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  1. Voted Other cause I don't post here mainly due to the judgement and condescending that typically occurs in the topics, but wanted to express like some others I use it as an additional news source for things going on.
  2. Yes, pretty much. Will caution thought that it still has old school controls and some interface stuff, so definitely not as smooth as DIII.
  3. Excited to get the chance to relive cow level in DII again, feeling old about it though.
  4. Don't think anyone questioned the reasons for leaving, think many were questioning how it was done. From what I've seen, none of that was addressed.
  5. And here I thought I missed it, only to find out started 12 minutes ago. Prompt as always...
  6. I get the need to try and control the narrative but Biden needs to stop saying we won in Afghanistan, we most certainly did not.
  7. Nothing instills confidence like being consistently late...
  8. Back for L4 (Public Ridicule - my username was forced changed on forums). Also back for Love Child if it returns from it's hiatus.
  9. I'm sorry your words are not conveying what you wish them to. Would you like to try again? Please advise how does one apply federal rules and training to local police forces if they are not under federal rule? One would have to think that either there is a federal mandate enforcing said rules and policies or the local police voluntarily submit to adhere to said rules and policies from the federal level. Whichever the case may be, the end result is still in fact a police force subjugated to federal rules and training which would also be known as federal government rule. Now if you wish to state the police forces can use guidelines from the federal level to set their own rules and training policies, that is fine. But I'm sorry, a sentence of can only be interpreted as federal governance of local police force rules, policies, and training. Your "want" cannot occur without that level of control as nothing is forcing its application.
  10. If you have one federal entity dictating rules and procedures then you are in fact putting them under federal government rule. It is that simple.
  11. Dear God Putting all police under federal government rule is extreme.
  12. Just seems to be the way of things for decent monitors right now. Even the "budget" ones are around $300 from what I can find.
  13. Any suggestions out there on gaming monitor? Looking for a 27" with G-Sync and was considering this LG 27GL850-B but thought I'd ask around first.
  14. Chosen expansion adds some complexity to the campaign, specially with Ironman on. I like it more then just the original base game. Personally the covert ops missions aspect and some of the other things it brought for squad building like teammate bonds were good additions. Honestly wasn't to impressed with 2 of the 3 new classes though and thus rarely used them. Once you run into a Chosen/Ruler, there's a chance they will pop in on future missions which shakes up the standard run/gun/escort type things going on. If you are familiar with the Rulers from the original's dlc, just a note they are a little more toned down and you luckily won't face a Chosen and a Ruler at the same time.
  15. Poking around for multiple leagues. Seems cheap for a constant top wideout so thought I'd ask what's being seen or asked for. Thanks
  16. What is DeAndre Hopkin's value rookie pick wise? Is he a buy with a high 1st + 2nd as the calculators are showing or should it take more/less?
  17. Forgot about him. Course he hasn't seen the field much in 2 years, maybe I should just keep on forgetting about him. Can probably snag Cashman for a 4th or if lucky a 5th come open trading for new league year. Think Mosley will still be overpriced even with the large lay over.
  18. Can Cashman play the Mike? Or for that matter do they even have a Mike? Going to be interesting to see how it plays out.
  19. This is driving me nuts also. Appears to only happen in older threads and/or those with a lot of replies.
  20. @Joe Bryant Seems my display name was changed with update?
  21. Reeder was targeted a lot which tells me he's bad in pass coverage. That's good at the time when playing full snaps cause Rams had limited options, but not when considering long term investment. Combo that with his older age (26) and limited NFL experience (2nd year) and wouldn't fault anyone from moving on with other potentials. Kiser is a better player with more experience at a younger age. Have to agree with others that Reeder is currently just a backup and think his ceiling as a starter would be a 2-down thumper which is waiver fodder in most leagues. Also will point out that debating this with Reeder shows Kenny Young will never be and should not be rostered at this point.
  22. Don't see them moving from LB without a scheme change, they're not typically lining up with their hands in the dirt from what I've seen. Bears might dump Nagy and staff, but don't think anything will change in the desert.
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