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  1. 10 Team PPR Dynasty Start 2QB, 3WR, 2RB, 1TE, 1W/T, 1W/R, 1W/R/T all TD 6pts. QBs favored. 8/8 TRADE: RB Ron Jones for QB Matt Ryan. (I gave RoJo and got Ryan for Watson Insurance) 8/25 TRADE: WR Hopkins, PittmanJr, JReagor and 3rd Rd 2022 For Jonathan Taylor, JMcKinnon, 2nd 2022 pick.
  2. DRAFT WAS HELD 8/15. 10 Team PPR all TDs 6pts. all positions 1pt REC. Start 2QB, 3WR, 2RB, 1TE, 1W/T, 1/WR/RB, 1 WR/RB/TE, PK, TEAM D, 2IDP. 1,6,15 = same owner 9,10,11, 13, 19 same owner = me. My Roster QB: RWIlson, DWatson, MRyan, TuaT WR: Hopkins, AJBrown, JJefferson, CGodwin, Laviska, MPittman, JReagor, PCampbell, RB: ZEKE, CHUBB, JKDobbins, AJDillon, IR AKers, TE: KElce, Goedert K- CLE D IDP: Roquan/Jaylon Smiths DRAFTED: #9 Waddle, #10 TSermon, #11 DvSmith, #13, R.Moore, #19 MCarter. Traded Picks 29, 30, 31 for 2022 2nd Top 15-16. He drafted Terrace, Amon-Ra, Trautman. POST DRAFT TRADE - 8/25/2021 I GAVE DHopkins, MPittmanJr, JReagor, + 2022 3rd Rounder. for RB JonTaylor, and 2022 2nd. This is owner of KMurray and is win now mode with terrible WR. I wanted PITTS and Ja"marr Chase but they didn't drop. I was going to take Irv Smith Jr at 19. He went at 18. Marquez Calloway at #40 overall making that owner look brilliant. He's been last both years so it's nice to see him doing more.
  3. Trevor Lawrence Najee Harris Zach Wilson Justin Fields Trey Lance Ja'Marr Chase Mack Jones Kyle Pitts Jaylen Waddle Trey Sermon DeVonta Smith Javonte Williams Rondale Moore Travis Etienne Darrell Henderson Rhamondre Stevenson Isaiah Simmons Irv Smith Michael Carter Kadarius Toney Chuba Hubbard Boston Scott Andy Dalton Pat Freiermuth Kenneth Gainwell Elijah Moore Rashod Bateman Washington Defense Terrace Marshall Amon-Ra St. Brown Adam Troutman Skip 49ers D Skip Jacob Eason Skip Skip Denver "D" Gus Edwards Marcus Calloway
  4. I'd have kept Ron Jones as a breakout candidate in TB or next contract. But he's RB4/5 on my roster. A luxury. Fournette hurts his immediate upside. I wouldn't hesitate to grab him for the right price. AND for a guy with crap RBs he'll mean a lot more to the new team.
  5. 10 Team DYANSTY 2QB PPR. Start 2QB 3WR, 2WR, 1TE, 1W/T, 1/W/R/T. 26 roster spots. Team JAM: With ButtChuggingFTW JAM GIVES: RB RON JONES II Tampa Bay JAM GETS: QB MATT RYAN Atlanta JAM Roster: QB RWilson DWatson, TuaT, M Ryan WR Hopkins, JJefferson, AJBrown, CGodwin, Laviska, Reagor, Pittman, ParrisCampbell, RB EElliott, Chubb, JK Dobbins, AJ Dillon, IR CAkers, TE: Kelce, GOedert, Engram. Draft Picks: #9,#10, #11, #13, #19, #29, #30, #31 ButtChuggingFTW QB Mahomes, JHurts, BMayfield, TayHill, TyRTaylor, KAllen, WR: MThomas, AThielen, CSutton,ODBjr KGolladay, SSTeriling, KenBourne, C Davis, KeCole. CSamuel, R Higgins. RB: MGordon, TPollard, RonJonesII, TE: Logan Thomas, Draft Picks; #22, #38 . I'm the owner of the JAM team. Defending Champion. QB Play had been a strength. If Watson gets suspended and Tua not living up to potential it gives me insurance to make another WIN NOW run w/o paying a lot. RonJones wasn't starting.
