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  1. Which dividend funds are you liking? The ones I typically follow are in the high 2’s to low 3’s range, generally at the lower end of their historical. I just threw some money last week into Verizon to get a 4.5% dividend.
  2. Sorry man but this is true and my experience was positive with them. I even referred a friend to them and he got the same deal. I negotiated quite a bit with them. At first they were competing against my current lender. I imagine most people have the experience you have seen, but it was absolutely a positive for me. I would still be with them if I wasn't getting such a great deal on a second refinance. When I got my new loan with Loan Depot, I called my guy there and their offer was ridiculously non-competitive. I definitely understand your position as I was getting calls from them constantly for what they could do for me with a refinance and it was crazy how bad their offers were the second time around. The main thing I took from my two refinances is shop around. Don't just get a single quote from a single lender. It doesn't hurt to shop around and get multiple quotes. Also don't take the lender's offer on rate and/or fees without at least asking for something better. If I needed a loan to close (i.e. buying a house), I would absolutely give you a call. I imagine my experience is not typical with these lenders.
  3. Yeah I am getting lender credits to bring the cost of the loan down to only $400 in closing costs. Yes I am excluding interest/escrow from these figures.
  4. I refinanced my 30-year mortgage over the summer down to a 15-year at 2.5% with no closing costs with Rocket Mortgage with no issues. Cut 7 years off my loan with only approximately $300 higher in payment. I am about to close Friday on my second refinance in six months (through Loan Depot) as they are offering me 2.125% with a cash-out up to the jumbo limit, with only $400 in closing costs. Basically I have to make a little over 1% annually on my cash to break-even. I just threw my application in there, not really caring if it went through. Can't believe how low these rates have been getting. While I think this will be it for me, I said that six months ago.
  5. Thanks for the responses thus far! I’m not looking to go cheap, I just hoped that it would be around $4K-$5K rather than $10K. With Sonos do I need an amp with each pair of speakers? Is there a special receiver I need or is there one that you all would recommend? Would I be able to use the speakers for the TV setup as well or would they strictly be for playing music?
  6. So I need a little help with home audio and see if the collective FBG wisdom can help. Our speakers are super old, though everything pretty much works. As a quick overview, we have 4 sets of pairs of speakers in various rooms and outside, that are all controlled via a receiver in our bedroom. There is an old controller where I can turn on/off each set of speakers. In the family room, I also have a pair of ceiling mounted speakers and a pair of super old Bose cubes. Those don't work that well so I have connected a pair of floor standing speakers and center channel. All of these are controlled from a receiver in our family room (both music and tv is played through these speakers). However I can't play the same music in the family room that I play throughout the rest of the house as those are essentially separate systems. Ideally what I would like to do is to be able to control everything together so that I can play music throughout the house (including the family room) when we want it, and then be able to watch tv in the family room and use those same speakers. I have gotten a couple of quotes and they are both around $10K which is crazy expensive to me to upgrade a system that pretty much works. A couple of questions. Is there a way that I can play the same music simultaneously from two receivers, from say my iPhone? Both of my receivers have Bluetooth as they are considerably newer (one is a Sony & the other an Onkyo), but only one will connect to my iPhone at a time to play music. The quotes are recommending Klipsch speakers for the family room and then lower-end in the rest of the house as we rarely listen to music, an amp for each paid of speakers throughout the house, etc. How can I do this for significantly less? Are there receivers where if I have two of them, I can connect them simultaneously to my iPhone? I'm just trying to see what I can do about my system without paying through the nose. Again everything mostly works and is already wired so I expected the job to be less than half that amount...or am I way off?
  7. Was going with a local loan guy and then my realtor gave the name of someone at Quicken Loans to at least get another opinion. Spent a lot of time negotiating with them. No cash out but reduced my 30 year loan at 3.875% (with 22 years left) to a 15 year loan at 2.5%. They paid everything in closing costs (only expenses rolled into loan were reestablishing escrow balance). Paying about $300 more per month, but loan done 7 years earlier. They were super easy and everything proceeded very smoothly. Given what I’ve heard about them, I was surprised I got the best rate from them and it was very smooth. You definitely have to talk to someone with some authority (the rate I was given was much different than going through the online system). I would definitely recommend at least giving them a call. When I went to my current bank (Wells) and told them the deal and see if there was anythIng they could do, they basically said that was an awesome deal and I should take it (that was even when Quicken was at a a quarter point higher rate). Edit: This was last month so don’t know how rates have changed.
