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  1. The game-day discussion is really a shadow of what it once was. Several regular contributors from years past are still here posting, but just not active in the soccer discussion anymore for whatever reason. Others are gone entirely.
  2. Christian Pulisic starts on the bench today for Chelsea at Anfield.
  3. Its not possible to give specific advice or state firm legal conclusions based on the info here, but there are a few broad statements one can make. First, in many states general credit card debt will be a marital debt which can be satisfied through collection against all non-exempt marital property. In short, depending on where they live, it may not matter that your mom's name is not associated with these credit cards for all practical purposes. Secondly, for the most part, Social Security payments are exempt from collection for normal consumer credit debt. This means, in most cases, a soc
  4. In my world, we are seeing many smaller companies who got a lifeline through a PPP loan and are now in a position where they probably would have been 6 months ago without that help. They may have trimmed some fat the past few months, and are now cutting into the muscle and closer to the bone, particularly for higher-compensated, long-term employees. I would tell him the same advice I give every employee in this situation. Resist the urge to say what you really want to say. Be gracious and professional, don't burn bridges. You have no idea how important these relationships may be down the r
  5. Probably in.. I like how they are not "rebooting" the movies... Going back in the Time machine to setup the Original Book/Movies. Its far from a re-boot, and still grounded in Tolkien's text. They've already greenlit 2 seasons and are reportedly committed to 5. Amazon is spending a billion dollars on this. It will either be the second coming of GOT or the most colossal failure in television history.
  6. Unable to find the separate thread for it, so will post this here - Amazon Prime's Lord of the Rings series issued a synopsis last month, confirming some rumors and adding some detail. https://twitter.com/theoneringnet/status/1349403885836791808/photo/1 The first season is reportedly still on track to release this year.
  7. Maybe they listened to small business for a change. If NYC wants to pay their workers $15/hour, go ahead. This seems extremely unlikely to me. The much more likely answer is the Democrats never had the votes a $15 minimum wage to begin with, and were prepared to drop it from the outset.
  8. Hard to believe there might be someone out there who still hasn’t seen the thing about peeing on each other’s legs.
  9. Has he responded to this yet? Not that I've seen.
  10. I've posted some videos in here before showing how they do it in rugby - whether league games or international tournaments. The ref is mic'd up at all times, and they broadcast the entire discussion with the booth guys, including the video they are watching, so everyone knows exactly what he is looking at. They typically use the in-stadium video screen, so the ref never leaves the field and everyone watches with him. There are typically 3 guys on the call and they all make comments and come to a decision, but the on-field ref has final say. Then, he calls the captains over and explains the
  11. I remember when Reggie White, one of the first ever big FA's in the history of NFL free agency, signed with the Packers in 1993 at 31 years of age. White famously said God told him to go to Green Bay, but the Packers were coincidentally also the team that offered the best financial package. There was a ton of speculation as to where he would go and why (there was a famous SI cover with White surrounded by the helmets of various teams that were chasing him.) The Packers did not make the playoffs in '92, had a new coaching staff and were unsettled at quarterback with a new kid out of Kiln Missis
  12. I just did a mini-upgrade, got a new receiver and television in our living room, added a sonos, and, at the recommendation of my a/v guy, switched from an Amazon Fire streamer to a Roku. After a few days, I can say the Roku is a much better interface for me.
  13. GG Culdeus. I have to run tonight, but looking forward to the next round.
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