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  1. Steffen may get a PL start today as Ederson is not available for City.
  2. Yeah, this sums it up. For me, where we are today versus 3 years ago is night and day. And Berhaltertop has everything to do with that. So in terms of feeling good about USA soccer now - feels way better and on an upswing. But dammit those stubborn decisions like what we saw at Panama and the insistence on playing guys like Arriola and Lieget just drive me insane. It's like "HOW CAN HE NOT SEE WE HAVE BETTER OPTIONS." THOSE are the things I expect our national team manager to get right. Because he seems to be getting everything else right for the most part. I know soccer fans love to talk about lineups. Its something we do one hour before every single game. My son and I do this every PL matchday - check the lineup and talk about what we like and don't like. That said, I think its really something we have no business commenting on as joe six pack fans. We're not at practice, we don't know the gameplan, we don't have assistant coaches telling us about opposing tendencies, strengths/weaknesses, etc. Usually, when I hear a real manager talk about why he started a certain player in a certain situation, its for reasons that never occurred to me. But then after a loss, its always - yeah, I saw that coming when he released his lineup. Most of you follow the team much closer than I do and know tactics way better than I do. Looking at the CR game on Wednesday, I would say at least half the team are names I had never heard of one year ago. The only way I can judge a coach is on results. He's played in two Gold Cup finals, wining one, and won the Nation's League. In the 2019 Gold Cup final, we started guys like Bradley, Altidore, Miazga, Morris, Long. The transformation of the team is impressive. Its hard for me to imagine someone looking at this and saying the coach is a failure.
  3. In 1969, Gayle Sayers lead the NFL in rushing and Mike Ditka was DPOY. Despite this, the Bears finished 1-13, with their only win coming against the Steelers, who were also 1-13. The Steelers won the coin toss to get the first pick in the 1970 NFL Draft and took Terry Bradshaw who won 4 Superbowls and is in the Hall of Fame. The Bears traded their first round pick to the Packers and are still trying to replace Sid Luckman. Maybe Justin Fields is the guy.
  4. Regarding Berhalter and Panama. He has a group of kids flying in from all over the world for 3 games in 7 days. Austin TX - Panama City - Columbus Ohio. Panama is a restricted country for England players. That third game is on Wednesday, then they fly back to Europe for their club games on Saturday. How can a coach be expected to reasonably manage this situation? Its real easy sitting on the couch saying he should play your perfect lineup every game. He can't play these kids 270 minutes in 7 days then send them back to their clubs. I see that Real Madrid just cancelled its weekend game because CONMEBAL played last night. I think we sometimes forget its the clubs that are paying these players. I hate defending this guy but the talk I see here and elsewhere seems to ignore the reality of an international window.
  5. Christian Pulisic still not training with Chelsea first team and is out this weekend - ankle.
  6. This point is well-illustrated in the Kyle Rittenhouse murder/self-defense case pending in Wisconsin. Because his case is politicized, his initial lawyers were able to raise over $2mil for a defense fund. That not only got him out on bail, which is extremely important to his well-being and to his ability to present a defense, but it has afforded him excellent legal defense he would otherwise not have. Absent that money, he'd probably already be serving a long sentence rather than heading toward a trial next month that he may well win.
  7. I'll wait to hear what @Woz says, but I think its less a matter of competence and more a matter of a massive caseload and generally soul-crushing work. As with any profession, there are likely a number of unskilled, inexperienced or incompetent lawyers in every office. For the most part however, I think it is totally normal that the very first time the lawyer meets the client/defendant is at or just before the initial hearing. Prosecutors are also swamped, so while they are adversarial, they also depend on working together to reach fair outcomes quickly based on limited information. No one has the time or the resources to really prosecute or meaningfully defend every case that comes through their office. That's partly the reason why investing some money on the defense side not only gets more attention put on your case, but also signals to the prosecution that they will have to do some work, meaning they likely drop their demands as well as you experienced. Add to this that the clients these public defenders get are almost always totally guilty, and typically completely unappreciative. My friends who worked as PDs say their clients are more often outright hostile to them, rather than trying to work together on their defense. I think you have to really love criminal defense work to stick with it at that level. Finally, the pay is not great. In the rural part of my state, which is almost the entire northern half of the state, there are no public defenders. Private lawyers serve on a panel but have discretion whether to take a case or not. The pay is so low and the work sucks so bad, the local courts often cannot find anyone to defend indigent defendants. Its a huge issue right now in our state.
  8. You should definitely get notice. If he doesn't provide notice of the filing to you, that's just one more basis to have the lien vacated. This should be something you can easily search online in your county. If not, a title company can do it for you very easily. If you work with one company, or have a contact at one, perhaps have them run a search in a month or two if this thing is still unresolved just to be certain.
  9. The chart has three pages - click through to the 2nd page.
  10. Thanks for sharing. With this conclusion, I think you're halfway to having eyes fully open.
  11. I am pretty sure 23 points would get us 3rd, especially if 3 of those points come directly against Panama. A guy on Reddit did a model that shows a 92.7% chance of direct qualification with 23 points, most likely in 3rd; 7.3% chance of finishing 4th.
  12. It seems you’re dealing with a guy who is acting irrationally for god knows whatever reason. Not much you can do in those circumstances other than just document everything and don’t engage on his level.
  13. In 1932, the Packers lead the all-time series against the Bears by one game - 11-10-4. The Bears took the lead in 1933 and held it for 85 years. In 1992, shortly after Brett Favre joined the Packers, the Bears lead the series 81-57-6, a massive 24 game advantage. Prior to Favre's first start, the Bears had won 14 of the previous 17 games. The Favre/Rodgers dominance in this game has been so astonishingly one-sided, it only took 25 years for the Packers to make up the 24 game deficit. Even with the Bears having a Superbowl team during that stretch, the Packers won 75% of the games to close the gap. Despite the one-time deficit of 81 wins to 57, the Packers somehow managed to get to 100 wins in the series first, in 2019. This run is widely recognized as the greatest comeback in the history of worldwide sports.
  14. The Berhalter character arc is really fascinating to me. I did not like the hire, but knew very little about him. He was criticized this summer and it seemed like no one really liked the way he was setting up for the two tournaments. Then he won both of them, beating Mexico twice, as an underdog. Then he started poorly in qualifying and everyone called for his head on a pike, until he won in Honduras and came out of the first window in decent shape. Then the same thing happened this window, he had one foot in the grave, and now it seems we're in decent shape to qualify after 6 games. He's never had his best team - not once that I can recall. I have to credit the man just based on results, which is all I know. Imagine if we could line up for both November games with Dest, Adams, Wes, Reyna and Pulisic?
  15. This seems light to me. I think he gave it away at least 6 times in the first half alone. Made some great passes as well.
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