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  1. Do REAL football GMs say they "own" their players? If someone can find an example of this I'll understand the argument that some on this board have made about the game being a fantasy. If in your fantasy, you use language that actual GMs and team owners don't use due to inaccuracy or because it is offensive, your fantasy isn't relevant to Fantasy Football. We are pretending to be general managers, trading and signing contracts. Not buying people. Imagine if the standard was saying "I am [X Player's] master"; sure, you can fantasize your own universe where that makes sense, but when the di
  2. I agree that Wilson has the highest likelihood of anyone out on the wire to put in a big game, especially if Mostert can't go. Dallas is very different from Washington, particularly in that defensive line, and this feels like a game the 49ers take handily. I figure the biggest threat to his touches is Juszczyk, who will get his 1-5 carries and has a chance to poach a TD. Nothing we aren't used to, and the upside is too great to bench Wilson if you can get him in your lineup.
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