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  1. Lol , lazy reading on my part … saw The name Azeez and skimmed thru … actually am aware of the difference in the two …I swear 😂😜
  2. I picked him up after the Greenlaw injury. He missed a few tackles in game 2, but should at least get opportunities while DG is out.
  3. My guess :I think Al-Shaair plays most of Greenlaw’s snaps with Harris playing some SAMLB and sort of taking on Al-Shaair’s previous role.
  4. he's not been a "sexy" choice since his first 2 years, but he's continually under appreciated for the value he brings.
  5. He said the decision was "based on numbers." Obviously it depends on the league specifics, but I wouldn't drop him. I actually picked him up after he was dropped in a league.
  6. Agree. That's one reason I like JRNY Crypto's (thx btw) stoic presentation and demeanor.
  7. Obviously you are going to find differing opinions every time significant movement happens, and I'm seeing the same today regarding optimism vs pessimism. Regarding the latter, I see a "fake out" scenario referenced and compared to a time in 2020 I believe. I'm a newb and was wondering what your opinions are about this if you don't mind.
  8. I could tell you guys got a good coach last year. His players obviously play hard for him.
  9. Any Bengals fan will know what I’m talking about; I’m so sick of seeing Finley smiling while walking to the sideline after getting sacked.
  10. He had two balls that a wr with his skill-set can come down with. One of them could’ve been a long touchdown. It was another promising outing that could’ve looked even better. As he further acclimates himself, he should catch these types of balls like so many of his college highlights showcase. I’m very encouraged.
  11. Even though there have been wr who still excel at or past his age, he is playing/looking like when a wr gets old. I noticed a play today where the jets didn’t turn on on an early deep throw. But not only do I see a lack of burst, but he also is not making grabs that he used to make, which was one of his best attributes. He also had one of those today where I actually mentioned out loud that he used to typically come down with those balls that he could get his hands on. His body language shows it too, which might be frustration that it’s not coming together for him thus far. I originally thought he was simply rusty , but I started thinking last week that Higgins emergence might be coming a year earlier than originally expected. I suppose it’s still possible for a chemistry to develop with Burrow and Green start looking more like his former self, but some of those aforementioned plays made it look like it is more than rust and chemistry with Burrow. With the type of chances Burrow gives his WRs on throws, the AJ Green of a few years ago would seemingly be a beautiful match.
  12. Higgins looks so comfortable and smooth out there for a rookie. Pretty cool to see a new 9 to 85 connection. Here’s hoping they can significantly eclipse what the previous two accomplished.
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