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  1. Please understand I wouldn't come onto this board to solicit business for any other site or source but wanted some help. Im headed to the beach for vacation. I want to unplug and not be on a tablet clicking links on vaca. I'd like to read an up to date printed fantasy preview with strategy/rankings/etc. This eliminates magazines. Once upon a time I used fantasy guru for this as they had a download of everything in one place but that leadership has moved on and I don't subscribe anymore. I would love to just get everything here but it's not really organized that way and I was hoping maybe someone has something they can recommend, not even just as a primary source, but just for fun reading. Any help appreciated.
  2. If the jets keep #2, they are taking qb. If they trade #2, it's for a qb. So the first 3 picks are qb and I'd bet by the time we are done, all 5 will be done by 8, and can't rule the first 5 are all qb. Because Atlanta could go qb and could also deal to carolina or denver and get their guy, and cincy could very easily deal to the Denver slot and get a tackle or receiver at 9. So whoever the jets like, looks like someone is taking wilson at 2.
  3. To drop from 3 to 6, Miami got a #3 this year and a 2023 #1. While no individual team on the other end paid that, that was the cost of 6 to 3.
  4. Really just responding since you felt so strongly I wouldn't. I appreciate your response - which I think is that Miami got everything from SF that they would have gotten draft day but Philly didn't get everything from Miami that they would have gotten had they waited. You are correct that only time will tell on that, and I certainly understand that they will get the same guy at 6 than they would at 3, but I'm not sure how they simultaneously get the same guy at 6 that they would have at 3 AND get way more value when they trade the 6th pick down. That said, if the point here is that Miami saw a chance to get value out of staying in the top 6, you are completely correct that PHI was the best spot to do so, and that SF was the best hinge to make it happen. I just think they would have gotten more waiting another month at 3 than a #1 two years later.
  5. I just continue to be amazed that the cost to go from 6 to 3 (a third this year and a 2023 #1) was LESS than to go from 12 to 6 (2022 #1) in a 5 QB draft. Miami nailed the first trade and screwed up the second.
  6. Andrews and Everett -4.8 and -7.7. 5.5 points down. Probably a heavy dog but you never know.
  7. I have to ask why he isn't getting more love in rookie rankings. My league happens to have a late rookie draft and I can't see an obviously better selection after Sanders at 3. He has current year value plus upside as feature back in a run offense. Someone talk me down!
  8. Gronk and Jim White going, 5 points under cut, -6.3 and -10.7. Guessing if one of them goes for 15 I'm safe.
  9. Just wanted to confirm NFFC will not be supported under this system. Thank you.
  10. Its funny - I have been divorced for a few years and am now dating in my early 40's - and I definitely have some stories from doing so that I wouldn't have believed were possible. My friends enjoy my play by play. But most of my dating experience has been the realization we are all trying to figure out what it is we want and need and all that good jazz and finding the elusive fit is hard. Ive been on a lot of dates. Some have been horrible. But that's no one's fault. And I say this with humility - Magic Man - every single one of your crappy dates has had one thing in common. You were on it. And I don't say that to mock you, I say the same about myself. Ultimately we do what we can do and let the cards flop as they will.
  11. Pats fan here. Agreed with those who pointed out how weak the AFC was this year. Seattle didn't make the playoffs and would have been either the best or second best team in the AFC. Bigtime respect for Philly - clearly they defensively are outstanding and while there was a little bit of running downhill against a broken MIN team in the second half, that offense looked outstanding. I don't understand a line greater than 3 in this game - first because it's the NEP in the Super Bowl and history says three points is a pretty accurate number. Secondly because I think the RPO offensive gameplan is going to be difficult for the Patriots to play against. Comes down to Foles on 3rd downs. To me you don't beat the Pats with big plays consistently, it comes down to converting 3rd and 4-8 consistently. If the Jag coaching staff hadn't put the emergency brake on their offense in the 4th Q (great Twitter thread on this), they are playing in 2 weeks. With the Patriots you know what you're going to get, a lot of short stuff, disciplined as hell on both sides, and a team that won't quit down two scores. Obviously I am biased, but I'd suspect they are a tough team to plan for given it is hard to make them quit no matter what has happened. I will say this - anyone not respecting the job Pederson did with this team is just a troll - to hold this team together after Wentz went down is something I respect a lot. My guess is Philly has the ball late in the fourth with the chance to win a title - maybe a 3-4 point spread with less than 5-6 minutes left. Matt Ryan had that chance. Russell Wilson had that chance, Eli Manning had it twice and went 2/2. Delhomme took Carolina down to tie in 2003 with that scenario, Warner took STL down to tie (actually same WR scored both of those TD) in 2001 - McNabb actually had that chance inside a minute down 3 - history repeats itself I'd guess and Nick Foles decides which side of history he sits on. I'm not rooting for PHI but they are a very worthy adversary and if they win will have earned every bit of the glory they will earn. If TB12 does it one more time - well, at some point to come back down 25 with 17 minutes left in one super bowl and then down 10 with 9 minutes left against that defense...well I'd say they've earned what they get. Should be fun.
