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  1. I agree with everything you said although I have to point out that what Ryan Tannehill is doing this year is a pretty good argument for why Oakland shouldn't cut bait on Carr. I mean, jury isn't out on his tenure in Tennessee but we all remember what Tannehill was in Miami. And many of us remember that Gannon was a 12 year vet who washed out with three teams before he landed in the perfect situation in Oakland. Right? Carr is about three years younger than Tannehill and six years younger than Gannon was when he signed in Oakland.
  2. I am not sure where you got that conclusion from my comment. My entire point has been that Carr is being judged for the entirety of the team performance rather than his own work which has been much better than people are giving him credit. I think a lot of that blame has to do with the fact with the rest of the team around Carr, particularly the defense (20th is their best finish since Carr was drafted. 28th going into today) has been pretty damn awful as today's performance seems to have demonstrated once again.
  3. Oakland had two opportunities to take a lead early in the 3rd. They ended up punting when Carr took a sack but the D held, forcing Tennessee into, I think their only punt of the day. The offense, and their 20 3rd quarter points scored all season (seriously?) failed to put points on the board. Now? It's 42-21 and counting. Carr absolutely had opportunities to do more, even though he did a lot already, but there is absolutely zero defense in Oakland and, as much good as I think Gruden has done, where are the halftime adjustments? Is Jason Garrett wearing a Job Gruden mask?
  4. That 91 yard TD by Brown was definitely Carr's fault.
  5. I really wonder how many people think Tom Brady or Joe Montana would be the QB we talk about today had they been drafted anywhere else than where they landed? Would Marino be Marino if he were drafted anywhere else than Miami or would he be Bledsoe (or someone similar)? Is Terry Bradshaw the 3rd best QB all time because he has a 68% win % and four Super Bowl wins? If so, it's news to me because I literally never hear his name mentioned in those conversations. I am pretty sure Bill Belichick could win a couple games with Carr and after typing that, my new worst nightmare is the Raider
  6. I don't necessarily disagree but I also think context is very important when evaluating a career. Carr was mostly average pre-Gruden (terrible rookie year, amazing playoff year & two meh years) but he has unquestionably been getting better under Gruden. He was already a QB that a great team could win a Super Bowl with (i.e. Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Joe Flacco etc) or even a good team can win multiple Super Bowls with (i.e. Eli Manning, Jim Plunkett). But he has shown far more ability than any of those guys, and several other SB winners. Again, this is not to say Carr is g
  7. Moving to Nevada and a gorgeous state-of-the art stadium is going to be a massive selling point to FAs. It's not a matter of if a FA will sign, it's a matter of sifting through the surplus and making the right decisions. Raiders are going to have the pick-of-the-FA-litter for many years to come. It's all about spending wisely now.
  8. Okay, so Carr lost them that game. A game I think we all agree Oakland should have lost. So, what? Ignore everything else and cut bait?
  9. Let me clearly state that I am not saying that Carr is an elite QB, or anything more than average over his career. So please don't think that is my point at all. Now: You don't think the #6 defense might have influenced being shredded by Sam Darnold and the Jets? Or should Carr go play safety after Renfrow drops a 9 yard completion, that hit him in the hands on 3rd&8 from the Jets 29 and Tyrell drops a 29+ yard, in stride perfect strike from the Raiders 39 on 3rd&12? After the dust settles on those two inexcusable drive killers it was 10-3 and the whole team collapsed, on the
  10. Except that also appears to be a false narrative, if not for his career certainly since Gruden took over.
  11. And to be clear, Carr did not lose the Jets game. Carr did not, in the first quarter, drop three drive killing passes that hit him in stride in the hands. He didn't lose the KC game either, they simply beat the #### out of Oakland, as they should have. Unlike Gannon @ Pittsburgh in 2002, Carr didn't have the benefit of the #6 scoring defense facing Kordell Stewart in the 2nd of his last 5 games as a starter in Pittsburgh.
