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  1. Had a friend in high school do a flaming Dr. Pepper shot and partially miss his mouth. Lit the side of his face on fire. No major damage, but definitely some obvious redness for a few days. no idea what he told his parents.
  2. 1 more... https://twitter.com/PracTac4U/status/1347258924874014723/photo/1
  3. This is my congressman. My god... https://twitter.com/CongressmanHice/status/1347165869802205184 https://twitter.com/CongressmanHice/status/1347240046479470594
  4. This place is a small, locally owned shop that can probably do the same thing that your original vendor was doing. My wife has used them repeatedly for her clients.
  5. If he was going to have to watch Fame, I don't think it was accidental.
  6. No draw yet, so I’m sending. Lmk if too late. Same numbers
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