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  1. There are so many ways you can set lineups this year - wavered through a few different strategies and landed on one where I try I give my self a very small probability of sneaking through round 1 then rely on a Buf GB super bowl. Josh Allen $40 Stefon Diggs $32 Tyler Bass $14 Patrick Mahomes $39 Aaron Rodgers $36 Aaron Jones $25 Davante Adams $36 Robert Tonyan $19 Mason Crosby $9 Good luck all!
  2. Nothing new to say except that this $TSLA movement is out of control. +130B in 2 days.
  3. Is 4000 teams a lot? Last years contest was messy
  4. When everyone is saying they saved X percent of their income, is It X percent of gross or net?
  5. High risk high reward but I don’t think I can start him in my flex over Miles Sanders or Terry McLaurin
  6. If he wasn’t on my IR this is the week to drop him.
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