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  1. 12 team, super deep roster (53 man), ppr league. Team A gives: Michael Gallop, Ricky Seals-Jones Team B gives: Donte Moncrief, Ryan Grant, Charles Clay, Nyheim Hines
  2. 12 team, ppr, 21 roster spots team A got: Ronald Jones, Payton Barber, Mike Williams, 2019 first team B got: Amari Cooper, 2019 2nd
  3. Was just offered DT and Jared Cook for Ridley and Nyheim Hines so this seems like a pretty solid offer.
  4. 12 team, ppr. Start 1qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, te, flx Team A got: Saquan Barkley, Dion Lewis Team B got: Antonio Brown, Joe Mixon, Mark Ingram
  5. Survived another week. Beat the cut by about 5 points thanks to Walsh and Richardson having usable games for me. Big week coming up, with half the field getting eliminated. Good Luck to everyone left.
  6. I have been holding him for a couple weeks now, but I'm thinking its time to cut bait. No opportunity in the passing game and the anemic offense Baltimore is putting on the field is resulting in no touchdown opportunities. He has shown flashes of being usable, but in this offense, I am at the point where I have to let him go. In general, I want as little to do with this offense as possible.
  7. This seems like a lot of conjecture to me. Henry had a TE1 season in his rookie season with Rivers. This year started slow because of gameplan issues, Henry just wasn't running routes. Allen has got hurt in the past but the Kidney was a fluke injury and the ACL seems to look good this year. Yes Mike Williams could go down at any time, but so could Williams, or anyone for that matter. Tyrell is a good player with a lot of talent but its hard to know how they will use guys going forward.
  8. At this point Cooper doesn't look very safe at all. I may take him over Cooks still, but as for the other guys, its a lot closer than it was even a month ago.
  9. Also a Vegas uses the public perception to set lines to get people to bet as well. General public isn't ready to think of the Bills as a road favorite, and I'm not sure i am ready either.
  10. Going to wait a week to see how he fares Sunday. Hopefully hamstring doesn't linger or help Coleman to keep the #3 job. Starting Maclin over him for this week.
  11. 4th and 5 4-5-NO 35(7:08) 5-M.Palardy punts 35 yards to end zone, Center-44-J.Jansen, Touchback.
  12. I'm surprised no one has brought up Ron Rivera's decision to punt from New Orleans' 35 yard line when down 21-13 in the third quarter. Of course it was kicked into the end zone, for a fantastic net of 15 yards. NO did not score off that possession but the idea of punting from the other team's 35 yard line is just crazy to me.
  13. Crazy how stubborn he seems to be. What are the Vegas odds on him being the first coach fired this year? Looking like a good bet at this point.
  14. 12 team ppr Gave: Cobb, Lacy, Peterson Received: Crowell, Jeremy Hill
  15. 12 team PPR: Team A gives: Cam Meredith, David Njoku Team B gives: Jordan Reed
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