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  1. This exactly. I'm already about to check out on this team. I can handle getting beaten due to lack of talent, but not when it's mainly due to incompetence. These coaches are awful and very slow to adapt to either game situations or personnel. Obviously not a winning combination. If this is a Sixers type "process" like theorized above, they can do it without me.
  2. Don't forget Bears over Packers. For a little while it was looking like NY would have two top 10 picks.
  3. My biggest issue with today isn't Hurts, but the coaching. Five weeks and is it showing any signs of improvement? How many failed swing passes and screens do you need to see before you decide to move on? How do you once again neglect your RB (aside from the above mentioned failed swing passes). I think if CAR had a competent QB the game would have turned out very differently. Very hard to be a glass half full with this team right now IMO.
  4. Don't like the call, but these stupid players keep doing stupid things.
  5. Please take this swing/screen passes out of the playbook today. Just run the damn ball if you only want to gain a yard or 2.
  6. This team is so damn frustrating. Either it's a bad play call or the players can't execute or do something dumb. Every time...
  7. I feel like the entire game comes down to him. Fearing he pulls a Winston Justice and gets Hurts wrecked, but if he can just play average they have a fighting chance tonight.
  8. Ertz tested positive for Covid, but could still play this week if he has 2 negative tests. The hits just keep on coming.
  9. https://twitter.com/RealDGunn/status/1439683355663077379 So much for staying healthy.
  10. This team's strength is supposed to be in the trenches, but they got pushed around on both sides after the first quarter. That was the bigger issue to me.
  11. I think analytics do back that up, but no coach has the nerve to do it yet.
  12. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28100383/going-2-8-points-why-nfl-teams-keep-doing-why-analytics-backs-up
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