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  1. Just bought a Ryobi today. No experience with electrics prior to this one. Following…
  2. Marinol is an appetite stimulant. If you're already hungry, it probably won't do much for you. The tinnitus/hearing loss is a common side effect, typically with platinum based chemotherapies like carboplatin or cisplatin. Has that been part of your regimen?
  3. Hey GB- there are 2 types of magic mouthwash- 1 has lidocaine and is supposed to be swish and spit, and the other has no lidocaine, but is safe to swallow. The lidocaine version works better, but apparently can upset your stomach. If you end up with sores in your esophagus and you have the lidocaine version, it’s still ok to swallow. You can just see how it affects you, nausea-wise. Our kids don’t typically complain.
  4. I thought visine just gave you diarrhea?
  5. We’re looking at cashing in by selling while it’s hot, dumping a good chunk of the profit into a down payment, and still being able to bank six figures. We found a house that we really like, that also has a great air bnb history (there are 2 upscale yurts on the property). Problem is that the house has polybutylene plumbing, and the owners won’t budge on replacing or negotiations. We’re moving on…
  6. Wait- as in the Casa Bonita from South Park? That's a real place??
  7. As far as the curfew goes, it seems that the touristy provinces have the later curfew. Makes sense from an economic perspective, plus I would imagine a higher likelihood of tourists being vaccinated. That said, the vaccination rate for DR is roughly 50%, and they are launching another push this week.
  8. Sitting at PUJ for the trip home now. Overall, we had a pretty nice trip. The best thing we did was take an excursion to Saona Island. Easily the prettiest beach I’ve ever seen. Portions of Pirates of the Caribbean and Survivor were apparently filmed there. Worst thing we did was a deep sea fishing charter. The boat was terrible, and the seas were extremely choppy. A lot of the rails were loose, and the ladder was only secure on one side, so when the boat was moving violently, you’d go to grab a rail and it would just come with you. Incredibly dangerous. When we got back, I talked to the guy that booked it for us. He said that all the good boats were refusing to go out because it was too rough, so he booked us on what he could get. Thanks a pant load.... As far as covid, it was no big deal. We wore masks when we went shopping and in the airport. Other than that, no real impact. Things did shut down around 10pm or so, but we weren’t impacted. For those coming to Punta Cana soon, the beaches and water are loaded with seaweed. Some of the hotels clear their beaches, but it comes right back, but there’s not much they can do to clean the water. The beaches in Bayahibe and Saona were clear though, since that’s the Caribbean side. Last thing- as we were starting to pack up yesterday, my wife realized her passport was gone. We searched everywhere, called around, checked the beach, etc. we were resigned to putting out daughter in the flight home alone, and then taking the 3 hour trip to the Capital to handle things at the US Embassy. We decided to search one more time before reporting it stolen. While we were searching, I came across the card of one of the taxi drivers we used. I hit him up on What’s App, and sure enough, it had fallen between the seats in his cab. We had him pick us up and take us to the airport today, and I gave him about $100 extra as a thank you. He saved our asses.
  9. That was quite an ordeal... finally made it to our condo a little before midnight.
  10. The plot thickens... our original flight from MIA to DR pulled away from the gate and got on the runway when it too experienced a mechanical issue. We’re we in line for rebooking when we were told to run to the gate. So we made it on the plane but are now stuck at the gate due to an absent push crew. The poor people who actually made the flight in time have now been on the plane for about 2 hours.
  11. So, super fun development... American was late arriving, and therefore leaving Atlanta, which means we’ve missed the last flight from Miami to DR tonight (on any airline). I understand they’ll likely offer meal/hotel vouchers here in MIA, but what other compensation should I be asking for? We’re losing a night, and likely half a day tomorrow in DR. Any chance we get some credit for the time and room night that we’ll be losing in DR? PS- we’re sitting on the runway because either AA or MIA apparently can’t get their #### together.
  12. Yeah, curfew at either 2100 or 2200 depending on the day. Neat.
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