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  1. Oooooooooooooooooooof... There is simply no reason to have much hope for either Stevenson or or McKinnon to produce much of anything. Could it happy? Sure, why not. But what information do we have on either player in their circumstances to inform this decision? Nothing. Gut, and gut only, says why not McKinnon? He showed some talent for minute...3-4 years ago. But his competition is a rookie and a guy who couldn't outsnap two onl'n'busted has beens the last two years (all respect to LeSean and LeVeon but they were shells of their former selves by the time they got to KC). So why couldn't McKinnon top that? So between McKinnon and Stevenson I, very tentatively say McKinnon. But if Ingram is available in think you absolutely need to go with him. Houston is terrible, they will probably get beat. But...they have a punchers chance. They have played tougher than any of us thought and, unlikely as it is, they could make this a competitive game. But one thing I know, at least with very reasonable confidence, is Houston will at least try to shorten this game. They will give Ingram every chance to establish a ground game until the point that Indy forces them not to. Magic Football is a game of opportunity and in my deeply uninformed opinion Ingram has, by far, the clearest path to opportunity. He may not do much with his opps but it's better than not having opps to do anything with IMHO.
  2. I don't think you can play Drake, Jackson or Rountree, I mean...what's the point? Harris has been hugely disappointing for his owners but he's well above those blind dart throws. I mean, he's actually had over 20 touches in a game this season, not sure those others have had 20 touches combined. Probably but, gun to my head I couldn't swear on it. Now Felton is a slightly different case. Do the Browns give the full load to Hunt or do they stick with what has been a fairly successful game plan? I honestly have no idea. There is literally, not figuratively, nothing to inform this decision. I can't even say with any confidence that this is a high floor v high upside decision. This is a gut decision all the way and, right now my gut is telling me "I have no earthly idea". Sorry, wish I could be more helpful.
  3. Even if he plays at this point you have to be concerned about an early exit or him being primarily a decoy.
  4. It kind of depends on the rest of you roster and if this is redraft or dynasty. My feeling is Mooney & Moore have the least ability to contribute to your fantasy team this season. Carson & Golladay are injured but they will both play again this season, the question is if you want them on your team to potentially contribute or on your opponents.
  5. With Dalvin Cook off the injury report, I don't know how much you want to rely on Mattison. The way Zimmer abuses his lead back every week is idiotic and I doubt he will change his old school thinking anytime soon. You shouldn't count on more than a handful of touches for Mattison (unless/until Cook gets hurt again). Of your options Jamaal Williams isn't very exciting but he's going to get close to 15 opportunities and could exceed that. Opportunity is key in these situations. I think you have to roll out Herbert because he could see 20+ opportunities, he may not but he's got the best chance. Then I would probably go with Dillon and Jamaal over Mattison.
  6. I was pretty far off on not recommending AJ Dillon last week and I wouldn't want to be wrong again. He seems to have played himself into a Pollard-lite role in Green Bay. I think he has a reasonable shot at 12 touches with maybe even 15 touch upside in a game Green Bay should win. Rondale is a fine player and I would love to roll him out there but in most cases I would opt for another player over any Arizona WR not named Hopkins. It's one of the tougher corps to prognosticate in FF. I would also monitor the practice reports from today to see if Rodney Hudson practiced, if he misses this game coupled with Murray having a dinged shoulder I would be down on most Cardinals this week. Dillon
  7. Thanks. AJ is actually already in my lineup but I had been considering swapping him out with Toney or Lockett so I figured to just reevaluate all three. If Williams sits I will be rolling out Kadarius & AJ Honestly with not practicing all week I am worried that even if he plays Williams will either exit early or be primarily a decoy.
