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  1. Bruce Lee Water Strategy I do 5 redrafts a year with varying scoring. Trying to target players or positions in certain rounds is just a waste of time. Understanding where the value is when drafts go one way or another is the key. If RB's go fast early I go to a 0 RB strategy. If Kelce falls to me at a good spot, then I take him and adjust the rest of the draft. In 1 QB leagues I typically wait and go QBBC but If a good one drops to me in the 4-5th round I will take him and adjust. So my draft strategy becomes what I need it to be to draft a team to win. I don't need a top TE to win, but I can win with a top TE.
  2. Mostert vs Gordon is probably a coin flip. I would take the free Pittman.
  3. 2 3rd rounders don't excite me much. Maybe counter with Michel and a 3rd/4th for a 2nd round pick. Or look to see if there is a player you like on his team.
  4. SF PPR - guy took over a rebuilding project. I took over one last season. offers Mahomes for my Lawrence 2 22’ 1st’s - one top 5 likely, the other middle of the pack. it doesn’t make me a contender, probably hurts down the road as I still cant’t field a lineup of starters at the moment, and need the picks to add talent and depth.
  5. Taking Mahal - too many baby faces have gotten over.
  6. You probably need to use a draft list that is more tied to your scoring system.
  7. I would take the Gibson side. Lance and Campbell are still unknown at this point. Gibson and Darnold will at least get to prove themselves this year.
  8. I wouldn't trade a premium asset for two fair to middle ones. Maybe try going for a J.Jones vet and 1st year pick type deal. Still plently of time before the season starts.
  9. We typcally do a live draft with the stickers and a cook out. Then I would take the board home and enter them. A few years ago I brought my lap top and entered them as we when along. Two years ago we had someone remote. MFL was almost instant in updating, and we had the guy on speaker phone. Google has a free video meeting that works well if you have a gmail account.
  10. I was just discussing this yesterday. The two guys that hosted my two live draft leagues will not be hosting. Finiding someone to host is proving a challenge.
  11. If you are using Joe's formula it pushes RB's up a bit, and rightfully so. Important to remember it is a tool. You can modify the baselines. Every league has its own set of things to consider. Value vs ADP is the first thing I consider. Find the guys you can get a round later then you value them, but a round earlier then they are drafted. Target those guys, then figure who you need in the other rounds to make your team. When Jefferson or Harris come up at the end of the second if you know you can get a WR or RB later then you know to who to take. Get asked to fill a spot a couple of hours before a draft. Taking chalk the first 7-8 rounds will put you in the hunt. It's a game. Injuries can take you out of it, and the guy that drafts a PK in the 3rd round will win. I have been using that VBD spread sheet for 17 years and I have never felt bad walking out of a draft.
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