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  1. I am not sure what you mean by this? How? I agree that 8 always way too high prior to the game but I am quite sure @Sigmund Bloom put a lot of analysis into that ranking. Of course bias, opinion, gut feeling seep into it, just like all games based on incomplete information. In magic football you don't even have the luxury of calculating rough percentages of victory based upon the cards dealt. Bloom ###### up, but I am 100% certain that it was a well researched and deeply considered #### up. Can't fault a guy for that. Anyone who made the decision to go with his rankin
  2. I thought Lawson played a good game, for the most part, as well. Not sure if that means anything going forward though.
  3. Yup and it was nice. But it's still the first second half TD in the last eight games. I didn't say I think the game has definitely passed him by, I voiced it as a concern when he was initially hired and I think it is a fair concern. I have no problem giving Gruden credit for the team playing with heart, and I am giving him a lot of credit overall (I fully acknowledged many of the factors that could be misleading in judging his overall performance). But if you give him credit for when their heart is "fully in the game" maybe you should ask why their hearts are sometimes not. And
  4. The correct answer was Devante Parker, definitely Devante Parker. Holy cow. Gonna be tough to trust him once Fitz is fine next year but still. He's literally the only offensive threat on the field and no one can stop him.
  5. I like what Mayock has been doing but I'm still bearish on Gruden. I was worried when he was hired that the game may have passed him by and I'm not entirely convinced that it hasn't. I love how he has improved Carr's game and I like the direction he is moving with a mauling O-line (btw Trent Brown's absence is a very strong indicator of how valuable he really is) and strong run game. And it is difficult to judge completely with all of the injuries. However, what the hell is happening in the second half of games? I put the complete collapse of both the offense and defense in 2nd halv
  6. Sorry about the kidney stone, never been there but I saw Al Swearengen deal with one and...#### that noise. Good luck. But give me names from that list that we need to retain because we can't find multiple guys of their caliber to replace them? I get that many of them know the system etc. but, who cares? Beyond Carr performing above career levels the coaching staff has been disappointing as well. Second half scoring and defense have been among the worst in the league. Coaching needs to improve so it really doesn't matter what these guys know about the system. And I'm not grumpy
  7. Who on that list is indispensable? I don't follow special teams closely, any of those guys top notch?
  8. Tell you what though, Trent Brown looks like a better signing with every week he misses. The line has been really shaky without him.
  9. Not a single guy on that list that I think is important to retain. Some definite maybes in Joseph (hoping he can stay healthy), Richard &/or DeAndre (RBs are cheap enough and they have looked good), Carlson? Incognito? Do we think Lawson has upside? But really, none of those guys isn't easily replaceable.
  10. He's married to someone who makes more in a year than he has made in his career. Okay, maybe not quite but she's on pace to become a billionaire. Most estimates show her net worth in the $400 mil range and he is around $180 mil. Makes it easier to focus more on winning than money. Not that it should be a problem when you're worth $200 mil.
  11. Agreed and they often make it difficult to build great teams around them once they blow the cap after rookie deals expire. I often think Peyton Manning would have had 3-4 rings with Indy if he went the Tom Brady route of giving home town discounts...and cheat, definitely can't forget the cheating at any and every opportunity. But there is only one Tom Brady...and his cheating ways.
  12. I feel all of the issues I pointed out are clearly true. But I still think a truly elite QB overcomes that and finds a way to get that game winning first down. I agree it is a bit unfair but, man what a terrible and entirely preventable loss.
  13. He's a nice complimentary player, capable of being a lead player when called upon. But apparently, like Odell, wasn't worth the headache to the organization.
  14. 3x replacement Pro-Bowler (an important distinction), 0 All-Pro, 10.9 yards per catch. HoF? I'll take that bet. ETA: I understand you were not calling him an HoFer, I disagree that his production over his first 4 seasons is HoF caliber.
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