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  1. Bloom has Daniel Jones as the #1 QB this week. Can someone confirm this?
  2. Hi @Joe Bryant It's Wednesday afternoon and Blake Martinez is still ranked #5 overall LB this week. I think it's Darrin's #3 ranking of Martinez that is the issue. Can you send him a message that Martinez is out for the year? Thanks!
  3. Blake Martinez ranked #5 LB this week. 🤣
  4. You're right. That's probably the most important page. There should be a link in the menu IMO. Everything else is there.
  5. Week 2 Season Long --> Weekly Essentials --> Upgrades and Downgrades
  6. Hi @Joe Bryant Why is the picture of Dak so big? Maybe the width of the image has to match the width of the column but ...
  7. This? - https://footballguys.com/subscribers/2021/21updownwaiver-2.php
  8. Juwan Johnson is not listed in the top 240 moving forward in my TE prem league. Guess someone at FBG isn't high on him the rest of the season.
  9. Week 2 Season Long page. Link is on the homepage.
  10. Is that the same as Rest of Season Rankings? If so, that's under Weekly Essentials --> Player Forecasts
  11. I bought a premium subscription to another site because they had a promo for $10. I can't even sync my leagues! They know there is a problem but told me just to use the rankings. 😒 FBG has by far the best content and support and it's not even close. Heck, the owner is on the forums seeking feedback and constantly replying to owner's concerns. 👍
  12. I also would like to see the weekly content page be one of the top two boxes. A lot of the other content can be found in the menu (Waiver Wire in Tools, etc.) but not the Week # Season Long.
  13. The Week 1 link was replaced by the Articles link. Doesn't make any sense since Articles is one of the six submenus. Hope they change the layout.
  14. No problem @Joe Bryant. Thanks for the quick reply. I'm cool with using the Matchup Dominator or League Dominator. It was just helpful to see how the free agents stacked up (projected pts) against my players on the Projections page. By the way, I made a deposit to Underdog Fantasy and received a free premium subscription to 4for4. I was told by their support that it's not possible to sync MFL leagues right now despite the option to do so. 😬
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