  6. #12 Pick owner would go Devonta Smith currently unless other news supplanted what he needs: WR1 with upside. He would take my recommendation and that's honestly what I would do at #12. Top 3 WR in the draft at #12 is good value. I reached out to #6 owner. To see if I could get into that higher pick category. No response. My rankings are: #1 Lawrence. #2 Lance #3 Wilson or Fields #4 Wilson/Fields. #5 Najee. #6 Chase, #7 PItts, #8 Waddle. #9 #10 Etienne?/Javonte tie. I full expect Mac Jones to go at #6. He's not in my top 10 but wouldn't hesitate to take him at value later as insurance w/ upside. For my WRs I wouldn't count too much on KR points other than it's a bonus. I'm more focus on loading my squad w/ ridiculous talent that can be WR1 any week. So when they face me they have to go against 4 WR1 3 starters and 1 flex. COMBINED DRAFT BOARD: Typically Waldman's RSP, Post Draft RSP, and longShortTerm. Ranking outlook. He's got Trey Sermon as #1RB I think. IF not Sermon #2 behind Najee. I like the idea of going RB, RB RB but they have the shortest Shelf Life. None of the players I'm drafting are out of need. My team is freaking loaded. I'm spoiled. It's an embarrassment of riches. BUT it's hard to continue to find players to improve my starters and depth. It's easier when my roster sucked and was full of holes. I would grab all of the WW sleepers and just wait. Then I'd trade the older players and the others I didn't see a future in and hoard draft picks. Now it's harder. You have to be right on talent. Before they've played. I've missed on some trades but try to land on 60% of my moves/picks/trades etc. That's 3 of 5 deals. That's usually worked for me. Do I miss Alshon Jeffery and Cortland Sutton for the 1st rounder I got... Tua? No. Do I regret Lockett and DJ Moore, J Gordon for Hopkins? no. Do I regret R Woods and 2nd rounder for KerryonJohnson who got hurt the next week and was essentially cut? Yes but that's they way it goes. I consider Talent > than situation. Talent + opportunity in the right situation is awesome. Pitts has talent. Arguably elite TE talent regardless if Julio is there or not. Ridley no slouch. What'd Julio do last year? Ryan future unknown. So QB future murky but Pitts = talent so he's probably one of my first 2 picks. I like Najee Harris talent + situation for 2021. I'm not going to get him at #9. My luxury is that I don't need a starting RB this year. I could take ETN/JAVONTE in an RBBC and have them be RB of the future in 1-2 seasons most likely. Any production I do get is a bonus. AND if they're playing well late in the season that can only help me in the playoffs. Appreciate everyone's feedback. Cheers
  7. #1 Najee, #2 Chase #7 Pitts. OR Create Sign/Trade scenario with an owner. #3-#6. They draft PITTS. They get #7 and player/pick. BTW I like your team. You have similar roster to mine or players I've targetted and studied. Get players that can start for you and improve your starting roster. Elija moore? Is he better than Waddle, Rondale Moore? Toney, Terrance Marshall. Rashod Bateman Devonta Smith?
  8. It sound like you like Pitts and you're looking for justification. THere are 4 great players. The ones mentioned above. Pitts could get you positional scoring advantage for years to come. If he's 21 +/- I don't know his age. That's like 9yrs until 30. That's 3 player windows. Most players have a 3 year window to make things happen before you drop/cut/trade etc. Pitts could play well into his 30s. How long do top RBs last? 3-5 years of top 5 production is a great career. WR play well into their 30s but less often. QBs have been doing it quite regularly. Of QB Lawrence. WR Chase, RB NAJEE. TE PITTS They're all relatively safe bets. As good as you can get. I think and agree that Pitts is possibly more rare based on expectations thrust upon him. He might change the game. How many young TEs are there to compete with him? Kittle is 28 and proven. Kelce 32 proven and still playing at a high level. Waller 29, Hockenson 24. Not as established. Pitts at 21 is already in the conversation with the top 4/5. Pitts QB situation, team situation isn't ideal but you don't want to pass up on elite talent simply due to situation. Najee situation could be amazing in 2021 and you might initially regret it. But after BigBen leaves Pit does he become Saquon? 