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  1. What was the level of complaints, belly aching, and whining? I can only imagine the level of crying one of my leagues. 😁
  2. I’ve never played in draft that uses auction. I have to ask how is the order of players that are auctioned determined?
  3. My thought on how you can police would be A) you’d need to have enough flex positions to compensate the 3 lineup options B) the two teams playing have to police each other’s lineups
  4. Steelers homer here. And I agree. When Mason was drafted in the 3rd round they claimed they had a 1st round grade on him. At best he will be a career backup. If he ever starts it will be out of necessity. In other words he’s not very good.
  5. Any theories what led to his dismissal now? Was it the poor performance vs Carolina or did something else happen outside of the game? Maybe he didn’t take the new guy jumping over him on the depth chart too well? I would have thought the most likely time to cut him would have been right after the strip club incident.
  6. If he plays I’m putting him in over Zeke/Pollard. I need to swing for the fence.
  7. I’ll be starting Pollard, Zeke or Antonio Gibson. Hate starting guys coming off of a turf toe injury but will will start Antonio if active based on I’m expecting Zeke to play.
  8. Same. I need to pick from Rashard Higgins or Antonio Brown. Will prob go Higgins as I just can’t see starting AB when I have to start Godwin and Fournette.
  9. I am one of them that faced AK. On the plus side I can pay less attention to some of these games this weekend and selecting my lineup!
  10. I could not agree more. I had considered that league competitive but I no longer can. As a joke I actually offered to buy participation trophies for any owner that was interested.
  11. I should have been more clear in my initial post but I don’t think it changes the great responses so thank you for that. The reason the commish and Team A feel slighted is because they see it as a poor sportsmanship. There’s a chance Team A will only have Mahomes to start in a super flex league with Carr and Smith questionable to play. In other words Team B should have let Team A have Mariota. I see no problem with what Team B did but wanted other opinions.
  12. I tend to agree with you. I feel like the 1800 touch might actually be more of a function of increasing age vs wear and tear.
  13. Thanks. Yes both teams are actively and playing head to head this week. Team A couldn’t grab Mariota bc he was outbid but could have grabbed Beathard.
  14. Interested in what your league does. Real situation below in a super flex, redraft, PPR league. Team A - has Mahomes, Carr and Alex Smith. Team B - has Josh Allen and Jarrod Goff. Decided to use remaining FA $s to grab Mariota and the SF QB Beathard. Team A owner and commish complained even though no rules broken by Team B and promises to change rules next year. I don’t think Team B did anything wrong but at least in my head feel I must downgrade the league from “competitive” to “participatory” which removes some of the fun at least for me. Your thoughts if any?
  15. He’s done decent enough over the past couple of weeks that you could do worse in the flex. My biggest pause though is the potential game script vs Cincinnati.
  16. Was hoping Zeke and Gaskin wouldn’t play. But would rather get the info sooner than later that Gaskin looks sure to play and Zeke is looking likely.
  17. I’m telling you to be responsible for your actions. As a player you should know the protocol and adhere. If you don’t want to that’s fine but don’t cry about it if you get caught. You are welcome to seek a non-NFL career if you don’t like.
  18. Huh? Forget for a second anybody’s political or science backed views on the coronavirus. He broke league protocol and risked infecting himself and his teammates in the middle of a playoff race thereby potentially impacting wins and losses. How much more selfish and irresponsible can a teammate be? Not to mention your starting QB which is arguably the most important position and a key leadership role. Nothing gross here. He is wrong.
  19. Yep. I will be choosing 1 or 2 from Pollard, Fournette, Ahmed on Saturday as well.
  20. I think another challenge worth mentioning is the game times. For those of us hoping Zeke sits so Pollard is the lead back the Cowboys play Sunday at 4:30. Wonder if the Cowboys will be nice enough to announce by Saturday AM if Zeke is going to play or not? Maybe the Friday practice report will be as good is we can hope for.
  21. Salvon Ahmed also has to be considered but of course that is contingent on Gaskin’s status.
  22. I’m starting Pollard over CEH. Fire up CEH with confidence!
  23. I hope you’re right. I was also planning on starting Logan Thomas when I thought Alex Smith was still playing but now I’m thinking Logan will be on the bench with Haskins starting.
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