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  1. Not defending Biden there, he 100% should be called for his lies regarding the new laws and comparing it to Jim Crow. But, let's not forget the main reason that law was passed was because of lies and gaslighting by Trump. So I wouldn't say we 'now' have a President is so quick to lie over a recent law. That was here for the last 4 years as well, even though it might not have been directed at this specific law.
  2. Throwing words into my mouth, I never said it was Trump's fault. She is clearly a racist and 100% responsible for her actions. Obviously Trump didn't make that woman do that, but as I mentioned in the last post, it's nice having a President who no longer throws fuel on the fire for racists who we know will take that and apply it to all Asians.
  3. Obviously she's a racist and I'm not saying she definitely got the idea from Trump. I'll just say it's nice having a President now who doesn't refer to it as the China virus, knowing damn well racists apply that to all Asians.
  4. It seems pretty clear to me DeSantis is trying to make a run at President for 2024. If he took the vaccine in public and made it well known he's vaccinated, he most likely would have received backlash from a significant portion of his potential 2024 base.
  5. Looks like the post you’re quoting was referencing DeSantis as 2024 POTUS, not Trump. I’m not a huge fan of DeSantis, but he definitely is not as bad as Trump.
  6. No surprise here, Kinzinger is one of the few Republicans left with an actual spine who will stand up for what’s right. Need more Republicans and politicians in general like him. I’m guessing we’ve heard nothing from Gaetz’s buddy in the same state, DeSantis? I’m sure he’ll find a way to pin this all on the media somehow.
  7. Off-duty Pentagon police officer fatally shoots 2 people in Maryland he believed were breaking into a car Who knew possibly breaking into a car results in a death sentence?
  8. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/08/us/politics/matt-gaetz-investigation.html#click=https://t.co/rPcWJwCHzJ Feds learned in recent weeks about a conversation Gaetz and a prominent lobbyist had about having a sham candidate run in a Fla State Senate race in 2020 to siphon votes from an ally’s opponent. And the hits keep on coming for Gaetz. Have any Republicans said a word about Gaetz yet?
  9. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the media’s garbage and partisan narratives. I think Tim puts too much trust into the MSM, which led to him having a skewed narrative of Cuomo. Sure, he may have came around a little late, but at least he was able to come around and admit he was wrong. There are plenty of cultists on both sides who never even get to that point.
  10. Incredible that this post got the laughing emoji from the usual suspect. You used to support a candidate, after learning more you questioned that decision and now you can see he is a garbage candidate and want him out of office. Shouldn’t this be the exact behavior we want from people when it comes to politics?
  11. lol at you comparing ‘intent’ with a poster regretting losing his cool on a message board vs. someone putting their knee on a person’s neck/shoulder blade for 9 minutes. I’m legitimately impressed you were able to pull off the mental gymnastics to make that comparison. Also, very convenient of you to leave out Manslaughter, which he is being charged for, does not require intent and makes your entire post worthless. This is probably the most likely scenario here if he’s charged with anything.
  12. Sorry if I'm late here, haven't been in this thread in a while but just saw on Twitter that there was a shooting at an office in Texas about a hour ago: https://twitter.com/ABC/status/1380279467776479235
  13. Fair, but if a EMT watching on the sidelines could clearly see something was wrong (and was telling the cops so) and the 911 dispatcher thought the live footage was frozen because of how long Chauvin was on him, how could the cops not realize anything was wrong and how can that not be considered negligent conduct?
  14. And this isn't even factoring in that people, including an EMT, offered to help and they refused. I just don't see how it isn't at least manslaughter at that point.
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