8man fronts vs NYG all day? I don't know. I think the crappy thing is that you can only get one of them. See if you can trade for another draft pick and get Chase. I'd also ride Brady this season but look for your Future QB. If Garappolo has a good game sell him. Hurts migth have some growing pains: Cheap QBs w/ upside could be Watson, Winston, Darnold, Tannehill, Stafford, Trey Lance, If you're always planning 3yrs from now you're not going to make the short sighted moves that are common in Dynasty early on. I'm a big fan of trading players for 2nd and 3rd round picks. Grab them off waivers. Wait for them to break out and trade them. You might sell on the low side but you can acquire a lot of equity in draft picks and there's no limit usually on # you can old. I have 4 of the first 13 picks in this draft and 8 of the first 31 picks. I don't need that many but I'll sell two 3rds for 2022 2nd etc. You might want to target AJ Dillon for Jones insurance and Javonte Williams for Gordon. WRs try to find the next breakout. WR1 types regardless. Evans is doing well but getting older. iF you're not in a Win/Now mode for your league Sell Brady/Evans tandem to Win Now owner. Aiyuk is the future in SF at WR!. I like Deebo but don't overvalue him. Jalen Hurd can help if he gets healthy. I like WRs because they last a long time and I can start up to 6 each week in my league for flex positions. ....So...if I am grabbing Sleepers off of the waiver wire....what good are they on my bench or does it screw me during a BYE week if I have to drop them and grab a RB/QB to fill in. I'd rather just plug in my Sleeper/roster stash player. I'll err on longevity and opportunity. MYQB Wilson, Watson, Tua. WR: Hopkins, Jefferson, AJBrown, Godwin, Laviska, Reagor, Pittman, Campbell. RB Zeke, Chubb, JK Dobbins, Akers, AJ Dillon, RonJones2, TE Kelce, Goedert, Engram. Ideally, I leave this draft with CHASE/PITTS as I'm picking #9, #10 #11 and #13. I won't get Chase. I'm hoping for Pitts, Waddle, Etienne might drop. Qbs are premium. So they're going 4 of first 6 picks in my league. Hope this is helpful.
  9. I would judge trade based on Player windows: Win now = CMC and next season attitude. Win 2-3 years and beyond... Najee?Sermon Picks. CMC player window is 2-3 years less than 2 rookies and future 1st pick. He's already missed most of a season. However it's playing at the highest level and creates positional scoring advantages. Najee hasn't yet and what happens if Ben isn't his QB? If this is a 2QB league I would keep elite talent CMC. If it's 1 QB league I might load up on RBs. Typically, RBs have the most turn over at position. Get injured more. Shortest shelf life. So, in my 10team 2 QB PPR league I built my team around elite QB core. Focused on WRs and elite TE. traded and swindled and hustled even if it meant losing. THen I focused on RB and players < 25yo. It's worked. I won the title in year 3 and runner up year 2.
  10. #9: Pitts #10 Waddle #11 Devonta Smith -#12 takes WR4 #13 RB3. Etienne still in play. Sermon? Carter, Javonte? By going WR heavy early. I like the upside of Devonta Smith. I don't need him. Etienne likely the guy to grab. I would be happy. But I think by going WRs I push him down and he's still available at #13. If I go: #9 Pitts. #10 Waddle #11 Etienne RB3 #12 takes Devonta Smith #13 RB4. or WR5 WHos' your WR5? Rondale Moore? Rashod Bateman? I have embarrassment of riches on my roster. I'm not going to be counting on my #13 pick player to produce. Ideally they're elite upside players that I can pair with a QB as WR or 3down back. OR some scoring advantage matchup nightmare like Pitts who's potential upside is worthwhile. With Godwin was my Flex WR4. I'm in good shape. Flex positions are 1TE/WR, 1WR/RB and 1 WR/TE/RB So I can start up to 6 WRs each week. Having Reagor, Laviska, Pittman, PCampbell onthe bench. I'd want someone that's a clear starter over them. This can allow me to trade Hopkins WR1 for a premium if I want. He's still elite and at 29 he' hopefully has some meat on the bones to attract top value. Especially to Murray owner. Who also owns #12 pick.
