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  1. Got pits Saturday night at Chula Vista. Hope it’s a rager - Fluffhead and Tweezer haven’t been played on this tour yet.
  2. Fellas - how’s everyone? Long time no see, suckas. W/re to Simmons, in my opinion Philly has completely botched this. One of their franchise assets is losing value seemingly by day. They’re also ensuring that they won’t get dibs on any Clutch clients in the future. Simmons obviously not an innocent victim here, but his selfishness should have been anticipated by the front office and factored into decisions to move him the past two seasons. Wish the Lakers would offer THT, a pick, and another contract to Philly for Simmons.
  3. I can’t think of one. 2nd year superstar QB and hit another grand slam getting a franchise LT in the draft this year. Probably the two most valuable positions in football. Offensive skill players other than Allen are relatively young. Defensively, Bosa and James are ideal building blocks and the Samuel Jr. pick in the 2nd round appears to be a draft steal. Bolts are loaded. I’m elated while at the same time sad. (👎🏽 Dean Spanos)
  4. Working on her pinky change here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CUp8QsoJAsb/?utm_medium=copy_link
  5. Update: Ended up moving my daughter back to rec from travel 4/15. She threw 33 innings in rec ball and K’d 94, only walking 10. She then was the P1 for the 10U Gold All Star team this summer, and led her team to the best finish ever for our league (5th place overall in California State tournament). She pitched every inning of ever game at States, including 2 no-hitters and a 3 hitter where she beat a team that was 32-4 coming into the tournament. Ended up throwing 95 innings in All Star games this summer, K’ing 197. Moved up to 12U in August, and it’s been a smooth transition thus far. 37 innings, 54 K’s, and an ERA just over 1. I was expecting the 5 foot difference to be an adjustment but it’s actually made her change up more effective. Thanks again for all the feedback earlier this spring. Was difficult to leave travel but she is where she needs to be at this time. 👍
  6. Welcome back Cross. 👍 I have to agree with many of your critics though. I would think your recent journey would leave you humbled as opposed to the inflated opinion of self one must have to deem virus theory fraudulent. 🤷‍♂️
  7. It’s extremely hard to prevent suicide bombing attacks. I assert that those of you suggesting Biden is to blame for the recent attack yet who don’t blame Bush for the 9/11 terrorist attack are playing politics.
  8. Do you hold GWBush responsible for 9/11? Or is it just Democratic Presidents who get blamed for terrorist attacks on their watch?
  9. I appreciate David’s advice that Harris stans pump the brakes for fear of going overboard. But there are so many signs of a breakout begging to happen here. I’m not a PFF subscriber, but my understanding is that Harris is a darling amongst the advanced analytical crowd. That coupled with the Pats getting rid of Michel and Cam screams value. If you believe in Harris’ talent, it seems like everything is in place. Wouldn’t you much rather have Harris in the 5th/6th than some of those landline RBs in the 2nd and 3rd?
  10. Fact: The chief of the Trump campaign gave Russian intelligence officers internal polling data and campaign strategy.
  11. Care to make a wager? Texas isn’t going blue anytime soon. Certainly not because of a law that’s likely extremely popular with Texas conservatives.
  12. If I’m a Jags fan, I like this move. It signals that Lawrence is as advertised, and this clears the way for him to start moving forward with no whispers about the backup when he inevitably struggles. I’m (sort of) a Charger fan, and as much as I love Herbert, I’d think hard about swapping him for Lawrence if it was on the table. I’m 100% all in on Lawrence.
  13. Agree with a lot of this. The "they would have done the same thing" crowd uses that unprovable assertion to justify bad faith and bad acting by their own people. Republicans elect a TV gameshow grifter with zero public service experience and storm the capital. When Democrats lost in 2016 Hillary conceded that night and attended the inauguration. But BOTH SIDES!!!
  14. As opposed to all those other times when we pulled out of wars we lost and there was no chaos? I didn't blame Bush for 9/11, and I don't blame Biden for today's tragedy. Those responsible are the terrorists who committed this heinous act.
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