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  1. I appreciate that he converted this to SEC football terminology for me. It's the little things.
  2. Maybe there's a way we can do it with regular IL slots and the honor system? Caught misuse result in loss of competitive balance draft picks? #ironfist
  3. Starting to wonder if he got suspended. May have to investigate alternative contact methods.
  4. Let's enjoy a classic from the Popular Posts tab for this thread:
  5. Drawing a line between "saying they should" and "suggesting" it as a strategy is a very lawyerly thing to do. Kudos.
  6. That's because it's not a simple "open/close" situation. The level at which parents are locking their kids down is not bound by state. Most states, even the ones with schools open, have a virtual option parents can choose instead. That falls into the parent's hands at that point. Also, their extra-curricular activities have been shutdown in varying ways across the different states. Sports, arts, clubs, etc. are vital social experiences for many children. Again, I'm thankful that my community has chosen to make those available. My kids have been in sports since June and have resumed a
  7. I love that the solution for some of you is: "Jeep should give them money to make this right." Almost as if that could be the entire reason this suddenly became an issue on a 50-year old brand. Good grief, you guys.
  8. I'm afraid we'll look back in horror on the long-term consequences of locking a generation of children into homes for a virus that largely did not pose a major risk to their demographic. And we knew that by last summer-- which makes all of this all the more regrettable. So thankful my kids have been able to attend school since August.
  9. Good stuff hitting the trade inbox. Keep the offers coming. I'm reviewing each and every one of them more thoroughly than necessary and will be choosing incorrectly soon enough.
  10. Sell! Sell! Sell! Ozuna is gone. Bregman is on the block with a strong offer in negotiation. Who will be next? Send me some prospects for Nola, Gallo, Moose?
  11. Drops: Marwin Gonzalez, Evan Longoria, Brent Rooker
  12. FTR, I came dangerously close to taking him at 3.3. You're welcome.
  13. I think it's really cool that you guys are doing a full-length mock before draft season. You don't see many leagues willing to commit to that anymore.
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