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  1. I would drop Preston Williams Could you help with mine? https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/788593-am-i-crazy-to-move-barkley-whir/
  2. I would go with David Johnson for sure. Could you help with mine? https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/788593-am-i-crazy-to-move-barkley-whir/
  3. Thielen, Cupp and Slayton for me. Good luck! Could you help with mine? https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/788593-am-i-crazy-to-move-barkley-whir/
  4. I would think you have to take that deal. I really like all 3 of the guys you’d be getting. Nice buy low on McLaurin
  5. After watching that pitiful display from the Giants offensive line this past Monday night, I’m wondering if I should accept a fellow owner’s offer of Clyde Edwards Helaire and Parris Campbell for Barkley. Barkley’s upcoming schedule is brutal from a run D perspective - Chicago SF LA Rams Dallas Washington Philly TB Am I crazy to take this deal and run? CEH is in a high octane offense and is poised to blow up. Thanks!!
  6. Semifinal matchup....PPR league - I got 47.3 points from Lamar Jackson last night and I have a couple of decisions to make. It’s a big tournament, so we both own Derrick Henry. Team I am facing has the following - qb - D Brees rb1 - Gurley rb2 - c sutton wr1 - Tyreke Hill wr2 - Golladay te - Cook (Saints) or Higbe flex - C Sutton flex - Derrick Henry D - Steelers My Team - QB - LJax - 47.3 points rb1 - Dalvin Cook rb2 - Derrick Henry wr1 - DeAndre Hopkins wr2 - Julian Edelman te - Zach Ertz f
  7. I have to decide whether to play Devin Singletary over Cook. I’m worried Cook leaves the game early and it get left holding a single digit bag of bones.
  8. My opponent played Dak/Zeke/Cooper/Cohen and I’m in an 86 pt hole...thinking I have to go Fitz over Tannehill as there’s likely to be higher volume and my league has 10 pt bonus for > 300 yds.
  9. Need to decide among the following for 2 WR and a Flex - Scoring is 1 pt per reception - 10 pt bonus it over 100 yds receiving and 10 pts per TD with 5 pt bonus if over 50 yards. S Diggs @ KC O Beckham @ CLE J Brown v WAS K Allen v GB C Sutton v CLE I’m leaning towards Diggs/K Allen/J Brown but am struggling between OBJ/Brown. Thank you!!
  10. Who to start at Flex in a 12 tm PPR? 10 pts per TD, 5 pt bonus if TD over 50 yards and 10 point bonus if +100 yds receiving. Trequan Smith v LAR Doug Baldwin v LAC Amari Cooper v TEN Thanks!
  11. 12 team PPR league. I’m looking for 3 pieces of advice - #1 Who to start at RB2? Mike Davis v Oak? C Thompson v CAR Ito Smith v TB #2 Who to start at Flex? Allen Robinson @ Mia Amari Cooper v Sea Carlos Rogers v NYJ #3 Who is the better long-term bench stash? Ronald Jones Mike Davis Ito Smith Thanks!!
  12. I’m currently 3-0 in my 12 team PPR league and I’m torn on what to do. My 2 best RB are Kamara and Ingram and I don’t think it’s feasible to expect them to both be top RB. I’m looking long-term and want to be positioned for late season. With that in mind, I’m talking to 0-3 owner and he is desperate for a win. Do I consider making the following move? i get - Le’Veon Bell, James Conner and a WR between Emmanuel Sanders, Golden Tate i Trade - Alvin Kamara My team is QB - Fitzpatrick - bench - Luck, B Mayfield RB1 - Kamara RB2 - T
  13. Trade question - Currently 3-0 in 12 tm PPR league My team is - qb - One of Fitz/Luck/Mayfield rb1 - Kamara rb2 - Ingram wr1 - J Jones wr2 - D Adams flex - A Cooper, N Aghlor TE - J graham bench - rb - G Bernard, L Murray, R Freeman te - T Burton D - Bears I’m a bit leery of leaning on NO backs...one is fine, but not both. Do I trade - Kamara in one of these packages? A - I trade Kamara for Le’Veon Bell and A.J. Green? Ingram becomes RB1 until Bell is back. B - I trad
  14. 12 team PPR lg and I’m 2-0 but always trying to improve my roster. Should I trade Nelson Agholar and Aaron Jones for Golden Tate? We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex My QB are Luck and Fitzpatrick RB - Kamara/Ingram/Bernard/L Murray/A Jones WR - J Jones/D Adams/A Cooper/N Agholar TE - Burton/Njoku is this a good deal for me to make? Tate would go in my Flex Please help! WHIR!
  15. 12 team PPR league with the following scoring - 1 pt per 10 yds rush/rec - 10 point bonus if over 100 yards. 10 points per TD with 5 point bonus if longer than 50 yards. We start 2 RB/2WR/1 TE and 1 RB/WR/TE Flex My RB are - Kamara/Ingram/Barber/J Williams/A Jones/Breida WR - D Adams/Diggs/A Cooper/Agholar/Cole TE - T Burton/Njoku I have been offered Carlos Hyde for Matt Breida and David Njoku. Should I take it? My RB2 is a little shaky. Thank you!!
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