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  1. I watched the entire season between yesterday and today. Watched the first episode of the prequel a little while ago. Doesn't seem as good.did some research and it seems they are recasting Spartacus for season 2 because the actor has cancer.
  2. Came across a band called the Lost Immigrants tonight that sound pretty good. CD was "Waiting on Judgement Day"
  3. this is the same feeling I get when I see one of your threads whining and crying about how someone has been treated wrong
  4. Yes, Forty Creek is better than Crown or CC as far as Canadian whiskey goes. Wife bought me some Forty Creek for Christmas. I had never heard of it, but it's pretty damn good
  5. I'll second the Neko Case recommendation. Huge fanboy here, and Blacklisted is a good place to start.I also dig Lucero a lot, but not sure how seamlessly they fit into the hazy alt-country genre. That Much Further West is a damn good album. Lucero love may be a homer thing since I'm from Memphis. i'll check out Neko Case.
  6. we seem to be in the same boat. I got turned on to Uncle Tupelo (about a decade too late) and Son Volt about 4 years ago, but I don't really care form Wilco or Ryan Adams. I'll check out the others that you mentioned.
  7. checking out Gob Iron right now. I likey
  8. thanks guys. any CDs in particular? I'd prefer to steal only what is needed to get as good a samplin' as neccesary to see what I'd like to buy. yours in Hong Kong Phooey, me
  9. thanks COlin, I knew I could count on you. I'll check out bottle rockets.
  10. I need some bands to check out. I love Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt, Whiskeytown, Old 97s and Lucero (woo Memphis boys!), but not a fan of Wilco. Gimme some bands to take a listen to. Yours in Jesus, Allah, or your 6-armed Indian god of your choice, Fuller Shantytown
  11. You can get rooms at Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza for around $100 off of Priceline. I stayed there when Eddie Vedder came to Memphis. It's a little walk but not bad if you're looking to stay cheap.
  12. um, might want to check your punctuation.
  13. bought some tonight. just had the watermelon. damn that #### is horrible tasting.
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