  8. 1) You're probably asking the wrong guy here as we combine WRs & TEs in my league. All those guys are free agents. But let's give it a shot. You have to look at Tonyan because he clearly gets the most opportunities but that still only amounts to 3 targets/game. Maybe this is one of those weeks where he gets 7, or maybe it's one where he gets 1. Freiermuth is difficult to pronounce. While there isn't a lot to go on with Parham you should monitor the status of Mike Williams. He did not practice at all this week which, despite being questionable, makes him either unlikely to play or, if he plays, be used as a decoy. If Williams is out I would give Parham a shot. If Williams doesn't play it's closer but really a coin flip. 2) Those options make me sad. The 2 points per reception for TEs does put Tonyan into play here (assuming you go with Parham, which is probably the guy I would go with) but my feeling is that you should probably go with Pascal and Ingram. Pascal seems to be clearly emerging as the #2 receiving option in Indy. He gets a minimum of 5 targets/game and will score the occasional TD. I think Indy is playing better than their record indicates and they are better today then they were 5 weeks ago. Ingram isn't a great option and if you choose not to start him I would go with Tonyan instead. The reason I slot Ingram ahead is the Texans always try to shorten games initially and Ingram always gets a crack to set the tone. Of course he really hasn't done much with those opportunities, he has a low floor and limited upside. It all sounds terrible but despite me believing Indy is the better team, my thoughts are probability driven based upon incomplete information. I think there is an opportunity for the Texans, who have played tough a couple times this season to maybe steal this game. Still, after reading what I just wrote I think I feel a little more strongly about Tonyan. He has easily the downside of Ingram but probably a bigger upside. Pascal>>>>Tonyan=/>Ingram
  9. I'm starting to worry about Mike Williams this week. Not practicing on Wednesday is one thing but not practicing all week is something entirely different. If Williams is out I have: Kadarius v LAR who is questionable with an ankle and Shepard is going to play. So is Daniel Jones which is obviously a good thing. The problem with Toney, really, is he has such a small sample size. Last week definitely looked like a breakout game though. AJ Brown v Buff - I have been clear that I am higher on AJ than most plus Julio is back which helps. Lockett @ Pittsburgh - tough with Geno and in a potentially tough roadie. For me it's AJ>Kadarius>Lockett I imagine most others will say Kadarius>AJ>Lockett
  10. Redraft? Why would you want a bigger piece of the Patriots running game? You have Seattle's run game mostly on lockdown (people shouldn't forget about Penny). Davis can have big games but you're right he doesn't start for you unless something bad happens. Dynasty? Okay maybe Harris has some future potential but this Pats team has a ways to go before they become magic football relevant.
  11. I think Denver at home is the smart call. I would absolutely be worried about the Raiders circling the wagons and coming out with a win, but I think there is a similar possibility this is a trap game for Cinci. Detroit has taken a few very tough losses and hung tough with some good teams. I see it as a similar scenario for both defenses so I go with the home cooking. We all agree that Denver feasted the first three weeks of the season on some very bad teams. Over the last two weeks Denver & Cincinnati are within 10 total yards and 4 points of each other on defense and Cinci got to play the Jags in that time. Yeah, these Ds are close and streaming defenses can be a lesson in frustration. I tried to stream Cinci against an allegedly bad Jags offense and got burned for it. I go Denver and cross my fingers.
  12. Predicting who will be resting 10 weeks from now feels like a fools errand. Making magic football roster adjustments based upon those predictions is likely a lesson in futility.
  13. Aye! And if my grandmother had wheels, she'd be a wagon.
  14. Did you? Did you? Dropped him in my super flex redraft for Geno Smith. Felt such relief. Thoughts & prayers.
  15. Redraft? Bateman. You don't need him and I am not certain the Baltimore offense can consistently support a 3rd receiving option. Sammy having a hamstring opens the door slightly but still, is there a situation where you choose to start Bateman over any of your existing options?
  16. Great decision and glad you did it. You could have swapped him for a Philly cheesesteak and it would be a magic football victory for you. And, always happy to help. Love that so many people are coming in here and contributing. Thanks to everyone for asking and answering.
  17. Well, that worked out about as well as could be expected. I am starting to think Siriani is one of the worst coaches in the league. Hurts has great magic football stats but this RPO stuff clearly isn't working in real football. Nine carries total for anyone not names Hurts. Insanity.
  18. I am certain you know that Damien Williams went on the Covid 19 list. Darrel Williams would be my next choice (obviously doesn't matter since you either started Sanders or didn't).
  19. @Ardbeg4ever Obviously Damien Williams being on the Covid 19 changes this recommendation. @da_budman had some good thought about these matchups. I want to be clear that the fact that I am somewhat high on AJ this week is purely a gut call. It is difficult for me to accept that a kid who did what he was able to do the last two years can suddenly be contained. I honestly believe the correction is coming. Buffalo is obviously a tough, tough matchup I see these next two games as too big for Tennessee to not at least make a statement of some sort (even a pyrrhic victory). Again, absolutely a gut call. Things are trending in a good direction with both Jones and Toney. It is very early in the rookie's career but it is difficult to ignore what he has done the last two weeks. Even Glennon may not be such a downside as he seemed to lock in on Toney last week. The Giants will likely also have trouble running the ball and the Rams could put pressure on the Giants offense to keep up. So a lot is pointing in a positive direction. But be careful here because Sterling Shepard may be back this week and he was a clear favorite of Jones All three of these guys have huge upside and all three have put up some huge stinkers this season. It's really a coin toss. I could flip flop 10 times between today & Sunday. At the moment I think Sutton has to be in your lineup because he sees the most consistent targets. Between AJ & Toney, monitor today's practice report if it's all good maybe go with Toney.
  20. Seems pretty straightforward Shepard>Jones>Higbee The 1.5 for TEs but you can't count on any consistency for Higbee.
  21. Geno actually targeted Locket 4 times in about 15 minutes. I agree with AJ over Kadarius & Lockett.
  22. Hudson & Hopkins both missed practice today. Could be veteran rest day but... I lean Fournette now.
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