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  1. Sorry to hear this. Been there done that. There are tons of support groups out there. Keeping it from a loved one seems the best way to go as you spare them the immediate feelings you are having, but believe me you are prolonging the inevitable. They are your partner for life for a reason. They are there for you. Wishing you all the best.
  2. Fair enough. Not trying to call you out specifically. I agree there should be a meme thread as they deserve their own. Just like CYDY which I have been on since @chet first recommended it and made money that I wouldn't have known about outside of this place. This is just as much a gamble, not an investment. Like I said I appreciate your posts. I just felt like Dodds was just trying to help us make a few bucks if you knew what you were doing with this and others tailed him. No reason to constantly berate it. No harm meant. I like the constructive criticism everyone here offers. I just felt you were playing the Don't Pass Line as a celebration against it.
  3. Thanks. I usually appreciate your posts but we understood where you stood on this at least 10 posts ago. I love this place because most people throw support to each other, but seems over done on this. I know you are trying to help those that may not understand dumping their stimmy's into this with no savings is a pipe dream, but most here aren't in that position.
  4. I get it. It would be tough to lie about it as it sounds like she is already a blessing to the students even if they bite her, so she already is better than me with higher standards. I would have punched him in the face to get him off of me. More than once if needed. If she can make equal or more money in a less violent environment, count it up to time served helping those students and move on with a nicer environment to work in. She's paid her dues if that is what she was looking to do.
  5. Just asking as I know for sure some of my employees have done this and I really don't care. Coming from a family of educators, it really doesn't matter if she is a teacher or not. My Mother who taught for over 40 years once had a kid chase her down with a fire axe. Teacher or not she still plays a similar role with the students. If she did not admit to traveling they really don't have a leg to stand on unless Dez is right and they found out otherwise.
  6. The small range of motion loss is barely noticeable at this point. I've had symptoms for years as I have DDD. Had symptoms come and go until they finally stayed for months and started to change my lifestyle. I'm 52 and decided if I waited any longer to do it the more severe the healing would be. All of the stretching and adjustments were just my way of trying to avoid the surgery. Honestly the best thing for relief was freezing a neck and shoulder microwavable hot and cold pack I got at Walgreens and putting it on my neck. Have to get some of the swelling in the discs and nerves down to get relief.
  7. Had C5-C7 disc replacement and fusion done 2 years ago. Best thing I could have done. Went through the typical BS pre op motions. i.e. Chiropractor, therapy, epidural...some short term relief but not the solution. Had complete numbness or shocking pain through my arms and neck. When I finally decided to go ahead and have them fused I was nervous to say the least. I was most worried about losing motion in my neck. One overnight stay and 3 weeks sleeping in a recliner and haven't looked back. It sounds more intimidating than it is. Also had a really good surgeon that nailed it. The bone that replaced my discs and the screws that hold them all together have caused no issues. Good luck.
  8. Felt like (and I am assuming) like I was getting stabbed through my abdomen and out my back. Mine was working in reverse and pulling in bacteria. Nuclear test and a month later it was out. Still can't eat greasy food without losing it. Red meat is rough too.
  9. How long does any data lock come out? Just saying that this has performed well as an OTC similar to CYDY hype as the OP stated. This may be a good day trade until the data is unlocked and results are exposed. Just another lottery ticket in the small pharma field but double in a week is showing a pattern since this was mentioned. Just giving props on a suggestion that has made profits.
  10. Locked data. Doubled in one week. Good call. Lottery ticket looks good right now.
  11. I found this interesting. When the biggest betting single day game in town so far this year is down double digit millions short of the largest handle in a non Triple Crown year YOY, I find it crazy to buy into gaming stocks. Unless you are shorting them. Online horse gambling is legal in 41 states so there is plenty of availability to wager, and this is the year over year result. https://www.nyra.com/belmont/news/2019-belmont-stakes-day-generates-record-handle-for-non-triple-crown-year24 131.9 million. https://www.nyra.com/belmont/news/2020-belmont-stakes-day-generates-67,753,336-in-all-sources-handle
  12. Same experience in my area. There is a lack of stock at most dealerships. Lots of free money given to people and it seems cars are the current flavor to spend it on. And boats and pools.
  13. A good friend of mine is a local officer. His explanation to me why drug use, especially the smell of weed, gives them the right to search the vehicle which allows them to find weapons/evidence that were either stolen and/or used in a much more severe crime. He says that minor drug crimes are rarely enforced as they really don't care. Of course any TV program will highlight even the smallest crime to gain ratings, look at the supposed "reality tv shows", and it makes for good ratings and dollars. In reality unless you come across the guy that will give his own Mother a speeding ticket, a drug suspicion stop rarely results in a anything more than a minor offense. ETA: Dogs more often than not respond to handler signals than actually sniffing out something illegal.
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