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  1. Russell Wilson going full tsundere is amazing. "Baka, it's not like I want to get traded and waive my no-trade clause for the Cowboys, Saints, Raiders or Bears or anything..."
  2. As far as potential departures/cuts go, I think they kinda HAVE to sign Williams but it's a sure bet the other guys are probably gone (I like Gallman Jr. but Barkley will be back and they can always use a cheap retread like Alfred Morris to back him up). I think they keep Zeitler, but that's about it. This new staff has no loyalties to guys like Mayo or Cody Core.
  3. NBC SportsEDGE - 2021 Giants Offseason Preview It's more tuned to fantasy but there are some excellent real life analyses here.
  4. That's new Iggles starting QB Jalen Hurts now. With the trade of Wentz he should get a full preseason with the 1s (doubt they draft Fields/etc.) and the chance to build up his fantasy hype. He's firmly on my fantasy radar for QB bargain potential; he's obviously nowhere as good as rookie Mahomes/Jackson, but in 14 team non-PPR mocks he was going in the 8th round. If that somehow manages to hold (it of course won't) he'd be a pretty darn good bargain.
  5. Damn that rename was fast. Didn't have time to bug Faust! If Wentz can rebound mentally and mechanically, he's going to have some fantastic tools at his disposal. Pittman Jr., TY Hilton, and whomever survives the 3rd WR Rondo along with Taylor, Hines and a much better O-line certainly sets him up for success + he has his old coaches with him. Unless he's suddenly spooked by Jacoby Brissett being his backup, things are definitely looking up for him.
  6. I hate to keep doing this, but Jeff Darlington had a tweet that just made me think...
  7. Houston - No brainer WFT - Institutionalized sexism for almost two decades make this an easy #2. This is ignoring all the other Snyder stuff. Jacksonville - Last few years of issues and questionable hires may point to a gap in hiring/vetting, also questionable Urban Meyer hiring. Chicago - Pace. Actually 3 and 4 could swap for me.
  8. I would think after a front office shakeup, some sanity would prevail. I'm an optimist. That being said, the best scenario is a training camp battle with preseason showcase. That'll drive up his value as he should be able to play well then. So while the Iggles' expected compensation is nutso, not trading him now is the best option.
  9. Have the Iggles lost their mind? Wentz is at his lowest value and appears to be a broken QB to other teams. No one is giving multiple 1sts for Wentz, nor should they.
  10. Considering all the elite WRs will be gone and I doubt Surtain falls to #11, it's looking like Pitts could be the guy for the Giants. New York needs explosive pass catchers to try and prop up Daniel Jones and Pitts would be fantastic. He's not exactly blocked by Evan Engram either, as Giants played in 12 personnel 27% of all their snaps, 8th most in 2020 out of all teams.
  11. He's been performing for a decade, a lot a good songs but to most people his first "mainstream" hit was Starboy (2017?) Yeah I don't think that was going to happen during a SuperBowl, NFL would have frowned on that.
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