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  1. For a long term holder, What’s the risk with leaving your crypto in Coinbase?
  2. In the Mid 90s I lived down the road from the house Willie owned and stayed in during giants spring training. I was real young and every spring would go knock on his door with a giants hat on to say hi, talk a minute of baseball and ask for an autograph. He was always so kind. One year I didn’t have a new baseball so actually brought over a somewhat used one (silly I know but I was probably 8) and asked him to sign. He signed it, then went back into his house and brought me out a brand new ball and signed that one as well. It was already my favorite part of the year and he took it to another level. I used to think all the signed balls were cool and now really just care about the memories.
  3. Ya it’s getting slammed. Not gonna buy more but holding.
  4. Nothing wrong with that. This is me. I’m just naturally risk averse. 95% of what I own is in index. I use 5% as play just because i like learning and following the markets but it’s nothing that would break me. And honestly, you’ll outperform most stock pickers just playing the passive game anyway.
  5. So, I know this thing is still working it’s way through but a question regarding the new stimulus bill - does anyone know if anyone who has a child born in 2021 is eligible for the additional stimulus dollars, including the child tax credit or child dependent care tax credit? Ours was born in early 2021 and curious if we would be able to retroactively receive this when we file 2021 taxes. Thank you in advance
  6. $CCIV news could be bad for all SPACs moving forward
  7. What’s the delay on short interest % data? I’ve heard mixed things but I don’t think it is “real time.”
  8. For all you podcast fans - I just started listening to Animal Spirits. Veryyy good podcast on the market, saving for retirement, Roth vs Traditional, etc. No need to listen to them all but pick and choose based off your personal finance needs.
  9. There are so many ways you can set lineups this year - wavered through a few different strategies and landed on one where I try I give my self a very small probability of sneaking through round 1 then rely on a Buf GB super bowl. Josh Allen $40 Stefon Diggs $32 Tyler Bass $14 Patrick Mahomes $39 Aaron Rodgers $36 Aaron Jones $25 Davante Adams $36 Robert Tonyan $19 Mason Crosby $9 Good luck all!
  10. Nothing new to say except that this $TSLA movement is out of control. +130B in 2 days.
  11. Is 4000 teams a lot? Last years contest was messy
  12. When everyone is saying they saved X percent of their income, is It X percent of gross or net?
  13. High risk high reward but I don’t think I can start him in my flex over Miles Sanders or Terry McLaurin
  14. If he wasn’t on my IR this is the week to drop him.
  15. Gonna miss it by a few points. Good luck to the remaining teams! And thanks to TheWinz!
  16. Hockenson over him but it's an easy choice. If he doesn't show up today that's a real bad sign.
  17. His injuries make me so nervous. I just got offered him for Edmonds and I’m seriously not sure if I want to take it.
  18. Keep an eye on the TB game. Would be a pain if it gets delayed and you are holding Succop.
  19. Do you already max your Roth IRA? If not, probably makes sense to do that first and then any excess you feel comfortable into your 401K (even if no match it’s still a good investment vehicle).
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