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  1. I don't understand why teams rush players, or allow players to rush themselves back from injuries. I'm glad the injury wasn't as bad as.it could have been but I still think a full week off is better for Brisett and the Colts. Particularly as this game is entirely winnable without him.
  2. It's great advice. It is easy to get into the herd mentality around this time of year. I always say that Willpower is a finite resource but if there were a time of year to maximize your use of that resource it begins tonight and ends on January 4th. Don't expect every day to be perfect but you probably need to push a little harder (a lot harder?) to make sure that everyday isn't a complete and utter failure either.
  3. I don't think many realize what a big dude Brissett is, he's 6'4" & 240 lbs. What I love about that play is how he kept his eyes downfield almost all the way through the play. Even when he saw Miller come through and side stepped his eyes were downfield. Maybe for less then a second when he got twisted did his eyes shift but man, what poise.
  4. It ain't over yet but the early returns are very impressive. The low yards per attempt (6.7) is a red flag but the TD%, INT% & Sack% are all very good (6.8, 1.5 & 3.3 respectively). He is also leading the league in TD passes/game. I doubt that lasts but I would also be surprised if he doesn't finish with at least 32 passing TDs. The kid is showing up.
  5. True but I have Pitt and someone else has Buf rostered.
  6. See lots of Jets talk in here and to @Stompin' Tom Connors point I may jump on them a week early to cover Pitt's bye even though they have the Patriots. I may wait as the Giants are available and have Ari at home this week but I think the NYJ hype is real and the PIT/NYJ combo looks strong. After this week it's a pretty tempting streaming schedule through week 14. Mia, @Mia, NYG, @Was, @Cin, @Cin, Mia Week 15 is a choice between @Bal & Buf Week 16 they play each other in NY.
  7. I like what you say in the bolded, it is well considered and a solid argument for why Peter was chosen as a legacy by Tony. They set that up well over four films. But being flawed as a human being, no need for the recap btw I already acknowledged Stark was highly reckless, is far different than handing city destroying power to anyone without any form of safeguards. The notion that Happy couldn't have made a phone call to Pepper and tell her to shut down EDITH is patently absurd. The most important aspect of Stark's character arc also includes growing because of his mistakes. @Insein g
  8. I think everyone knows he's a whiz-kid, even if the films had downplayed that until his multiverse observations, but that is not the same as being responsible enough to handle nuclear level firepower. He's a kid with extremely limited experience, immediately demonstrated that and it was absolutely foreseeable by a guy like Stark. Look, I enjoyed the film and am one of the biggest MCU geeks around these parts but not having safeguards in the highly foreseeable event of a 16 year old genius making bad decisions is a lot to accept. It was theatrically lazy.
  9. I got that part. It was horrendously implausible to the point of being stupid. Even at his drunkest and most irrational Tony Stark isn't that reckless. Great safety protocols Tony. Bang up job.
  10. Welcome to the party. @Tool look into something called non- exercise activity thermogenesis (N.E.A.T.) I'll post some more about it later but the bottom line is that for weight loss the gym is not the best option.
  11. It was five movies and that could be it for Spidey in the MCU but it would be madness for Marvel Studios and Sony not to come back to the table. I believe Sony cannot use Holland as Spider-Man in any other feature films (which is why he wasn't in Venom and won't be in Carnage) so if they don't come back to the table that means yet another Spider-Man reboot and that sounds like bad business for all concerned.
  12. End to his story? Holland is awesome as Spider Man. I imagine Disney & Feige see Holland as an MCU tent pole for Phase Four and beyond.
  13. So we finally finished our movie previews and I took my wife to see Endgame last Sunday. She loved it, which is great. She also said that she finally realizes how much I look like Chris Hemsworth, so I got that going for me too.
  14. Yup. But we're still watching it again. Endgame was awesome and amazing but it loses something if you don't have a ton of background fresh in your mind.
  15. Fortunately don't have to. We have ant man 1&2, BP, GotG 1&2, and Captain Marvel covered well enough in her memory. Not doing Civil War, IM3, Hulk & Homecoming. We're going to watch the rest of Dark World (watched half last night), Winter Soldier, AoU (should this be before Winter Soldier?), Dr. Strange, Ragnarok then IW.
  16. It isn't about how the narrative fits each other movies, it's how they get called back in Endgame. The Aether, Jane Foster in Asgard and the death of Frigga all seem pretty relevant to Endgame. How can you really enjoy the impact of Cap getting Thor's hammer (best scene in the film) without Age of Ultron? It also brings the Mind stone into play. Civil War OTOH doesn't really add anything to Endgame, does it? ETA: I personally believe AoU and The Dark World are probably the low water marks in the MCU. But they still seem relevant to Endgame.
  17. Need a little help with catching my wife up on the essentials before her seeing Endgame next weekend. She is a pop culture junkie and I have managed to convince her that there are too many call backs in Endgame to truly enjoy it without much background. I've read online viewing orders but I'm looking to trim the fat. So if there aren't major call backs in Endgame or important Infinity Stone setups, it's gotta go. I am looking for the essential Endgame viewing order. She has good enough memories of GotG, Ant Man & Wasp & Black Panther. And we saw Captain Marvel in theater
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