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  1. Just seems to be the way of things for decent monitors right now. Even the "budget" ones are around $300 from what I can find.
  2. Any suggestions out there on gaming monitor? Looking for a 27" with G-Sync and was considering this LG 27GL850-B but thought I'd ask around first.
  3. Chosen expansion adds some complexity to the campaign, specially with Ironman on. I like it more then just the original base game. Personally the covert ops missions aspect and some of the other things it brought for squad building like teammate bonds were good additions. Honestly wasn't to impressed with 2 of the 3 new classes though and thus rarely used them. Once you run into a Chosen/Ruler, there's a chance they will pop in on future missions which shakes up the standard run/gun/escort type things going on. If you are familiar with the Rulers from the original's dlc, just a note they
  4. Poking around for multiple leagues. Seems cheap for a constant top wideout so thought I'd ask what's being seen or asked for. Thanks
  5. What is DeAndre Hopkin's value rookie pick wise? Is he a buy with a high 1st + 2nd as the calculators are showing or should it take more/less?
  6. Forgot about him. Course he hasn't seen the field much in 2 years, maybe I should just keep on forgetting about him. Can probably snag Cashman for a 4th or if lucky a 5th come open trading for new league year. Think Mosley will still be overpriced even with the large lay over.
  7. Can Cashman play the Mike? Or for that matter do they even have a Mike? Going to be interesting to see how it plays out.
  8. This is driving me nuts also. Appears to only happen in older threads and/or those with a lot of replies.
  9. @Joe Bryant Seems my display name was changed with update?
  10. Reeder was targeted a lot which tells me he's bad in pass coverage. That's good at the time when playing full snaps cause Rams had limited options, but not when considering long term investment. Combo that with his older age (26) and limited NFL experience (2nd year) and wouldn't fault anyone from moving on with other potentials. Kiser is a better player with more experience at a younger age. Have to agree with others that Reeder is currently just a backup and think his ceiling as a starter would be a 2-down thumper which is waiver fodder in most leagues. Also will point out that d
  11. Don't see them moving from LB without a scheme change, they're not typically lining up with their hands in the dirt from what I've seen. Bears might dump Nagy and staff, but don't think anything will change in the desert.
  12. IDP Guys and IDP Guru both had free to acess IDP waiver articles this year. DLF (subscription based) does a waivers article as well, and also a snap count report that is typically out Wednesday during the day so depending on the league setup can be reviewed before waivers run. Most of the other sites (mostly free) I can access are too top level to be of use in moderate/deep dynasty leagues so I tend to ignore.
  13. QB1 - KC Team QB QB2 - SEA Team QB RB1 - Christian McCaffrey CAR RB2 - Saquon Barkley NYG RB3 - Alvin Kamara NO RB4 - Joe Mixon CIN WR1 - Michael Thomas NO WR2 - Devante Adams GB WR3 - Tyreek Hill KC WR4 - Kenny Golladay DET WR5 - JuJu Smith-Schuster PIT TE1 - Travis Kelce KC TE2 - George Kittle SF PK1 - Justin Tucker BAL PK2 - Wil Lutz NO DST1 - 49ers DST2 - Saints Flex - Tyler Higbee LAR
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