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  1. 16 team - PPR - Dynasty.15 roster spots. 2qb,4rb,4wr,1te,k,def, 2 anything. I give 1.03, 3.16 and we flip 2nds (2.03 to 2.07) For Melvin Gordon, 5.07, 7.07.
  2. 16 team dynasty, ppr. Melvin Gordon For 1.03 and 5.03. What side do you prefer?
  3. Can you link me to the setup your wife bought on Amazon?
  4. Lots at play here. I think Bortles has 1 more year to fix his mechanics or he's gone. That could change if they fire Bradley in the off season and a new coach comes in. New coaches typically like to draft their own guy on poor teams when starting over. On paper this team has the talent to be a contender right now, especially in that division. Bringing in a Romo or Cutler would make sense if Bortles looks bad again next year. I think this team is just dysfunctional right now. Maybe Allen Robinson isn't the guy he was last year, but he's certainly not the guy he is this year either. From wh
  5. Ware looked tentative in the first half of this game. I think that's part of the reason why Koolaid took him out for West near the goal line after his first carry. You could tell on that drive in the 4th quarter where they fed him the ball a bit he was running harder and hitting the holes more aggressively. I'm not sure what changed. I don't think it took this game for all of us Ware owners to know what we have. He's going to consistantly get you 5-10 points and if he scores a TD 12-18 most weeks. In re-draft you didn't pay much and in dynasty he's still a guy you have to keep. This is hi
  6. Dear 8lb, 6oz, newborn infant baby jesus...don't even know a word yet...please let Spencer Ware dominate this week while Charcandrick West is likely injured and let him take 90% of the snaps the rest of the season. I need him for my playoff run. Thank you baby jesus.
  7. I'm not too concerned about him long term. Just my opinion, but I think he's uber talented and it's just a bad situation this year. He's only 23. Only time will tell.
  8. 16 team league. Bonus scoring for longer touchdowns at all positions. Standard otherwise. 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, D,K. Team A is blowing his team up and rebuilding, Team B is competing right now. Team A gives: Allen Robinson Team B gives: Keenan Allen, Kevin White, Josh Doctson
  9. I paid Keenan Allen, Kevin White, and Josh Doctsen for him in my dynasty league. The other guy is blowing his team up and rebuilding for the future and my team is built to win now.
  10. In a game that was decided by less than a field goal, I don't understand how he only had 17 touches when he was averaging 4-5 yards per carry. I would say this about ANY running back. There just aren't many teams in the NFL that are committed to running the football anymore. Everyone is scared of 3rd down.
  11. The Chiefs next 4 are against suspect run defenses. Should give Ware some better opportunities to produce. I'm expecting big production this week at home against Tampa.
  12. The Ravens D is a legit top 5 group this year. Bad matchup and a short week. Pryor is banged up and both Cleveland QB's were under fire all night. Welcome to Thursday night football.
  13. This was definitely the last week I play T. West unless an injury to Dixon occurs. Cleveland is the worst run D in the league and neither back really was that impressive. Baltimore's line is banged up and their passing game is mediocre at best. Lots of 7 and 8 man fronts.
  14. It's just a feeling I have, but I see Ware being "the guy" here and Charles moving on or retiring. They have him under contract for practically nothing over the next 2 years and he's proven that he's very productive in both the running game and receiving. Andy Reed's offense is RB heaven, I'd feel pretty good in dynasty formats owning Ware.
  15. Just my opinion, but I would pull the trigger on that trade. You have depth at WR and Ware is a top 10 RB when healthy.
  16. If you watched the last Thursday night game you got a glimpse of why this is a Bortles problem. They can't run the ball which doesn't help but Bortles was wildly inaccurate and doesn't give Robinson the chance to make plays. The one time he did, he beat double coverage on a jump ball late in the game for 30 yards. Last year Robinson won what seemed like all of the contested or jump balls Bortles threw to him because he had the chance to make the play. This season he doesn't even have the opportunity. Robinson also gets double teamed or safety help on the regular so it would and should af
  17. Looks like I'm marching out the West Brothers this week. Charcandrick and Terrance.
  18. Just my personal opinion, but I think Fournette and Cook are in a class of their own. As always though, it ultimately depends on what team both players land on. The combine will tell us a lot more about this position coming into the draft next year. I think either way, it's going to be a deep class for dynasty leagues.
  19. Players have come back after 1 week before. It's just more common for them to sit 1 week and then come back. The Chiefs have West who's serviceable and they play the lowly Jag's this week. They shouldn't need Ware to win this game. I'd say they sit him.
  20. Peyton isn't a terrible coach. They just beat a quality team in Seattle and he has a ring. He just doesn't care to run the football and why would he? They have a sick QB and great young WR's. Ingram should have left if he wanted to be the focal point on a team, because as long as Brees and Peyton are there he will always be an afterthought. We all know that when we draft Ingram in re-draft leagues.
  21. This is why the real handcuff to KC this year was West. I'm glad I held onto him all this time in case Ware misses a week or two.
  22. I'm going to run him out there. Bye week makes it tough not too. Tennessee is missing a couple CB's tonight. I think he get's back on track. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself.
  23. You're not alone. We have a guy in my dynasty league who keeps Foster through thick and thin the last 2 years. Hoping for him to regain that form from the glory days in Houston. It's not coming back fellas.
  24. Is he still a sell high at this point or do you keep him? I guess it depends on your team makeup. RB's that get 18-20 touches a week are hard to come by and I went WR, WR, WR, in my draft so he's a solid starter for me. Even with tough match-ups ahead, all it takes is 1 touchdown and he gets the short yardage carries.
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