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  1. Cleveland should be a favorite IMO because their defense is still dangerous and Keenum probably can do just enough to win with that kind of help.
  2. Yes, but what kind of opponent is the Cleveland offense without Mayfield, Chubb, Hunt and possibly OBJ and maybe some starting O linemen to boot?
  3. Said the Chinese farmer "We shall see." But I really hope so.
  4. This is a gut call ultimately. I think we are all pretty confident the Rams are going to run the Lions out of the building. It could be humiliating but Swift should get a lot action particularly in the receiving game. I have been hugely impressed with Marquise this year. His targets are a little inconsistent but his production certainly hasn't been. This is a big game for Baltimore, you would think Marquise will have to be a factor if Baltimore is going to win. Of course you would have thought that last week too. If it was PPR I would be all over Swift in this one but since it's standard I would go with Brown because he is far more likely to salvage a bad game with one play than Swift.
  5. Ultimately I don't think he has much choice this year. His only option would be to not report to the new team. That seems like a bad business decision.
  6. “Man, the sideline … it was like [there was no] anxiety,”
  7. I am not sure that is entirely the case Gesicki saw 3, 6, 12 & 6 targets in four games with Parker on the field. 7 & 9 targets without Parker. Factor in two different QBs and it's difficult to draw any conclusions about usage with or without Parker. But if your gut is telling you to go Ertz then absolutely go with Ertz. It's not a bad play at all. I can easily see Arizona try to scheme him into a big debut. ETA: All the Deshaun talk in Miami may have an impact this week as well but it is impossible to quantify. Maybe the players rally around Tua (my view) or maybe it creates chaos.
  8. Fant has been solid most of the year, and sees consistent usage. Higbee has been largely irrelevant, gets low volume and is almost entirely TD dependent. Fant>>>Higbee
  9. I think Gesicki is the clear call until we see what Ertz does in Arizona. Ertz is a great player going to a great offense and I would not be at all surprised if he has a big game in his debut. But has a lot of competition for touches. Gesicki is the Miami passing game ATM, even if Parker plays. He's getting consistent looks and has been reasonably productive after a terrible week one. Gesicki>Ertz
  10. Well you should definitely start two of them. Personally I kind of like Davis this week. He gets 17 opportunities per game, catches and isn't typically pulled at the goal line. Couple that with facing a bad Miami team that has the additional burden of rampant headlines about ditching their starting QB. Collins may be in line for a similar workload but, I think there is a chance for Penny to play (I may be wrong about that), New Orleans is probably a tougher defense than Miami and Collins is dinged up. I like Davis even if Penny doesn't play, but there is certainly nothing wrong with starting Collins if that's what your gut is telling you.
  11. Yes. Exactly. 💯 Right, wrong or otherwise the Gruden situation defines a pretty clear expectation for what public reaction will likely be with Deshaun if he takes the field again. It is virtually impossible (perhaps literally?) to imagine a scenario where the NFL will tolerate "sexual assault allegations" being the lead story before, during & after every Miami Dolphins game.
  12. True but just because they haven't doesn't mean they can't or won't. Goodell has broad authority under the personal conduct policy to prevent anyone from stepping onto the field if they exhibit "conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in the NFL" In here we can debate whether or not Watson's actions truly fall under that policy but if they say it does at 280 Park Ave then it does. Jon Gruden chose to retire but his situation gives a pretty clear barometer of what the NFL can expect public reaction to be if Watson hits the field before his legal issues are resolved.
  13. Wrong!!! The correct answer is always "The refs ##$$#d us!"
  14. Do you ever start him? Is he covering a bye for you that a replacement won't? Is it a draft capital thing that is holding you back?
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