  12. This was a more generic bumble/tinder/pof/match/okc concept where they wouldn't have yet.
  13. Would only say there is a subset of women for whom the call actually makes you more attractive/stand out. If I get that vibe I'll often go that way - have a pretty stock conversation that covers the important details, then meet up. For those women they show up much more comfortable having heard a voice already and it does make for better conversion rates that way. So I'd say be open minded to different styles on that.
  14. Its a very, very good driver. Callaway is coming out with a new driver soon (the EPIC) that is from early reviews likely to be a very strong offering, so they are discounting the slightly older GBB driver, but as long as the shaft feels good for you that's an outstanding performing driver.
  15. This is an extraordinarily worrisome paragraph for me. You need to nip this in the bud. Why would it be awkward when you're trying to date her? There is nothing delicate about the situation. You need to put your cards on the table now. You think she's great, you want to get to know her better and continue the hugging and more. You can be cute about it, you don't have to be scummy, but I do not like the above at all.
  16. NRJ - one thing I would say is that a woman at her place in life isn't going to be turned off by you knowing what you want and being out there about it. She knows you're into her, the risk you have is that she likes having a texting buddy...something to distract her mind from life. Ive had two fairly attractive moms totally say they're looking for a relationship but really just want someone to text the boring assed stuff they should be sending their girlfriends. Basically an escape. I was willing to fulfill that role if there was consistent sechs but once that waned...no way. My only point here is that no matter how sincere she sounds, she could just like the attention, and you'll waste a bunch of time and energy on her if you're not fairly up front about what you're after. Evilgrin isn't actually that far off - maybe you shouldn't text her that you want your hand up her --- but a little more forward about what you want isn't a bad thing. If she was 23, sure, don't go that way, but if she's turned off by an assertive man...no, she isn't...
  17. So I have dated enough divorced women in my post-divorce world that I can comfortable say the following: She knows he's after her, and she knows she's in control of the pace of play here. She's dealing with her neighbor - much as NRJ is an upstanding citizen - she doesn't know that, and she can't come on that strong for fear he becomes a clinger and she's not interested and the guy is literally next door. Theres a security thing for her here that NRJ has to work very carefully. That said, if another guy asked her out right now, NRJ hasn't made enough of a dent where she wouldn't take another date. As much as the friendzone is a threat, I think NRJ has to keep the slowplay going. If she wants him in her life, she'll make sure it happens.
  18. Would only say, that I agree that many girls prefer texting but in my case I have much better phone game than text game, so I definitely know my odds improve substantially if I get them on the phone. As such, I think you play your strengths. That said, you can't suggest a call too quickly..but if you time it right you can look assertive and not desperate.
  19. I'd say I'm going through most of a 5 pound bag of yukons every day - somewhere around 1200-1500 calories or so. I tend to make fries out of them for the most part and snack through the day as needed - the majority at dinner.
  20. So to confirm - making fries without oil...do you boil them first? And if you put them in raw...450 degrees?
  21. Did day 1 yesterday - like the Yukon golds, easy to cook and take care of. Scale went up today but have to imagine the water weight attached to that starch was loving me - I've lost a lot of weight on other diets and have just been finding it hard to stay disciplined so figured maybe a month or so of this could help. Anyways, we will see.
  22. So this isn't technically an I Dating post but I wasn't starting a new thread for it. I am a divorced, decent looking professional guy, never very good at approaching women. Do decent online. This weekend I went out to bars in 4 different areas in MA, twice solo, twice with friends. I made a real effort to actually walk up to women and say hello - not much in the way of pickup, just having conversation - and it is crazy hard - I don't know if other areas are easy, but you'd think people could at least be pleasant. A definite discouragement. Anyways, perhaps I need a professional wingman. Back to the dating sites....
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