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  1. 12 team non-PPR league. Need to start one of these two at TE. Thanks
  2. 12 team standard non-PPR league. Got to start one of them. And that is Preston WIlliams. Thanks ]
  3. Not the only bust so far. My lineup is a bust. Mixon. A Jones, Conner, A Brown. Jeez. My first 4 picks and I'm ready to fade the season already. Good thing I can still play golf. LOL
  4. I expect Murray to be a top 3-4 QB this year. All signs point to a break out campaign. I didn't get him though. Someone grabbed him a bit early IMO. 2 rounds later I got Dak and I expect a really good year from him too.
  5. I have A Jones AND AJ Dillon. If Dillon truly is 3rd string I'll likely use that slot to grab someone who over performs week 1 with a chance of catching a lucky surprise.
  6. LOL. Same thing happened in my league. I confess it is a family league and some probably don't study or do more than one mock draft each year but one would think a 43 year old QB on a new team wouldn't lead the second tier of QBs.
  7. I hope Conner has a career year. I got him at 4:02 in my draft as my flex/RB3. Was surprised he was still there and had to take him even though I wanted to take a WR.
  8. Thanks. Thinking of dumping them and grabbing DET,
  9. Hi all, In my draft TDs went early IMO. The net result is the best choice left for me was the LAR. And this week they face the Cowboys who I believe have a high octane offense. They were ranked about 3-4 on my cheatsheet which surprised me as prior to that they were lower. Anyway, thinking of dropping them and streaming starting with DET vs CHI this week. Curious if the RAMs are really worth hanging onto. If I want to stream and keep LAR I would have to drop AJ Dillon. Thoughts?
  10. OK, finished my draft and having an after scotch to sort this out. During the draft I was happy and taking what I thought were good players. After I'm not is sure. I'm in a 12 team redraft non-PPR standard ESPN type league. Dak Pescott Mixon, A Jones, J Conner, Z Moss, C Edmunds, AJ DIllon AJ Brown, McLaurin, P Williams, Lamb, Jeudy Hurst, Doyle Rams Zuerlien Might need to pour a second one.
  11. Thanks. I thought at 11 he was sliding too far but wondered when I printed out my cheat sheet why FBG have him as 11 overall in draft order.
  12. I am drafting today in one hour. Any real news? I pick 11th in non-PPR league. Should I take him with confidence if he is still there?
  13. For upside I like Brown. I am targeting him as my WR2. I am hoping to land 3 RB1 near RB1s and 2 WRS in the first 5 rounds and he is my hopeful 5th rounder. If you look at that team who is really there #1 target? Andrews? I think Lamar will want to air it out more this year if he has someone getting open.
  14. Thanks guys. I'm also keen on Stafford and Ryan to have decent years. Not Mahomes years but acceptable if teamed with excellent RB/WR play.
  15. Hi all. OK, redraft non-PPR 12 team standard ESPN style league. I've already described intent to wait on TE because I think there is a bunch of break out candidates this year and the high end ones go too early and prefer earlier RB/WR talent. My QB strategy is unclear. If Dak or Deshaun fall to 62 I might take one of them and this strategy dies there. And maybe Wilson or Murray. If not I'm looking at pick 83. QBs I think remaining then are: Brady Brees Ryan Allen Rodgers Wentz Stafford Of the above I really don't like Rodgers (no supporting cast), Wentz (injury worries),. Brady and Brees scare me as a primary cause I mean come on man. They are both over 40. Father time always wins and will it be this year. So do you feel a team with say Ryan, Allen or Stafford with a flyer at TE and deep ar RB/WR is a sound strategy?
  16. Honestly I can't see Peterson being a long term factor. Lotta miles and age. My gut says they aren't sure enough of Swift with the short camp and Kerryon isn't 100% so Peterson gets them a bridge to the 5th game. Who knows. DET has been a hard team to guess on RB for several years
  17. OK I'm ranking guys based on ADP and find I could use picks in the 12-14 range to land two of the following reliably. Hockenson/Gesicki + Jarwin/J Smith Assuming I did OK using my earlier picks not spent on a premium TE well on WR/RB will this sink me or should I have reasonable expectations of one of these breaking out for me? I am also planning on grabbing one of Hurst/Hooper/Fant if they fall into the 12 th round. In which case I would only take one of the above choices. Maybe I'm overthinking this. Sorry. Just trying to pack the team with RB/WRs.
  18. Thanks for the advice guys. And yeah I am fluid in drafts if they don't follow my expectations. If Mahomes falls to the 4th round hey I"m in. I am basing my idea on multiple mock drafts in my position and I can usually get a decent QB from the 3rd tier/7th round. I'm planning on 2 QBs ala Brady/Stafford/Roethlesberger/Brees etc. But of course you have to be open to changing strategy. The one strategy I am pretty sure I'm going strong on is the late TE. Sure, Andrews in the 5th round or Kelce in the 3rd I pivot but I am pretty sure the top 5 names will all go near their ADP in my draft. Seems to me after those 5 (Kelce, Kittle, Ertz, Andrews and Waller), the rest are all potentially excellent or busts. No point reaching for any of them.
  19. OK, I'm in a standard ESPN 12 team non-PPR redraft league. Most owners have been doing this a few years so there is no way to draft a "killer team". I am considering a strategy this year of drafting all RB/WR for 6 rounds. QB and RB 7-8 rounds. And not taking a TE until very late. Then taking 2 upside guys and hope one breaks out. I see lots of TEs getting hype this offseason and think if I can just guess right on 1 i'm in. So, thoughts on that strategy and opinions on which high upside TEs you think will break out? I'll toss a few names out that I think have potential: Hockenson Gesicki Jarwin Thanks
  20. Color me confused. I do lots of mock drafts and invariably the result is off from the cheatsheet this same site generated for me. As an example I just did a draft and selected Prescott as my QB. He was listed as 4th on the cheatsheet. Then I enter the mock team into "Rate My Team" and it comes back calling him the 7th best QB. What gives? isn't the site using the same criteria for drafting as rating. Not a huge issue just confusing. I'd still rank Dak above 7th and take him where I did but it would be nice to have some consistency.
  21. Love it. Meeting celebrities. I was in a bar in California down the coast from San Jose. just finished playing golf at a course called Poppy Hills in Monterey. Sitting with my 3 buddies at the bar and in walks Reggie Jackson who sits next to me. We all said "hey Reggie" and he joined the conversation. Seems he had also just played the same course. Anyway long story short he was very nice and open. No airs at all.
  22. Musial came to a father son cub scout dinner when I was about 7-8. I still have no idea what was in it for him. I don't think he was paid and the food was probably bad. But he came and sat at the head of the table. I was awestruck. After dinner he is signing autographs and I'm just sitting there. My dad says "go get an autograph". I 'm like oh he won't give me one. He laughs and says he'd giving everyone else one why not you? I lost the autograph which I don't care about (was probably on a paper dinner plateZ) but the memory is forever. And I have't been in STL since 1970 but am still a die hard Cards fan.
  23. Yeah Nails had/has issues. Same as Rose. Both have a darker side. I did get to meet guy hero as a kid and there was no damage done to my idols reputation then or ever. Stan the man.
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