  11. 10 Team DYNASTY: 2QB/3WR/2RB/1TE/3FLEX PPR 1.0 for all. Bonus tiers. KR points. Passing TDs 6pts. 26 man roster. I have picks #9, #10, #11, #13 #19 picks overall. In my mock drafts. All early picks need, prefer, QBs. QBs go 5 of first 6 picks. Najee Harris likely to go 5. Picks 7, 8 will try to screw me but will look out for their own needs. Then I own 4 of the next 5 picks. I can dictate the draft. I'd love to leave the draft with Chase and Pitts but that's not realistic w/o a trade. I haven't seen a trade develop yet so just looking to draft from existing spots. Most players I draft will be luxury picks on a loaded team. My Team: QB: R WIlson, DWatson, Tua RB: Zeke, Chubb, Akers, JKDobbins, AJDillon, RoJones2, WR: Hopkins, Justin Jefferson, AJBrown, CGodwin, MPittmanJr, JReagor, Laviska, Parris Campbell, cutting MBoykin. TE: Kelce, Goedert, Engram. Mock draft: #1 QB1 Lawrence (This owner sucks. Got Burrows #1 overall lost year) #2 QB2 Lance (owns #6 pick as well has Herbert, Fitzmagic other randos) #3 QB3 Fields/Wilson (Only rostered QB is Cousins). #4 QB4 Wilson/Fields best remaining. #5 RB1 or QB5. Najee Harris. Owner notoriously predictable. COULD take MacJones #5 but unlikely. #6 QB5. Owner indicated desire to have Mac Jones as luxury QB snag. Other QB needy #7 WR1/TE1 Ja'Marr Chase or Kyle Pitts. #8 RB2 is need or WR1. Should be Etienne but maybe Javonte, Carter, Sermon. (Big NYJ Fan and James Robinson Owner so not likely to get Etienne #9. TE1: PITTS, Waddle, Devonta Smith, in that order. #10. WR2 Waddle, Devonta, Javonte, Etienne? #11. WR3 #12. WR4 He would take Devonta Smith. Needs a true WR1 on roster. #13. RB3 That's crazy. I make RB drop. Eitenne or Sermon. ....I also have #19 pick. Early mocks had Sermon falling but I don't think he will. as Commish I'd better schedule the draft ASAP before people figure things out.
  12. Who has the # 1.10 pick? Which players available? Is there a benefit to someone owning a block of picks to steer the draft? IN our 2/QB/3WR/2RB/1TE/3FLX PPR 10-team league. I own 1.09, 1.10, 2.1, 2.3 and 2.7. Qbs could go 1-4. maybe 1-5. I'm sending out Mock Drafts that show me taking PITTS at 2.01. Etienne, Javonte, Pitts, Sermon. But my goal is to get PITTS to fall and scare people into trading with me so that I can move up and get Chase, Pitts. FYI.
  13. Oh and Tiger woods. I forgot Tiger
  14. All great points. Fascinating. I think WATSON needs to do 1 thing. WIN. Winning will solve his problems and WINNING is his out. I don't know what he has to to do to get on a field and WIN but he should find a way to do that. It worked for VICK, KOBE, Antonio Brown, Robert Kraft. People still support Michael Jackson and R Kelly. Mike Tyson. I'm not saying it's right. I'm saying that people are way more forgiving if you're creating success. List goes on. Houston should offer to pay whatever the lawyer is asking in exchange for first 8 games of the season if he wins 6 he gets to be traded. Something like that.
  15. I'm in a 10 Team 2QB Dynasty PPR league that starts: 2QB, 3WR, 2RB, TE, 1W/T, 1W/R, 1W/T/R K/DEF/ 2IDP I started with crap and said I'd win the league in 3yrs. I traded, hustled and was way ahead of schedule losing title game in year 2. QB: Watson, RWilson, Tua, Rosen WR: Hopkins, AJ Brown, JJefferson, CGodwin, Laviska, JReagor, Pittman Jr, Paris Campbell, MBoykin, Olimide Zaccheus RB: ZEKE, CHUBB, JK Dobbins, Akers, RonaldJones2, AJ Dillon, JD McKissic, TE: Kelce, Goedert, Evan Engram Draft Picks for 2021: #9, #10, #11, #13, #19 During the season: The Justin jefferson owner dropped him after week 1 or 2, He later dropped Cam Akers. I also picked up Reagor and Laviska and Pittman off waivers. 2019 I grabbed AJ Brown and Paris Campbell. NOW... with 4 picks clustered together I don't really know who to grab to try to improve my team. It's a good problem to have. I'm enjoying it before Russell Wilson decides to hold out, Watson gets suspended for inappropriate off field behavior and Tua ends up being a bust or something.
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