie Fowlers of the world.
  6. Finished "A Game of Thrones" and downloaded the sequel "A Clash of Kings" to my Kindle. Before I start on that one I'm reading a few books I got for Christmas. Keith Richards' autobiography "Life" and Jon Stewart's "Earth". Both awesome so far. Especially "Life". Keith Richards' narrative is constructed like he's just talking directly to you, with half sentences and slang that make it less formal and fun to read. If he's really responsible for the verbiage he's a lot more intelligent than I imagined him to be. I've got a lot more respect for him than I did before. The Stones worked their butts off to get started in the biz. Anybody that watches "The Daily Show" and enjoys it will love Stewart's book. It's written for future aliens that stumble onto our planet and explains how and why we did things. This is a first class Toilet Book.
  7. Same here. Can only figure that thread is chock full of ruination for a lot of folks' upcoming books.
  8. I finished this book last week.I agree for the most part. The idea behind this story was interesting to me because I like post-apocalyptic type plots, but I was pretty disappointed overall with this book. I think it could have been shortened a few hundred pages and not missed a beat. I think this is one of those rare situations where a movie could be better than the novel. If they did it right. I'm about 150 pages into A Game of Thrones and absolutely loving this one. George R. R. Martin has an incredible talent for description and character development. I'm pretty sure I'll be reading the whole series.
  9. Another great episode. Cameron's giggling like a schoolgirl was epic. There were a lot of great one-liners that I can't remember now but had me rolling at the time.
  10. Macallan 18, and it's around $150 a bottle. You should never have to pay $50 for the 12 yr old. That's too high.
  11. Finally finished Pillars of the Earth. Epic adventure tale about good and evil but a long read. Just started on The Passage and the first 80 pages have been pretty good.
  12. Got a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label for my birthday last month. Beautiful. Also, what's better than a nice glass of Macallan 18 after dinner? Someone else buying it.I love Macallan 18 but it's woefully overpriced these days at $150 plus.
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