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  1. As a group, can we agree to let this go before it becomes another Graham-Thomas thing? Not picking on you Ash, just wish everyone would get over it since it's history, like you said. I'm guessing Jefferson would have looked like ### here anyway in this offense and we'd be wishing we did something different.
  2. Understood and understandable. If it helps, it only seems to appear on posts over 2 pages. Assuming it's some default setting to give stats on longer threads.
  3. @Joe Bryant Do you have an answer for this one? I don't see it in every thread, but it's pretty annoying since the entire page of posts is now condensed to the left to make room for it.
  4. I think that's true of most candidates. I never understood the way coaches are picked. Every year the hot OC is next in line to be a HC. Just because they're good at designing and calling plays, doesn't mean they'll make a good HC. How many times do we see them fail spectacularly? Seems like there's just a bad process in the NFL for selecting head coaches.
  5. Years experience is fair. Duce has been assistant HC for the past 3 seasons. Just saying, at the time I don't believe anyone had Andy on their radar as a HC. Personally, I think a HC should be like a manager/director/etc. They oversee everything and the main quality they need to have is getting people to work hard for them and recognizing talent and surrounding themselves with that talent. Doug had had the first part down, it was the second that killed him, ie. Press Taylor. Based on what guys like Jenkins, McLeod and Chris Long are saying, Duce has the first as well. If he can put together a
  6. Unrelated, but I had a 100 degree fever the last few days and this forum update really confused me. Does everyone have the top posters thing on the ight hand side, and does anyone know how to get rid of it?
  7. On Duce, gotta remind you guys, Reid went from QB coach to head coach and did pretty well. Several players have publicly thrown their support behind him too, he has their respect. As long as he doesn't want to call his own plays and gets a legit OC, I'm onboard. I'm always leery of college coaches making the switch. Handling18-21 year old school kids and 22-30+ millionaires is a big difference.
  8. This and continuing to start Peters are the main reasons I wanted Pederson fired. This team treats the players from the SB team as if they're untouchable and it's infuriating. Maybe Fulgham turns out to be nothing and those weeks were a fluke, but dammit let's find out and not trot out Jeffrey who we know is done. Still can't believe they wasted a roster spot on him early in the season when he was still hurt and not put him on PUP.
  9. I worked in lower Manhattan during 9/11, and this is by far the worst experience in my life that I may never recover from.
  10. So a team with nothing to play for wanting to protect its players (some injuries can last into the next season, you know) is only okay for playoff teams? Is there some new NFL rule I'm not familiar with? Since the team has insulted your honor so greatly, perhaps you should challenge them to a duel. Pistols at dawn? Seems the only rational response.
  11. Assuming Howie and Doug are staying, my apathy will be high. Jumping on the Bills bandwagon for this postseason, and wouldn't mind Andy or Rogers getting another ring, aside from that the Flyers start in a week. I fear the 2021 Eagles = *fart noise*
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