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  1. No, winning and making a profit like every season. Just don’t care.
  2. I have been doing FF for 25 years. I think I am stopping after this season. There are many reasons, but I feel like after talking to some friends that seems to be the general direction of many of them. So where are you in terms of how many teams you will be doing going forward? Are you thinking of stopping? Or just as excited as ever? Thanks
  3. For context here is what he asked for Mahomes before he traded him- Jacobs, AJ Brown, and 2 first round picks. Then gave him away for nothing. I have a top team, but am leaving after this season. I am retiring from FF.
  4. I am in that league. Here is what was turned down- Davante Adams for Godwin and Justice Hill. The counter was Godwin and a 4th for Adams for and Josh Jacobs and then this goes through. It is so annoying.
  5. If that isn't superflex then you did not come close to overpaying. You actually ripped him off.
  6. I like Adams but that's too much for him. Woods is too underrated. The Adams owner got a very good deal. Thats 2 top 15 Rb's and a top 15 Wr. That is a good haul.
  7. I'm not very high on Bell but see why people are. That one is closer, especially if you need a RB. I think the issue with the Green trade is opportunity cost. For that price you could pick a player that is producing from a low end team in season. That way you aren't just hoping Green does well. You could get a player that is having a good season and the other team needs picks because they are out of it. Value wise it like the picks side but it isn't crazy. I would have just waited to see what happens a few games in.
  8. Easy win for the side getting Godwin, etc. Woods could be close to Beckham in points this year.
  9. He gave 2 firsts plus for Mahomes? That is the bad offer that needs to be talked about.
  10. I am high on Boyd. I had taken Jacobs at 1.1 it was pick 4's turn. I gave Jacobs for pick 4 and Boyd. Montgomery was on the the board so I took him. I am very high on Boyd and have tried to get him in many leagues. In my dealings he has a wide range of values.
  11. Fair trade. But if your team is good and you make the playoffs you might really miss the guys you traded away. They might be the difference between a championship or not. If you don’t think you will make the playoffs then it is a good deal.
  12. That just isn’t happening in most 12 team leagues. QBs don’t have much value in those. That’s a really bad trade
  13. Boyd at 27 is way to low and I believe that creeps up to 18 or so by the time the season starts. Maybe in a start up that is where they land but trading for Boyd is different. The owner already realizes how good he was last year. Boyd has been a target of mine in many leagues and in 2 different leagues with different owners I was told they wouldn't trade him straight up for Brown. I was trying to get more than just Boyd for Brown, I agree he is worth more. Age is a big factor also in dynasty leagues. In a startup older players go a little higher because a few teams are win now but trading within the league their value is suppressed. But I don't think Brown's value is suppressed at 11. That is about right to me. I just can't believe Boyd is that low. He ended as Wr 17 and he missed two weeks. He scored with Green, without Green, with Dalton, without Dalton. I don't see anyway besides health that he isn't top 20 if not top 15.
  14. I would guess Howard over 1.3 would be a minority opinion. I do agree the 1.3 is not a sure thing. Having a top 5 QB in rebuild just helps drop your pick a few spots. It hurts your team actually.
  15. That last one is awful. Boyd isn’t too far off AB for a lot of people. Bell is worth way more than Enron and Murray.
  16. That makes it even worse. Don't need a QB until you are ready to compete. He should have traded down or take your top rookie at 1.3. He will be rebuilding for a long time.
  17. Really close. If I didn''t have QB at all I would go for the Mayfield side. But I prefer the 1.3. QB's just aren't worth anything in a 12 team league. Howard might avg. 8 a game under Arians if he is lucky. Just doesn't make a difference either. Montgomery, Harry, Sanders could be difference makers.
  18. Henderson just went 1.5 in mine. I had the 1.7 and was planning on taking him. I have Gurley also. I can't believe he went that high.
  19. It seems very low. I have offered him up in many offers and only had one go. I don’t think you could a top 6 first for 2020 for him. I think he is viewed as a wr2 but owners want to trade him like he is a top 10 wr. If I was contending he would be a great add
  20. It’s close but I take the 1.9 and Shepard. Shepard should get enough targets to be in the mix to be a top 25 wr. 1.9 is a good pick in this draft. Campbell Henderson Hockenson etc are the types available there. Also it’s henry we are talking about. He has potential but is no lock to be good.
  21. That's a lot to give up for those two. I am not a Kittle fan this year but even assuming he is TE#1 that is a lot of value to give. But, I can see how those guys could help a team. Mack is such an unknown though this could work out if he stays healthy and catches a few more passes. If this is TE bonus it makes a little more sense.
  22. I agree with the average but he hasn't stayed healthy yet. I am going with the under for total points by 30. When he misses 2 or 3 games again that drops him down into the RB 15 range. I just think he will go too high for what he will produce.
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