  8. So deciding on getting my first pellet smoker...I bought the Traegar and it is in my garage waiting to be assembled, but after coming on here to start thinking of what I am going to smoke first (I do a great shoulder but that may be too much meat for our small family), I was reading the rec-tec review from Ron. I am thinking that the traegar will be “enough” smoker for me, but am intrigued by the rec-tec. I have done a bit of smoking and don’t think that I’ll be doing it every weekend necessarily, but want to get good equipment that will help me along my smoking journey. The size difference (620 vs 700) doesn’t matter too much to me. While I could splurge and spend the extra $500, feels like it may be a bit of overkill for me. Thoughts of those that have used either/both?
  9. Try adding Ridley to that and you have my 3 WRs in a start 3 league...🤮
  10. At WR, Smith (NO) and Moore (CAR), and Coutee (HOU) have been picked up and dropped several times this season. How do people rank them? I’ve been thinking 1. Smith, 2. Moore and then 3. Coutee. Mostly due to Brees>>>Newton and there are a lot of mouths to feed in HOU. Other thoughts? It seems like Coutee will always get something every week and Smith/Moore are more boom/bust though.
  11. I personally see Kamara and Barkley as the next tier, with Fournette just a notch below. Why not CMC in the discussion for the next group of guys in ppr? He seems to be getting rave reviews so far, talking about giving him more work, etc. I am thinking about putting him over a couple of these guys. His stats will have a higher week to week variance, but he does offer Kamara like upside. All comes down to preference at this point...
  12. Where do you rank him in ppr redraft this year...too early at the 1/2 turn? I’m thinking ahead of Hunt, Cook, Gordon, etc. Just think he has a big year this year.
  13. So…let’s discuss strategy for us drafting at the bottom in a 12-team PPR. These players are never (or close to it), available at the end of round so I am striking them from conversation: Gurley, Bell, D. Johnson, Elliott, Kamara, Barkley, A. Brown & Hopkins (if any are there, I will definitely pounce). In narrowing down that leaves us looking at the likes of: Gordon, Fournette, Hunt, Cook or McCaffrey at RB or OBJ, J. Jones, or M. Thomas at WR In my league, we only start 2 RBs & 2 WRs so that means I skew heavily towards RBs at this point in the draft (also they seem to overdraft RBs). Additionally, at the 3/4 turn, the WRs couldbe much better, such as Cooper, Baldwin, Hill, Diggs/Thielen, D. Thomas, Ju-Ju or Fitzgerald…however the RBs are looking might ugly at A. Collins, Drake, Ajayi, etc. That means I am probably looking at 2 RBs in the 1/2 spot and maybe 2 WRs at 3/4. To me the no brainers if they are there are Gordon & Fournette. If they are gone, then it is definitely a bit more of a toss-up. I am really liking CMC this year as I think he continues his high reception count and gets in some additional carries. I think KC regresses and Dalvin is less than a year removed from ACL and their o-line seems to be a bit of a question mark. Not sure if I am over thinking this.. Any other thoughts out there on strategy? Any different logic in the RB rankings?
  14. Thanks for the replies. To answer the questions raised... No I wouldn’t stay at current job if offered more $$ as I have been unhappy with the politics for a while. Moving packages are about the same, B is probably slightly higher. Cost of housing in new area is slightly higher. I am probably 15-20 years from retirement so still a ways to go. By less stress I mean that Job A is more similar to what I’ve done in my current career (on a larger scale) so it would “easier” to produce value quickly. With larger company, many more opportunities to grow and they said it would definitely be easy to move around (I.e. get promoted) every few years as they want people to be well rounded at this level and above. I would probably get to same level, pay of Job B, if I perform well which I know would definitely happen, but it would probably take a couple of promotions and around 5 years. This is definitely not an “easy” job where I’d skate into retirement, just that I know the roadmap to tackle from day 1. Also I’d be looking to get exposure to gain back some of the job short comings so I’d definitely be putting in the hours. This is a company and industry I’ve always wanted to join, but just don’t see the step back as right way to do so. Job B is completely different industry and there are some skills I am probably a bit rusty on some skills as I currently manage a relatively large team, so that is where the more uncertainty comes in. This would definitely look better to future employers/recruiters as I’d have the larger title and larger salary. As I’ve found during the interview it seems the common questions are always, title, who did you report to and compensation, and this definitely would show good career progression. I could get here as well with Job A, just have to take a half step back first.
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