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  1. I never said that NATO was a bad idea. A bad idea is allowing a nation that we are paying to protect, to enter into an agreement with the foe from whom we are protecting them....an agreement that could put them at the mercy of that foe and thus, force our hand for the sake of that country. That...is a foolish move....ESPECIALLY when we WERE the leading producers of those products. So tell me...can we expect the same when Iran has ALMOST completed their nuclear arms project? It's an absolutely stupid move that has weakened NATO's position.
  2. It's just a bit hard to believe the purpose of NATO when Germany, one of the countries we are bound to defend against Russia, begins to buy their oil and natural gas from Russia. What happens when Russia turns off the spigot? Do we consider that an aggression against Germany? It was stupid for anyone not to question this and even more stupid to give it a blessing...simply because it was "almost finished". I suppose that we can expect the same when Iran is "almost finished" with their nuclear arms program?
  3. When a fool wins the lottery....people come out of the woodwork to get close enough to get their share while the gettin's good. Of course they're afraid that a competent relative will take control of the fool's money before they get thiers.
  4. Oh....my...GOD!!!! THIS is our "leader"?? Just look at this rock of stability and strength in his pre-fight interview! Seriously...if YOU were squaring off against this guy....would you be worried? I'm betting that I could leave the room with his lunch money and an IOU
  5. First, you said you did....then, you said you would do it again...twice. We get it. You voted for a cabbage head and would do it again if it ran against Trump. ...there's a syndrome named for that
  6. My brother had a stutter THIS is not a stutter This is a man who cannot organize his thoughts and put them in a coherent sentence
  7. If you fly one...great. If you don't....try it....at least once. Let's leave SOMETHING we can ALL rally around. ...just one thing.
  8. Top Ten Media Lies and Misrepresentations (recently) Trump colluded with Russia The "Muslim" ban 2017 tax cuts were only for the rich Focus on Border under Trump, not Biden Ukraine impeachment of Trump Hunter Biden's laptop Ignoring Tony Bobulinski Lafayette Park Dismissing the lab-leak theory Ballot integrity laws are the "New Jim Crow".
  9. Jill Biden claims that Old Joe studied for weeks for the G7. THIS is the result?
  10. Just recently, they wanted to give subsidies to black farmers but not white farmers. This is an example of attempting to achieve EQUITY by throwing EQUALITY out the window. You cannot have both so...which will it be?
  11. Yeah...I've heard that. Fortunately, my parents taught me HOW to think long before anyone could tell me WHAT to think.
  12. Wow...just looking at who around here reads what....explains a lot! Anyone for Time magazine?
  13. You are correct but I'm not talking about equality under the law. That's a no brainer and of course, should be. I'm more talking about societies goals. I see the posters and ads all over the place about achieving equity. If your goal is equity....you try to achieve it by forcing equality? All things begin equal, there will never be equity. If the goal is to achieve equal outcomes (equity), we would have to enforce inequality...that is, advantage some and disadvantage others. Are they simply misusing the word?
  14. Equality = Equal opportunity with equal limitations for everyone. Equity = Equal outcome. Everyone finishes at that same place. Just how does everyone get to the top without advantaging some while disadvantaging others?
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