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  1. Trying to keep my expectations in check. Atlanta is bad, like really bad. What this game confirmed for me is that they aren't the worst team in the division *cough*Giants*cough* and not the 5 win team people have been predicting. Was concerned about the run defense in the preseason games, but was hoping that was just the not game planning. Now hoping the beginning of this game wasn't a sign of things to come and they can adapt. Hurts was better than expected, still had a few questionable decisions, but overcame them with his athleticism. Just stay healthy, please!
  2. https://www.philadelphiaeagles.com/news/eagles-sign-jordan-mailata-to-contract-extension Mailata just got paid. So does this mean the LT competition is officially over?
  3. Jeez dude, he went to the hospital for it and it was the coach who kept him out. I know you're a hater of him, but try and be a little objective.
  4. He's been that bad, not even an issue with his health. If he wasn't a 1st round pick I don't think he makes the team this year, and honestly doesn't deserve to no matter where he was drafted, but no way Howie cuts him, so I'm hoping for a trade for anything.
  5. Everything I've read this week has been saying how the Eagles got the better of them in both practices and how NE's roster is looking pretty bad. This was probably their way to look better on TV. Either way, the Eagles have no depth. I still think they're going to be better than people expect, but if they get hit with the injury bug again they're going to look like crap quickly.
  6. Still assuming they're trying to trade Ertz, but if they can't move him why would you keep Rodgers over Jackson?
  7. I must be in the minority, but I think this team will exceed expectations this year (low bar). I'm not predicting 10+ wins, but they won't be complete garbage either with two MAJOR caveats: 1. Better injury luck. Especially along the o-line. I mean, this trend can't continue with this team, right? It has to end eventually...right? Please say I'm right... 2. Improved play from Hurts. He doesn't have to become Rodgers or even Prescott, but just show some improvement throwing the ball and not fumbling twice a game. This team has some potential and the hope is the new coaching staff will know how to use and motivate it. Maybe I'm being a homer, but usually this team doesn't follow expectations and does the opposite.
  8. Can't argue your first point, but your second if you have a QB like that then you're almost always a SB contender unless the team is absolute garbage around him (like HOU last year). If you have a known top QB you're ahead of the game, and his cap salary (since the signing bonus wouldn't count) would be a slight bargain compared to the other top QBs in the league. I agree with you that this probably isn't worth the risk to me, but at the same time you can't just dismiss it without doing a lot of research into him and his situation and know 100% for sure you should pass. The potential to make a positive franchise changing move is too great to pass up completely.
  9. Slight tangent and then I'll shut up. Not defending what Vick did in the slightest, but it always bothered me that what he did he went to prison for, but when Wentz put pics online with him and a whole row of dead animals he shot and killed he's considered wholesome. Society is really messed up.
  10. More importantly for me, there actually was punishment. He went to prison, paid his time, turned his life around. Good redemption story. The way this is looking to unfold there will be zero consequences for him (oh, he misses a few games? boo hoo) and his life will continue as normal. Obviously, none of us know what really went down, but it sure as hell doesn't look good. That aside (assuming you can put that aside), if you can get a top 5 QB who's still only 25/26? Hell yes you make the deal! How much you're willing to pay is the real question.
  11. Kempski started his dumpster fire series, which are usually fun. Cowboys and Giants are already up. WTF tomorrow and Eagles after.
  12. Also signing Flacco kinda supports this theory. So if Hurts is great, awesome run with it, if not or gets injured, lets not try too hard to be good.
  13. He also had fumbling issues in college I thought. I'm not rooting against the guy, just something he needs to clean up to be successful.
  14. One thing you both left out was cutting down on the fumbles. He had six in his four starts and nine total for the year. It was one of the maddening things about Wentz the last couple years and if he continues that tradition he won't be starting long. Can't keep putting the ball on the ground.
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