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  1. Well, I am in the second week of 2 week playoffs semi finals. Standard league. When PIT kicks off tonight I will be 3 points ahead. All I need is PIT to hold serve on TD and I'm in the finals. Pray for a pick 6 or the like for me.
  2. Pretty sure I'm benching Conner this week. Playing A Jones, Akers and one of Mostert/Dobbins. And boy do I need production from all 3 positions. I am 20 points back in a two week playoff. I NEED to win big this week or go home until next year.
  3. Well, I just benched McLaurin for Coutee. Hope it's the right move cause I'm in the playoffs and like an idiot didn't start Akers over Bernard. Doh.
  4. Thanks. Probably will after this week. Too late to get the 49ers TD which I wanted. Grabbed while I dithered. Seems this system suggests I start Bernard over Mostert or Dobbins. Heck ESPN thinks Bernard is better than Conner this week. I know opponent matters but Bernard hasn't done much lately.
  5. I don't know. I only have 3 WRs and I doubt I can find one better than AJ Brown, McLaurin and Coutee. But I wouldn't mind being able to stream a different TD this week and not lose the Steelers to waivers. Kinda wonder if Mixon is coming back and will kick myself if he plays last two weeks and does well and I dumped him.
  6. Well I wasn't smart enough to start him for Thursdays game. I don't think I'll make that mistake again this year. And I hope some of my other RBs perform almost as well as he did.
  7. Hi all, I am trying to open a spot to get another WR or TD. Right now I have 7 spots tied up and can;t use them all. Which should I drop? A Jones (not dropping LOL) Raheem Mostert G Bernard Mixon J Conner JK Dobbins Cam Akers I am tempted to drop both CIN RBs since Bernard doesn't seem up to the job and I am beginning to doubt Mixon will return and play a significant role even if he does.
  8. He is back. Wow. Thought he'd at least miss the first half.
  9. Well, one play and 40 yard gain. Next play down with possible injury. Looked weird so maybe he'll be back this game.
  10. I have PIT. Anyone see any reason I should be streaming? Schedule left is" Was Buf CIN Ind Cle
  11. We are riding the same hand. I figure with the decimated Ravens O the Steelers D should have a field day. And there wasn't much good to pick up anyway. Well ATL did well but who predicted that. LOL
  12. On a personal note ( and yes in fact the world does revolve around me 😀) I have a decision to make regarding the Steelers team defense. I have a replacement already for Conner but would love to see the PIT D/ST play against that decimated Ravens offense. But not sure I can risk waiting til Tuesday to find out. And I would have to grab the Broncos or Jets off waivers in the AM dropping - I guess Dobbins. Or Mixon. Or Jonnu Smith or who knows.
  13. Nope. ESPN said the lineup was not OK. Pretty sure they WILL fix it if you don't. As a guy who grabbed Hill and played him TE I say - thank you for the W. Wish it could go on cause I'm all about me but I get it. Heck I even feel a bit guilty about winning with him but everyone else in my league had the same chance to pick him up. I didn't even do it until Saturday AFT. Shocked he was there when I realized he could be a QB put into my TE slot.
  14. Trying to open a roster spot and the guys on the cusp include Meyers, Pittman, Mixon, Bernard, Newton. I got AJ Brown and McLaurin as normal starters so does anyone think Meyers is going to be more valuable down the stretch? Non-ppr. Course since I got 3 QBs now more likely I dump one of them.
  15. I am in similar situation as Buck above me here, I have AJ, McCLaurin, Meyers and Pittman. BAL isn't kind to WRs and Meyers has a juicy game with HOU.
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