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  1. NE Atlanta suburb- QT still has gas, but a couple of smaller mom and pop stations are empty.
  2. That’s what I’m seeing as a guess, but I’m pretty clueless. I know that the CEO said someone in discord had guessed correctly, but didn’t let anyone know specifically.
  3. I’ll be the resident safemoon honk... they have projects coming up soon that should provide a nice bump: 1. They’re creating their own wallet 2. they’re creating their own game 3. they’re creating their own exchange Additionally, they are working on something called Project Pheonix (that’s spelled correctly). It’s a secret at the moment, but they are releasing details in 10 days or so. There’s also the possibility (likelihood?) that they’ll be listed on coin base and/or binance. They’re already listed on several other exchanges, just not the big ones yet. They’re appro
  4. I did both 23andme and Ancestry. As noted above, 23 presents itself as being more health-centric. Ancestry is more heritage based. For example, Ancestry linked me to a group of settlers from Europe who settled in Northern Alabama in the early 1800's. 23 doesn't have that kind of specificity. On the other hand, it looks like Ancestry doesn't even offer their Health add-on anymore. Between the 2, you'll get a good idea of your heritage, but if health risks are of interest, go with 23 and Me. PS- I didn't know anything about my father either. Long story, but I spent my first 20+ years or so
  5. Supposed to be listed on 2 exchanges wed/thu. they’re also supposed to be releasing details about a game they are developing. Should be a good week. The deflationary model should mitigate a true dump decline with the re-distribution to long term holders. As the whales sell off, the holders increase their percentage. I’ve picked up almost 2 million shares over the past 5-6 days by doing absolutely nothing. Admittedly, I know next to nothing when it comes to crypto, but logic indicates that this model should temper the chances of a significant price crash.
  6. I jumped into crypto a little harder this week as well. I had dipped my toe in before (I have a little bit of Doge), but bought into safe moon early this week, and just pulled the trigger on two helium miners/routers. Let's freakin' go.
  7. The inverse of this. Makes masks mandatory if you’re not vaccinated. That’s been my hospital’s policy for the flu shot for years. Yes, it’s optional, but if you decline the flu vaccine, you wear a mask from October to March. Obviously, 6 months now is very different from 6 months pre-covid, but if your employees see vaccinated people walking around mask free, it may incentivize them to stop being dumbasses.
  8. Raleigh would probably appeal to my wife, since she prefers more changes of season, but I really don’t care for the Atlantic coast very much. I did talk to a coworker tonight, and she happened to say that Texas beaches are more like Atlantic beaches than what I’m used to in the gulf.
  9. That's where I'd be looking. CHOA is a top 10 peds heme/onc program, so I'd love to work somewhere that is at least lateral, and possibly superior to what we offer. Good info about the chemical plants. We are "beach people," I suppose, but prefer quiet to bustling. I hate Panama City and what Destin has become. We're more inclined toward St. George Island style- few or no high rises, not a big party town. If we could afford it, and could find work, we live on Cape San Blas. I'm looking specifically at pediatric oncology hospitals. I didn't realize the peds hospital there had a
  10. The wife and I are tired of Atlanta and looking for a change. One of the requirements is an above average pediatric hospital, along with not being a cold climate. We're in the very preliminary stages, but I'm curious about Houston. We would not want to step out of the frying pan, and into the fire so to speak, since Atlanta is a sprawling, overcrowded mess. I understand that Houston has similar issues. However, it looks like there is affordable real estate in Surfside Beach. Google says that this would be about an hour commute- is that true? How reasonable would it be to make that commute 3 da
  11. Had a friend in high school do a flaming Dr. Pepper shot and partially miss his mouth. Lit the side of his face on fire. No major damage, but definitely some obvious redness for a few days. no idea what he told his parents.
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