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  1. Welcome back Cross. 👍 I have to agree with many of your critics though. I would think your recent journey would leave you humbled as opposed to the inflated opinion of self one must have to deem virus theory fraudulent. 🤷‍♂️
  2. It’s extremely hard to prevent suicide bombing attacks. I assert that those of you suggesting Biden is to blame for the recent attack yet who don’t blame Bush for the 9/11 terrorist attack are playing politics.
  3. Do you hold GWBush responsible for 9/11? Or is it just Democratic Presidents who get blamed for terrorist attacks on their watch?
  4. I appreciate David’s advice that Harris stans pump the brakes for fear of going overboard. But there are so many signs of a breakout begging to happen here. I’m not a PFF subscriber, but my understanding is that Harris is a darling amongst the advanced analytical crowd. That coupled with the Pats getting rid of Michel and Cam screams value. If you believe in Harris’ talent, it seems like everything is in place. Wouldn’t you much rather have Harris in the 5th/6th than some of those landline RBs in the 2nd and 3rd?
  5. Fact: The chief of the Trump campaign gave Russian intelligence officers internal polling data and campaign strategy.
  6. Care to make a wager? Texas isn’t going blue anytime soon. Certainly not because of a law that’s likely extremely popular with Texas conservatives.
  7. If I’m a Jags fan, I like this move. It signals that Lawrence is as advertised, and this clears the way for him to start moving forward with no whispers about the backup when he inevitably struggles. I’m (sort of) a Charger fan, and as much as I love Herbert, I’d think hard about swapping him for Lawrence if it was on the table. I’m 100% all in on Lawrence.
  8. Agree with a lot of this. The "they would have done the same thing" crowd uses that unprovable assertion to justify bad faith and bad acting by their own people. Republicans elect a TV gameshow grifter with zero public service experience and storm the capital. When Democrats lost in 2016 Hillary conceded that night and attended the inauguration. But BOTH SIDES!!!
  9. As opposed to all those other times when we pulled out of wars we lost and there was no chaos? I didn't blame Bush for 9/11, and I don't blame Biden for today's tragedy. Those responsible are the terrorists who committed this heinous act.
  10. That's unfortunate. Did you also blame Bush for 9/11?
  11. Guessing you weren't old enough to note Reagan's cognitive decline in his 2nd term.
  12. I've never joked about dead Americans. The terrorist attack today was a tragedy and I feel for the families of those soldiers who paid the ultimate price. Are you suggesting that Biden is to blame for today's terrorist attack in Kabul?
  13. I agree with this. Similar to Reagan's 2nd term.
  14. Rock is such an enigma. A brilliant mind, but still equating CNN with Fox.
  15. 620,000+ American dead due to a virus that Trump said wasn’t an issue and would be gone in 2 months. Trump die hards ignore it. Zero dead Americans leaving Afghanistan. “OMG BIDEN SHOULD BE REMOVED”
  16. A life long Republican who Pence hired to work as his Homeland Security advisor. But since she critiqued Trump, she has no credibility with Trumpers like Helltopee. 🤣
  17. Have an opinion as to why Mike Pence’s Homeland Security advisor would be making these claims?
  18. According to Mike Pence’s homeland security advisor, Stephen Miller and others in the Trump administration sabotaged the special visa process that was put in place to expedite SIVs so that we could get our Afghan allies out of the county. https://twitter.com/oliviatroye/status/1428740865665679361?s=21 Thoughts?
  19. Mike Pence’s homeland security advisor says that Stephen Miller and others is the Trump administration deliberately sabotaged effects to fast track Afghan SIVs (visas) because they didn’t want tons of middle eastern refugees in our country. https://twitter.com/oliviatroye/status/1428740865665679361?s=21
  20. I’m not educated on this subject enough to opine. I’m frustrated by the picture and video from the airport earlier this week as well. But the idea that there wouldn’t be chaos toward the end of our withdrawal seems unrealistic. 🤷‍♂️
  21. Who are the dead American citizens? Or are you just making that up?
  22. On a Bulwark podcast earlier last week, Charlie Sykes made the exact same point. That while the images are chaotic, not a single American has died in our withdrawal. 🤷‍♂️
  23. I want to hate and root against the Bolts because of the Spanoses, but I still find myself reading BoltsfromtheBlue, reading all the Charger draft stuff and following all their transactions. I wish someone else would buy the team. Love the Chargers draft, even the 3rd round WR. It’s safe to say Keenan has kicked the injury-prone label he had early in his career, but we need depth at the position. I also think Herbert is going to turn the TE from GA into a mini-star.
  24. The clip that MSNBC shared didn’t mention Johnson personally refusing to get the vaccine. You’re the only one who mentioned that; viewers who watched the Brian Williams snipet would not even know that Johnson refused to get the vaccine. And yes, Johnson’s comments are irresponsible and warrant the mockery he received from the hosts. We are at a crucial time in which we need as many people vaccinated as possible, and a huge part of the problem is Fox viewers who are not being vaccinated for what essentially amounts to misinformation for political reasons. Johnson providing support for anti-vaxers at this time is dangerous.
  25. Here’s the segment in question. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2021/05/12/msnbcs_brian_williams_sen_ron_johnson_sounds_like_a_russian_asset_for_not_getting_vaccine.html Johnson’s comments weren’t misconstrued or presented in an unfair context. Your critique of Brian Williams was far more inaccurate and unfair than that segment. @timschochet
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