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  1. I think he's ok, he's just not needed for what the Chiefs do. They don't workhorse backs and they don't really target RBs out of the backfield, which is his strength: you get Edwards-Helaire in space and he makes people miss. KC shouldn't have drafted him if they're not going to use his strengths. He'd be awesome in Atlanta, or even New England (super James White).
  2. Ravens playing very conservative here, but they want to make sure KC uses all their TOs. I feel like a PA here they'll get a 1st.
  3. Collinsworth called it, the defenders flow to the ball and they don't know what to do because they're not sure who has it. So they freeze and that indecision kills them.
  4. That's a penalty. 15 yard spot penalty plus loss of down, also why do that? You trust the QB to make the right decision and just go down.
  5. Ravens running a lot more Pistol so far, must have had a real good week in practice. And now Latavius Murray getting it. We have truly entered peak Ravens rushing attack of the last 2-3 years. What is this Roto you keep taking about, dude??
  6. You don't run on this Tampa Bay D unless you're setting up a PA or going to a big formation. 4th and 1? Well Patterson is a bigger body, I can understand using him over Davis... which is why as a Davis owner I was worried he'd lose the goalline back job to Patterson; you love the volume Davis can give but in order to reach his ceiling he needs goal line reps. https://twitter.com/PFF_NateJahnke/status/1439738020324909056 Let me see Davis (or any ATL RB) in a more positive script. The beauty is even in catchup mode, ATL RBs can still profit out of backfield/2 minute drill receptions.
  7. That is not the same DeVonta Freeman I saw last year on the Giants. Dude definitely has more juice now, what a bigtime run.
  8. If Watkins slips like 5 more times for TAINTs KC doesn't even have to play Mahomes. Just go to Chad Henne!
  9. Turf Grass monster got Watkins and it leads to a TAINT.
  10. Facing the Tampa Bay run D that made the Dallas staff tap out of running with Zeke is probably not a good indicator to judge Mike Davis. Honestly, I'm surprised they didn't go to more of a screen/PA attack. Also the snap numbers will show Patterson saw a lot more time as a WR than he did Week 1.
  11. I cannot believe this is still a thing. YOU CANNOT GO HELMET TO HELMET ON A QB.
  12. The D line is fine. The secondary is all hurt. Cartlon Davs, Sean-Murphy-Bunting... I said it last week, the biggest mistake Atlanta did last week was continuing to run and not opening the O up vs. the Iggles. Now they're picking apart a worse secondary.
  13. I can understand not hard doubling Ridley at the goal line, but you gotta shade attention his way. He's the only legit WR receiving threat out there, and the TB secondary is in tatters right now.
  14. The fact that the next best ATL wide receiver is Cordarrelle Patterson is the problem.
  15. He hasn't started in ages, in a situation where he has limited time and tons of pressure it's hard to fully correct that w/o reps. I mentioned in the game thread he's a work in progress, but they'll watch tape and go over things in practice so he isn't indecisive and walk into those situations that get him back to Tampa Jameis.
  16. You know... I'm going to take a wild stab and say maybe the ATL offense misses Julio Jones and his gravity.
  17. Yeah he's not a refined route-runner type that can beat that, nor is he experienced enough that it's happened to him so many times and he's used to it. Not looking forward to his Week 3 matchup either.
  18. line didn't run or pass block, just a bad game all around and it affected Jameis a ton. One thing that is noticeable is defenses are stacking help and Kamara and Callaway and forcing Jameis to make a decision on everyone else. I said it in the game thread, they desperately need TreQuan Smith and the line to give Jameis like 3 seconds, or Jameis will be forced into the bad/late decisions you saw against the Panthers.
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