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  1. Ah, got it (or, "bingo", if you will). I am hoping Jimmy gets Chuck so flustered in front the Bar, after pointing out his inadequacies and unusual tendencies, that Chuck goes into full blown melt-down mode, and maybe Jimmy’s curb prediction, while casually smoking his cig & waiting for the cops to arrive, becomes reality. It’s about time for the Chuck story-line to end this season anyway, IMO. I really dig this show. Didn’t think I would. Didn’t think it would work as a spin-off. It certainly does, however.
  2. Well there you have it. I am indeed an over-thinker. My lawyer aspirations are dashed, dammit. Could Jimmy prevent the Bar Association from hearing the tape on the same premise?
  3. I wonder if the "destroy" vs. damage correction, plus the additional $3.00 restitution Jimmy paid for said destroyed property (referenced as “cassette tape) is going to be used by Jimmy/Kim when Chuck/Howard attempt to admit the original tape – currently under lock and key – into evidence to be heard. Kim gets Chuck to admit, with Howard as witness, that the original tape exists (undamaged, not destroyed) and intends to have the recording heard in court. Maybe they block the tape as evidence, because how can a destroyed cassette tape be admitted? Chuck accepted restitution payment after bo
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