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  1. Bowden, Arnold, Herndon and one of PK can probably go. As an alternative idea, think about trying to move say like Snell and a 4th for a 3rd to whoever drafts Harris. Mostert/Sermon Dallas/Carson etc
  2. I wouldn't give up Murray for that. Murray should be a multiple year top QB, RJ is a 20-25 RB. I think you could have gotten a better deal.
  3. DK in a heartbeat Evans real quick Probably lean the Reagor way, not completely sold on Gibson LT
  4. I think I would take the CEH side. I think would like a little more in return then Metcalf.
  5. I would say that is fair. But if it leaves you weak at QB what do you have to do to trade to get another one. It's a gamble, but as long as you are completely throwing this season away it might be worth it.
  6. Not sure what your starting lineups are but I would take that deal. 2 1000 yard proven WR for a rookie. If you are at all competitive this gives you a boost. I get it I hate giving up shiny new toys.
  7. 1) Lawrence 2) Wilson 3) Fields 4) Pitts 5) Chase 6) Sewell 7) Waddle 8- Trade NEP - Lance 9) Parsons 10) Surtain I like it HOT!!!
  8. Yea that how I thought this all started. First thing I thought was I would rather have Harris than Gibson. TE flip doesn't really move the needle that much to me.
  9. It looks like you are in a position to contend with a little RB help. At 1.04 you probably need to wait and see where everyone goes. Maybe Williams is there and can help you, maybe move the pick and try to cash in.
  10. Nope don't understand it even without that. He is not one of the most astute owners. He could have had which ever RB landed in the best spot vs Jacobs & a project WR
  11. 14 Team PPR IDP not invoved Team A got Jacobs, 1.13 Team B got 1.01 I hate this deal for Team A. I think he could have gotten a better RB at 1.01
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