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  1. https://www.flickr.com/photos/taintedpix/3198011347/ https://i.imgflip.com/1pig0u.jpg I reserve the right to triple if necessary.
  2. Yeah, I'm solidly in the 'Giants didn't need a WR' camp, but I like Toney because he's not really a WR; he's basically super Dave Meggett or (for a more recent comp) Percy Harvin/Mecole Hardman with better hands. Golladay/Sheperd/Slayton/whatever WR emerges to be the #4 + Saquon, two good TEs and an actual full offseason to teach up the O-Line will work wonders for the team.
  3. I want to also post Peter King's opinion of the practice in Faust's link since I think it's pretty spot-on:
  4. The Athletic: What the New York Giants are getting in Kadarius Toney, who is both a highlight in waiting and a work in progress
  5. I think it would be more stunning if after all the complaining Lamar did, the work to reload the offensive line and the fact they took 2 different skillset WRs they went "Eff it, we're going to run the ball more than ever".
  6. I don't think Boykin was a similar profile at all; Bateman is probably the most complete receiver in terms or talent the team has had in awhile, and Wallace's tape certainly gives hope he can have more of an impact than Boykin. Hollywood has notable flaws in his game that need to be ironed out, and Boykin just can't put it together. I'm getting off-topic because I'm speaking about players other than Wallace now, but if the receiver is talented enough he changes what the offense dictates (see Justin Jefferson). Adding more talent at a position of weakness is never bad unless the tal
  7. He has a higher chance of a debilitating injury playing football, as long as he warms up properly and hydrates he'll be fine.
  8. Pretty simple reading the article that the routes/parts of the field those two excel at are the parts of the field Baltimore sucked at. It may point to addressing a hole in the offense. It may signal nothing. I'm simply connecting the dots, it's no different when a line is bad at run-blocking they get a lineman who excelled at run-blocking in college.
  9. Man can't get a break. Easily could've been the featured TE in Baltimore but Mark Andrews exploded on the scene. Then went to the TE-friendly Atlanta system but the emergence of Russell Gage in the slot took targets away and they didn't use Hurst like Hooper (who is much less athletic than Hurst). This guy has the goods to be a Top 7 fantasy TE if he just gets a chance to stick with a team...
  10. NBC SportsEDGE - Day 3 Draft Recap - Excerpt The Ravens Continue to Spread Their Wings "Baltimore opened Day 3 by drafting Tylan Wallace out of Oklahoma State. Wallace on his own isn’t a player most folks will or even should rush out to draft (5’11”, 194 pounds, 4.55s 40-yard dash). But how he wins, combined with the Ravens’ first-round pick in Rashod Bateman, is noteworthy: https://twitter.com/MattHarmon_BYB/status/1388544314758754305 Baltimore added two receivers that excelled in the short and intermediate areas of the field. Harmon noted the success of both Wallace and B
  11. Yeah, I guess the Giants think with the players they have getting a full camp and gelling together that maybe they have the framework of a line (Solder coming back, Thomas at RT, Lemeieux and Peart getting reps, etc.). Obviously they'll pick up someone the next few months but that became more of a necessity now. One of their biggest needs was also OLB and boy did they address it. I'm hoping Patrick Graham plans to turn up the heat a little more with crashing LBs and unpredictable blitzes on the edge.
  12. I guarantee you Marquise Brown isn't getting another 25% target share. I said it earlier; sometime past the halfway point of the season assuming he's healthy and had a full camp Bateman is taking the #1 WR job.
  13. Giants... surprisingly having a great draft. I'm stunned. Azeez Ojulari is great value and once Jenkins got picked they made a good trade down. Aaron Robinson is a real solid pick as they are trying to upgrade CB so Graham can play a more aggressive scheme. Dude is big enough to play outside and he is a legit tackler/ballhawk. 4th round... maybe get a OL now? Not sure what's left but Trey Smith (OG) checks all the boxes. Keep in mind no 5th rounder but two 6ths this year.
  14. Bateman and Lamar gonna connect well, now they have the framework of a complete offense. Just need to take some O-lineman to give Lamar time to throw.
  15. Why? The trade down was great, Giants have tons of picks to address future possible issues. I wish they went O-Line but this draft was solid. Nothing to be sorry about.
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