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  1. 1 more... https://twitter.com/PracTac4U/status/1347258924874014723/photo/1
  2. This is my congressman. My god... https://twitter.com/CongressmanHice/status/1347165869802205184 https://twitter.com/CongressmanHice/status/1347240046479470594
  3. This place is a small, locally owned shop that can probably do the same thing that your original vendor was doing. My wife has used them repeatedly for her clients.
  4. Saw it last night with my daughter. Thought it was ok to good. Jake Gyllenhall just bothers me overall, so that lessened my enjoyment some.
  5. 5 stars for the "combining the black church with the church in a theater" comment.

  6. :lmao: You've got issues. The next time I'm in Germany, it's beer, brats, and frauleins.
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