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  1. Kempski started his dumpster fire series, which are usually fun. Cowboys and Giants are already up. WTF tomorrow and Eagles after.
  2. Also signing Flacco kinda supports this theory. So if Hurts is great, awesome run with it, if not or gets injured, lets not try too hard to be good.
  3. He also had fumbling issues in college I thought. I'm not rooting against the guy, just something he needs to clean up to be successful.
  4. One thing you both left out was cutting down on the fumbles. He had six in his four starts and nine total for the year. It was one of the maddening things about Wentz the last couple years and if he continues that tradition he won't be starting long. Can't keep putting the ball on the ground.
  5. Unless you have a Delorean, just hope the player we have works out. Can't change the past, embrace the future!
  6. Something I think we all forgot, they got this pick from Mia trading down to 12. They didn't have a 4 this year (went to Cleveland). Gotta give Howie credit on this one.
  7. Looking for bright sides today. https://twitter.com/CodyJBenjamin/status/1387052825495044107
  8. Obviously, he would need to be cleared of everything before a trade happened (which I don't see happening) and can only hope they're just preparing for that possibility of getting a young, top QB who was wrongly accused (again, I don't think that's the case). That being said, the fact that this was made public is embarrassing. Of course, who knows if any of this is even true and who is leaking the information.
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