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  1. On local radio; one of the dudes (forget who) said you can “take Rodgers out of a game” basically hit him a few times in the backfield, get up a couple scores & he’ll quit. Not sure if folks agree, but if that’s his reputation now, oof. I've been watching the guy play for about 15 years and never seen that side of him. That said, unless something dramatic changes today, I think Shannahan can basically name his score against this defense and I expect to see #12 running for his life all night. I don't expect a rookie OL getting his first ever start to hold up very well against Bosa. They will start 3 rookies on the OL tonight, and the other 2 are not much to write home about. It could get ugly. I'm still hopeful we get a decent game though. Edit - I was confused here. Nijman is not a rookie, but this will be his first NFL start.
  2. 1 yard net passing for the Bears. Goes in the boxscore as 0.0 yards per pass.
  3. With the Packers highly suspect defense and a banged-up OL, I've got a really bad feeling about this one.
  4. good view here https://twitter.com/nocontextfooty/status/1441767570491592712?s=21 Awesome GK celebration
  5. Jenkins likely out this weekend with an ankle sprain per Silverstein. This one feels like it has blowout potential to me. I'm afraid Shanahan is going to have his way with Barry's defense and there's no way the offense can keep up. Hope I'm wrong.
  6. I watched all the What If ...? episodes and thought a few of them were somewhat entertaining, but there's no way I would normally watch something like this if Wandavision hadn't been so good. I feel like Wandavision bought Marvel/Disney about 30 hours of my time sitting through Falcon, Loki and What If. I'm sure I'll give Hawkeye a long leash as well, but honestly the goodwill is wearing thin for me at this point, especially with all the great streaming entertainment options out there these days.
  7. If they had evidence, it would have shown up before now, almost a calendar year later. There’s also the knowledge that there is no way allegedly that many people can keep a secret that long. I'm normally one to ignore rumors and especially a leaked draft, and wait for a final, official report, but this does seem to at least partially explain the long delay in this process. There was probably a big power struggle behind the scenes at Big Lie Inc. about how they could spin this or massage the data to get the result they paid for. Our recount in Wisconsin also resulted in adding to Biden's vote count, but it seems we're still going to pay several million to these grifters so see what they can cook up.
  8. To be fair, we did not know at the time we voted for him that he would suck this much. We had four years of glaring evidence that the last guy most definitely sucked. And he still got 75 million votes in spite of that. We have about 50 years of Biden political history to know how bad he sucks. I'm not a bit surprised (you can be sure the worst is yet to come). I still can't believe I was forced to vote for him, but would also say its not hard for me to accept over 80m voters joined me in doing so. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop on this audit, most likely in the final report they issue. My state is about to give these guys another $10m or whatever it costs to do the same thing here.
  9. Nothing like a soul crushing walk off grand slam I blame myself. What a disaster today.
  10. This ruling was upheld on appeal today by the Missouri Supreme Court. Fines of $1,000 per day start after 5 days for any party who fails to turn over financial information. Context - St. Louis is alleging collusion by NFL owners and it’s claim includes s count for punitive damages. One element of proof at trial on punitive damages is the defendants’ financial wherewithal. Therefore, these men are all required to turn over what they undoubtedly consider to be sensitive financial information.
  11. Also confirmed by Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper, which is better than science.
  12. Chelsea also through. Highlight for me today is seeing N'Golo Kante in a massive oversized Wenger-style full length puffy coat after he came off. Hard to describe, but it brought a smile to my face.
  13. Chelsea - Villa going to penalties in the crap cup.
  14. I was on a conference call and have the volume down, but I'm pretty sure they just showed Prince William at Stamford Bridge.
  15. Go Ahead Eagles holding strong against PSV at De Adelaarshorst. 1-1 in the 80th min. Who says ESPN+ isn't the best value in the entertainment world!
  16. Sadly, I've come to realize that the music festival experience is a young man's game.
  17. Some good Harry Nilsson trivia in case anyone is unaware - both Mama Cass and Keith Moon died in the same room of Harry's London apartment, a few years apart in the mid 70s. Harry was distraught after the second death (Moon), so he sold the apartment to Pete Townshend. I love both these records, but my favorites are Son of Schmilsson and The Point.
  18. The Black Pumas put on a great show this weekend. They are a strong, polished act - extremely talented all around and Burton is a special kind of front man imo.
  19. Its possible he's also wearing fake glasses with an attached fake nose + moustache.
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