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  1. Not sure there are enough players for a starting XI if they rest anyone.
  2. There are not enough on this board to respond. Utterly ridiculous.
  3. Signed up a for Directv Now a few days ago and prepaid to get the Apple TV, which is supposed to be here tomorrow. My kids will miss the DVR for now, but they'll live. The price is just too good to not give it a spin.
  4. I saw something about being able to watch the local channels (except CBS) on demand the next day.
  5. So, anyone else thinking about making the switch to Directv Now? The package with all the channels I need is still $30 less than my lowest bill and I'm out of contract right now. My only concern is my wonderful Comcast data cap.
  6. I'll be honest, I don't recognize most of those names. But I wonder, using that roster, could you put together a team that would stay in the EPL?
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