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  1. Like this pick. I think we look back and see it's not a semi steal but a 100% full steel. Wouldn't be surprised if he leads the team in receptions. Really wanted him and had his name typed him right before you. But only having 1 kicker, I felt a bit forced to go that route - wasn't sure how many would triple up at that position and thought I may really get stuck for my K2. 5 kickers did go before my next pick but less than I thought and would have been fine selecting Bourne and punting my K2 to my last pick. I suck at determining when to select QBs and kickers.
  2. Sorry. Was offline this weekend and thought I had predrafted.
  3. You took QB Hill from me. Well didn't really take him...I screwed up. Was going to take him at 18.02 and pair with Winston and completely forgot.
  4. F'n Ref has sniped me every turn so far.
  5. Go to draft and near the top is a "recap" link.
  6. Ha. I debated between Murray and Herndon. Decided I finally needed to grab a TE2. Almost did that in the 9th round but went WR instead...then watched as my next 5 TEs went off the board.
  7. 1. Or add Week 18 to the current Week16-17 format. # weeks to determine winner? 2/3. I think 20 with 2 flex would be good.
  8. So according to this, this was my 7th final since 2015 with 0 wins.
  9. Let's just declare this draft a mistrial and start over.
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