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  1. I think this thread is kind of funny. I mean, everyone regularly wonders what they are doing with their life and what they should do. We've all been there. Well, except those in dire straights who only wonder how they will make ends meet this month. Here is the bad news. It.....never.....ends. LOL. I am 66, financially secure the rest of my life (probably), haven't worked in 20 years, and I'm still not sure what I should be doing. Maybe I should do something useful instead of playing golf and traveling. Then I realize I'm unwilling to give up my every day freedom to commit to anything. Lately been thinking more and more about doing something new and constructive. I envy you OP in that you have the whole world at your feet. And you have lots of choices. All I can say is - enjoy life. It passes way too fast.
  2. Maybe. He had the job for a couple weeks and for whatever reasons didn't exactly scintillate. He might be a late bloomer or it might have been matchups or whatever. But at this point he is one of many "injury away" performers out there. For me I prefer the potential upside of a WR1 that Toney offers. I think he could be a second half gem and somehow actually landed him. happy days. Or at least I feel that way today. Ask me again in a few weeks and it could all change. 😁
  3. Thanks. Oh yeah, Toney is my #1 pick this week as neither Williams is a long term keeper nor that much better than other bench players I have like Higgins, J Conner, E Sanders. I'm just upgrading depth replacing Sermon who IMO isn't worth a roster spot. Looks like he isn't Shanahan's golden boy.
  4. Thanks for the opinion on the Williams thread. I don't think I am much help here. I like Johnson and can't imagine why anyone would drop him. A solid #2 WR in a 12 team league. But my league doesn't do FAAB so no clue how people use that.
  5. At one point I had Ty'son, Murray and Bell trying to land a ball cow out of garbage. Looks like there was no bellcow to be had here. Glad I'm out. Now I need to get out of the SF jumble as well. Yeah, Drafted Sermon but he looks to be a bust in 2021.
  6. I picked up Damien Williams last week and he done me right. Thanks Damien. This week with CEH out and Darrel Williams available in the waiver wire I am tempted to put in a claim (non-PPR). Darrel seems to be the man right now but looks to be on a shorter term as CEH isn't as injured as Montgomery. Both face problems. Damien has Herbert apparently the preferred ground and pound guy getting lots of snaps and Darrel has McKinnon getting passing down work which let's face it in an offense geared around the QB is a lot of the work. I doubt I will actually get Darrel if I put in a claim but if I could which would you start? There is also an alternative to the Williams. Booker is available and I could put in a claim for him as well. And Kadariuos Toney is out there. Decisions decisions.
  7. Might be time to drop Sermon for a better use of the roster spot. Can't see as he is any better an option to lots of other backup RBs on teams.
  8. So who didn't start him this week. (me waving from the stupid corner) had he and Robert Woods on my bench this week. Still managed a W (probably unless Hines outscores Taylor by 15 points tonight). Any of you ever need advice who to start contact me, listen carefully, then do exactly the opposite if what I advise. 🤪
  9. I gave up. Dumped him for Damien Williams. And I needed the roster space for additional WRs. Might regret it but I still have so many RB options in Chubb, Taylor, Sermon, Williams, Conner I couldn't keep a guy who wasn't even on the active roster last week.
  10. Thanks. I admit to trepidation starting Woods. He feels like the forgotten man in LA.
  11. Well all my plans of world domination and league championship are slippikng away. Kinda didn't expect the world domination thing anyway but very surprised to be 1-3 at this point. WR being my weakest position. And least easy to figure out. In a non-PPR standard scoring league I need to start 2 of these: Amari Cooper (probable start if healthy) Robert Woods (VERY dissapointed and need to decide today as they play tonight) Higgins - is he healthy? Emmanual Sanders - juicy matchup against weak secondary i a potential shootout vs KC AJ Green
  12. And Montgomery looks to be out. Looking at Raiders to stream this week.
  13. Might put in a claim on Raiders D and stream them. If I get bumped CAR it is.
  14. Looking at him. Did I hear about a quad injury though?
  15. Looking to next week I am dumping the Bengals D. I have CAR and can grab one of Packers, DAL or ATL (versus NYJ). Any thoughts?
  16. Well I will hold one more week since I think I have little better on the waiver wire. Silly me I dumped Latavious thinking he was never gonna be the man and might grab him back. But with the emergence of Conner in AZ all of them seem irrelevant to me right now. All of them are behind Conner, Sermon and Higgins if healthy.
  17. Well before game time I grabbed Bell. Not starting him but if he emerges from this mess I win. Still have Ty'son but he is gone if Bell looks good this week.
  18. I released Murray and Williams isn't far behind. I'll wait one more week as I need the roster spot.
  19. Pitts, Woods and Cooper. My 3-5 picks. 😥
  20. I did not get to see that game. As a Sermon owner I did not start him and won't next week either. But I'm not defining him by: 1 week - 1 carry concussion out 1 week - mediocre results where the O line may have lost the battle at the line If next week they are also stuffed or Mitchell comes back and has a big day at that point I consider him a bust and may drop him. But, he has at least one more week to show anything at all.
  21. Well I thought I got a decent D on draft day I could run with but seems not. Wash FT sucks. Dumping them I hope for Cincy this week and then I don't know. Guess I'm a streamer this year. (sigh)
  22. I can't beliueve how poorly my team is doing. 1-2 after 3 is well, it can happen. But my team has scored: 120 72 45 This is a standard non-PPR 12 team league. Lineup of: Hurts - QB Chubb and Taylor RBs Amari and Woods WR Pitts and Higbee (alternate) TE Ty'son Williams and Higgins Flex Succop Wash And a decent bench. How in the world is this happening? I feel like I have angered the football gods and need to atone. Is a slaughtered chicken still the go to or is something more modern the answer.
  23. Gotta tell you all at this point I am starting Ty'son Williams ahead of Sermon. I would like to see Sermon have a good game before plugging him in.
  24. I play a non-PPR league. Need to choose flex this week or heck maybe I'll throw it open to include RB. At this point I intend to start Chubb and J Taylor in my RB positions. Flex is the quandary. But I'll listen of one of you thinks I should bench one of the above??? In my flex I can choose between Williams, Sermon, Latavious, Conner. realistically I think this week it's either Trey or Ty'son. Ty'son has already provided 2 games of evidence he can perform for fantasy purposes in the NFL. He seems to have a good match up and his 3rd game he should be gaining confidence. Good running team against a very bad team they may dominate and want to run out the clock. Negative is they also have Latavious who could be considered more reliable for pound and ground. Sermon plays for a great running team. After non starter game 1, concussion game 2, he now seems to be the last man standing who knows the playbook from training camp and is hyped as the best of the bunch anyway behind Mostert. Negative is - he has never carried the ball more than once in the NFL, will he get a full load after concussion last week, and Shanahan. At this point I have Williams in my flex. I would love to have this quandary every week but for now - what would you do?
  25. I guess assuming I will always have at least 2 of Woods, Cooper and HIggins then Osborn is permanent bench material. I could grab the Giants and play them against ATL this week and then dump them and play WASH against Atl next week.
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