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  1. Maddow is an unabashed liberal which is why guys like rock and Jon can’t stand her, but she’s brilliant and her show is absolutely an attempt to discuss current events from a factual basis. There are no scandals, no tapes of her unfairly smearing people or rudely insulting guests. She learned from one of the GOATS (Chris Matthews) while choosing to keep the discourse at a higher level. I absolutely understand why many conservatives don’t like Maddow. But whenever someone insults her or compares her to Hannity/Carlson, they’re just showing their ignorance. There is no Rachel Maddow on t
  2. Maddow is the best political analyst of my generation.
  3. I agree with this for the most part, but wouldn’t you have said the same think about Trump back in 2012? After America decided to elect a corrupt, sexual assaulting reality TV star on 2016, nothing is off the table.
  4. Are you claiming that Harris kept these men in jail for political reasons?
  5. I called for Cuomo’s resignation. You actively supported and voted for Trump. Pretty clear who takes these things seriously, and who is driven by their partisan bias.
  6. I struggle with this one. Like you I support those ideas, but I’m not sure I support following the “by any means necessary” approach (firing the parliamentarian as Republicans did). Perhaps that’s the right move in these political times. I’m not sure where I stand.
  7. But for a ruling from the parliamentarian yesterday, minimum wage would be on its way to being signed into law. I think your cynicism on this one is off base. 🤷‍♂️
  8. Fortunately we have folks like rock on the front lines.
  9. Imagine supporting a political party that was so revolting that the mere idea that your neighbors would find out caused you to be fearful. 🤣
  10. I called for Cuomo to resign. You voted for Trump multiple times, despite the dozens of accusations. Be better.
  11. That will change if the accusations prove legitimate or if others offer similar stories. I can promise you Cuomo will be gone before we get to, what was the final tally with Trump, 32 accusers?
  12. Cuomo should resign. Are there any Democrats here that aren’t calling for Cuomo to step down?
  13. Smart move Harry Hood. Padre offense gonna be 🔥 this year.
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