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  1. That nasty ol' President Trump is at it again!! How can you trust a guy like this?
  2. Focus further ....the Democrats have been trying to dismantle our democracy for a very long time.
  3. California wants to continue to tax you....for ten years....AFTER you move out!! Good lord...is there no end to the stupidity?
  4. I'm sorry....but posting an opposing view here sometimes makes one feel like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.
  5. So, anyone who has received a paycheck from any Trump organization, is (was) in the Trump Administration?
  6. Yes he was....That's one (1).....and was fired as soon as he found out that he lied to Pence. Now, let's revisit that "215 indictments of those related to the Trump Administration"
  7. Administration? Not. So, we're conceding that the 215 number was BS?
  8. The allegation was that there were 215 indictments of those related to the Trump Administration. What I see here is 34 indictments (25 Russians) ....of that, only 6 were in Trumps "orbit"....NOT his administration "However, 25 of the people indicted are Russian nationals or Russian intelligence officers. Only six of the 34 indicated are in Trump’s orbit" ....and this is from the link that you posted. We went from "215 indictments related to the Trump Admin" to 6 indictments from Trump's orbit.....NONE of which were connected to Trump himself. ....but I guess that's how you guy
  9. Can't do it...because it's a lie. Your original claim of 215 indictments suddenly dropped to 81 charges....a big difference. Keep on going. What were those charges...against who? How do any of those 81 charges relate to President Trump? I know that you believe in the premise that, "the more you say it, the more it makes it true" but at one time or another, you may be asked to back it up with facts. You just keep on believing it. Don't let any facts ruin your day.
  10. Oh.....down from 215 indictments to 81 charges....related to the Trump Admin. "Related"...as in....people who know President Trump? How many of these charges relate to the actual administration and not just against people for things that are totally unrelated to the dealings of the administration? You would think if this was true, he'd be impeached....and convicted. Damn...if only Schiff would hand over that irrefutable evidence that he claims to have.
  11. Seriously? THAT's the distraction?? THAT distracts you more that a three year campaign to unseat a duly elected president and attempting to jail anyone who associates with him? Endless subpoenas attempting to dig up anything from your past? And still...there's that 95% negative reporting from the MSM. He's the first Republican to stand up the the MSM and the Democrats and they just cannot deal with it.
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