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  1. I trust the Trump supporters on this forum more than I do the word of the Justice Department.
  2. Capitol rioter charged with threatening to “assassinate” Rep. Alexandria Ocasión-Cortez
  3. Interesting because the people who actually stormed the capitol seem to think they stormed the capitol. https://twitter.com/ryanjreilly/status/1353042900356009985?s=21
  4. I disagree with this policy. As much as I support trans rights, this will lead to unfair advantages in sports and potentially dangerous scenarios too. That being said, I view the overall issue similar to others in this thread. I don’t see a ton of people abusing it and in terms of other issues currently facing the country, this one is very low on the totem pole.
  5. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/legal-issues/conspiracy-oath-keeper-arrest-capitol-riot/2021/01/19/fb84877a-5a4f-11eb-8bcf-3877871c819d_story.html Again, anyone saying this was like the BLM protests this summer or even in 2016 at the inauguration is being dishonest or just isn’t fully informed on what went down there.
  6. Okay, I misspoke and should have said ‘planned intentions to kidnap specific politicians’, which still easily could have turned into murder. Does that really make it any better or take away from the point I was trying to make?
  7. People were chanting ‘Hang Pence’, there were a few holding zip-tie handcuffs and I believe they confirmed at least some wanted to hold the politicians hostage. I guess it’s possible they wouldn’t have murdered them, but based on what’s out there I wouldn’t bet on it.
  8. Are you being serious? If so, you are grossly misinformed about what went down at the capitol two weeks ago. People broke into a federal building and had planned with clear intentions to murder specific politicians. That is no where near the same thing as people rioting and causing property damage.
  9. Agreed, I don't think the situation would have been perfect under any politician. I'd say at the very minimum 200,000+ deaths were gonna happen regardless unless we did a lockdown like South Korea which was never gonna happen. Point is though, that the Democrats were wrongly going to attack Trump regardless of how he handled COVID. People might have been able to see through that but the fact that Trump also publicly did plenty of dumb things makes the Democrat side argument stronger, even though it might be coming from bad faith.
  10. I agree that the left would have blamed Trump regardless of how he handled it. That being said, it's beyond silly to think he did a good job. It took him a good 4 months to finally start taking the pandemic seriously and stop downplaying it. A normal President would have taken the pandemic seriously from the beginning and would have been encouraging everyone to wear masks long before Trump finally came around on that. It's impossible to know how many more additional deaths there would have been, but there's zero doubt in my mind his behavior and words led to Americans not taking it as seriousl
  11. Exactly, a significant portion of them just shrug the left off as sheep brainwashed by the MSM. Don’t even attempt to understand the other side yet the left is the one who is consistently asked to be more understanding. And I’m all for being understanding when it comes down to the right people, and there are plenty of Republicans like that. But for the more extreme Trumpism wing of the party which seems to be a relatively significant size, how do you meet in the middle with people who believe every lie Trump says and truly think they’re saving the country by storming the capitol or overth
  12. Agreed. I always see that the left needs to do a better job at understanding the right and why they voted for Trump. Why not the opposite? Why shouldn’t Trump supporters be doing a better job at understanding why 81 million Americans are very anti-Trump?
  13. Granted, I only started following politics closely once Trump got elected but I don’t recall any President prior to him being anywhere close to as divisive.
  14. I agree with you. Like I said, I don’t blame low + middle class families for voting in their own financial interests (or at least what they believe is) because they genuinely do need that extra assistance. Your viewpoint on “they want my family to starve so they can get more free stuff" seems pretty flawed to me. Do you know anyone who actually thinks this way? Pretty sure they want free stuff for everyone, so that everyone has the basic necessities to live. Now on the other hand, that’s exactly what Republicans I’ve talked to are okay with happening. They believe they’ve earned all th
  15. 1. Wasn’t my intention to do that and I could care less which words you use to describe what happened this summer. Riots, mobs, etc are all accurate IMO. 2. Fair, I guess my point is that the DC riots were much more politically driven. BLM riots (or whatever you want to call them) were not driven by propaganda being pushed by politicians like what happened DC. People were out there for equal treatment for everyone, regardless of skin color. People in DC were there to try and stop the electoral college from going through because they were upset with the results/fed misinformation by the pe
  16. This right here. Totally understand someone who is voting based off their own financial situation if they are lower/middle class and genuinely struggling to get by. Lots of people I know voting because of finances are no where close to this situation. When you’re making 6 figures and you value an extra vacation per year over basic necessities for millions of Americans, what else is there to say? Sorry, but IMO you’re either selfish or very ignorant to the problems the average American is facing. You can’t teach empathy and for people to care for others.
  17. 1. The protests in Seattle were over police brutality and racial injustice. These are not political issues and there were plenty of non-political people involved. What happened in DC was a brainwashed cult who tried over running the government because they thought an election had been stolen due to right wing propaganda. Pretty massive differences here as far as causes go... 2. The Seattle mayor does not represent the entire Democratic Party (clearly, as Biden won the Presidency and took an opposite approach) and I doubt many people, if even a single one viewing this thread, live in Seatt
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