  12. But, again the "Captain Checkdown" narrative is looking more-and-more to be false. At the very least it strongly appears to be heading in the right direction under Gruden. He was Joey Harrington bad as a rookie with 5.5 y/a but that corrected in years 2-4 with 6.8, 7 & 7, which are average at worst. Over the last two seasons he has been at 7.3 and now 7.7 y/a. At the same time his completion % went from a career high 63.8% to 68.9% and now 70.6%. Carr may (may) finally have a solid coach behind him, which is something almost all QBs need to go from good (or decent) to great. Cutt
  13. Why do you worry about where the ball is.going with Carr? Is it his high completion %, his high YPA or his low INT%? I think your point about people's minds being made up is incredibly astute.
  14. Wow I knew New England has been good for a long time but I didn't realize that since Brady took over 19 seasons ago the Patriots have only finished outside the top 10 in scoring defense 3 times (15th, 17th & 17th). They have been top 5 in scoring defense 8 times during that span. Forget Brady and Carr, I want some of that in Oakland.
  15. Yes and no. I do think Carr can be an elite QB but he can't do it alone just like 96.875% of the QBs in the league. Brady ain't Brady without Belichick and this season is showing that he is more dependent on supporting cast than ever (of course he's 157 years old which certainly has to catch up with him at some point). Same for Brees and Payton. Belichick and Payton win without their stud QBs for a reason. Rodgers has struggled plenty when injuries mount in GB, and he also seems to be petulant when things aren't going perfectly. Wilson may be the only QB who seems to be mostly imperviou
  16. FTR IMO Tom Brady gets entirely too much credit for the Patriots success. Yeah, he's in the conversation for GOAT but...if the Raiders had drafted him...? I think we still would have sucked for the last decade. Don't you? Honestly?
  17. Since Carr was drafted I'm 2014 this is how the Raiders defense has finished in points and yardage: 2014 - 32, 21 2015 - 22, 22 2016 - 20, 26 2017 - 20, 23 2018 - 32, 26 This is how the offense finished: 2014 - 31, 32 2015 - 17, 24 2016 - 7, 6 2017 - 23, 17 2018 - 28, 23 Draw your own conclusions, I reserve the right to post my own later.
  18. You don't honestly think I'm suggesting Carr = Brady, do you? Honestly? I was absolutely suggesting that Carr is at least as good as Gannon and probably better overall. The stats support the notion that, like other good QBs, and even elite ones, Carr actually does have good pocket presence. He is on par or better in not taking sacks or throwing picks, both strong indicators of good pocket awareness. He falls short of the elites in TD% but is still above average there too. His career Y/A is okay and this year is very good despite having a suspect receiving corps that took a massi
  19. Winston throws five picks in a game? Sure, keep zinging 50 times per week. Jones misses one block? GET HIM!!!!!
  20. So if my team goes 0-8 and is eliminated 6 weeks before most playoffs begin is it okay to quit and stop submitting lineups, bye weeks be damned? But it's okay to force me to quit? No thanks, comrades.
  21. Way to reductive to even begin to point out the flaws. Just like Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, Eli Manning etc. etc. etc. Derek Carr's career sack% is 4.8%, Gannon's was 6.7% (6.2% with Oakland). Carr's career INT% is 2% and his TD% is 4.4%. Gannon's INT% is 2.5% (2% with Oakland) and TD% is 4.3% (4.7% with Oakland). Brady btw has a 4.8% sack rate, 1.8% INT rate ant 5.4% TD rate.
  22. In his best seasons Gannon had Tim Brown, Jerry Rice and Charlie Garner as his primary weapons the #9 defense (2000) and #6 defense (2002). Carr has Darren Waller, Tyrell Williams, Josh Jacobs and the Raiders haven't fielded a defense that ranked higher than #20 in points or yards since Carr was drafted. Love Gannon but he was absolutely the beneficiary of a perfect storm for his career when he landed in Oakland with Gannon.
  23. That seems like a rare circumstance. Probably a Russian league.
  24. So, just to be clear, is the idea that if I am eliminated from the playoffs I should no longer try to win my next game? Or is it that I should try to win but be denied the resources that non-eliminated teams have access to? Seriously? Go back to Russia.
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