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  1. Fortunately we have folks like rock on the front lines.
  2. Imagine supporting a political party that was so revolting that the mere idea that your neighbors would find out caused you to be fearful. 🤣
  3. I called for Cuomo to resign. You voted for Trump multiple times, despite the dozens of accusations. Be better.
  4. That will change if the accusations prove legitimate or if others offer similar stories. I can promise you Cuomo will be gone before we get to, what was the final tally with Trump, 32 accusers?
  5. Cuomo should resign. Are there any Democrats here that aren’t calling for Cuomo to step down?
  6. Smart move Harry Hood. Padre offense gonna be 🔥 this year.
  7. White dudes outraged about Indians pressuring Jeep to change the name of one of their models? I can’t imagine how some of you would handle the injustices and inequities other groups experience on a regular basis if stuff like this triggers you.
  8. I believe that electing Trump was far more dangerous to national security than Hillary Clinton not properly following internal email guidelines. I can't believe anyone being objective would argue otherwise.
  9. There isn't a bigger Trump-hater than me on these boards, and I had similar feelings. I watched far less cable news the past couple of years than I did in the decade prior, but I don't blame the media for continuing to report on the atrocities. I became numb because at a certain point, much like you, I gave up. I abandoned hope that there was anything Trump could do that would cause enough of a wave on the right for Republicans to take action. I don't know the answer to this problem, but I'm not satisfied that the answer is that the news media should stop covering Trump's insaneness s
  10. Several post-2016 election studies have concluded that the media spent far more time reporting on Hillary's email than any other issue during their campaign. In retrospect, this is insane. Yet it happened. Was that the anti-Trump media that you guys are talking about?
  11. Stop being obtuse tim. Everyone knows that women, minorities, and their political supporters/party have always enjoyed outsized influence in America, and that white males have never gotten a fair shake.
  12. Perhaps the may of the accusations and descriptions were not as unfair and off base as you thought back then?
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