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  1. It could've even been a bigger night if Tanny didn't miss Brown in the end zone on a double move fade.
  2. Holy #### they went for it and he looks short....
  3. Tanny missed AJ Brown on the double move fade. Was open.
  4. Yeah that knee torqued in a bad direction. Non-contact, probably tore his ACL.
  5. Ummm... is Lewan out cold? He has not moved at all.
  6. Jesus Christ a man that big shouldn't be that fast.
  7. have no idea what Tanny was throwing at there. Julio had a safety over the top.
  8. A.J. Brown is a load, no matter who the CB is guarding him.
  9. Years from now people will ask "Where were you when A.J. Brown had The Food Poisoning game?"
  10. It was a quad injury, Colts and T.Y. didn't feel it was serious postgame or that he'd miss time. He'll probably see a DNP on Wednesday/Limited Thursday since it's his 1st game back IMHO.
  11. Considering this is a re-aggravation, I think he's out more in the 4-6 week range than just 2-3 weeks. He relies so much of his cutting ability and in that game it looked like it was just after this hard cut he exacerbated the original injury. The fourth week is the Giants' Bye, so 5 weeks would be Week 11 @ Tampa Bay.
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