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  1. If you want to end it, and if you have an iphone, enable "do not disturb while driving". Wife will get an auto response saying you will get back to her when you wont be distracted. Not sure on android, but Im sure they have something similar. Works pretty well for me. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208090
  2. When was the last time every NFL team won at least 3 games in a season?
  3. sounds like a great example of traditional and cultural construction and ambiance, in a picturesque golf course setting. How about "Heritage Clubhouse Restaurant"?
  4. tie game to begin 4th, no team in lead. Pats score to take the lead. Is that a lead change?
  5. hopkins o6.5 hopkins o89.5 lewis u47.5 sharpe u2.5 smith o30.5 woodyard o6.5 tack mckinney o6.5 tack
  6. Turn off column that shows priority in your email client. Small but blissful change.
  7. You are our fund manager, go for it. Just let us know when the $20k distributions are coming our way.
  8. Just post the opposite of what you play. Either you win money, or you win here. Win, Win!
  9. this one was way better https://ftw.usatoday.com/2015/09/kansas-state-apologizes-suspends-directer-of-bands-offensive-nsfw-halftime-show
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