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  1. Yeah the matchup is unfortunate, but also an opportunity. I think all us Williams/McCoy owners hope Reid and the KC staff won't react to a bad outing by either by making them an afterthought. But that's not Reid's M.O.
  2. Yeah, didn't he also hold a presser with TO doing sit-ups in his driveway? Rosenhaus is just doing spin to salvage either the $30 mil the Raiders are not obligated to pay or however much he can get somewhere else.
  3. Yup and he is going to assume the risks involved with a one year "prove it" contract.
  4. Exactly my thoughts. Then again AB does seem stupid enough to do what, in his world, qualifies as thinking it could work.
  5. I found the same issue with spotrac which is why I switched to overthecap. On the player pages you can find their contract history broken down by team, year, salary paid and cap hit to the team. They say $33mil of $40mil paid out by Buffalo and $33mil of $40mil in cap hit.
  6. Agreed but I do keep my eye on guys who have back-to-back road or home games during weeks 15/16. Dome games too.
  7. Todd Gurley would like to have a word with you.
  8. It's also at Jacksonville which isn't an ideal matchup if everything that seems true about that defense plays out on the field. ETA: FWIW I am starting Damien Although the matchup, McCoy signing and comments by Coach Flores in Miami have me tempted to start Kenyan Drake.
  9. Is there a consensus place to check these numbers? We're all in the ballpark but can't find consensus. The way I read overthecap.com indicates it was $7mil cash owed and $7mil cap hit.
  10. Fair enough, text can be a difficult medium. At no point have I felt defensive about this, but totally understand why it seems that way. My stance comes from the experience I had that I posted on page one.
  11. Again, we know almost nothing about Ballage, his opportunities were very limited. He literally had one 75 yard run and one 31 yard reception. On his other 43 touches he did little to nothing. Way too small of a sample size to draw any conclusions one way or the other. Drake freelances way too much, it has cost the team because he gets hit behind the line too much and it has cost Drake touches. We don't know Flores but we know Belichick would never stand for that so I am going to assume it's not something Flores appreciates either. However Drake flashes a lot when he gets the ball
  12. Like I said, you're wrong. And I do not see where I have given any indication that I have taken offense. Honestly, the people complaining in here make me chuckle more than anything.
  13. I believe the contract is $3 mil guaranteed and $1 mil, I think, in incentives I also believe his contract and cap number in Buffalo for 2019 was $7 mil. According to overthecap.com
  14. Ballage had one 75 yard run on 36 season long carries, of course you can't take that away but, at the same time you can see how it severely skews his numbers. And he didn't do much on his limited targets. Drake is by no means a lock to start or get the majority of touches at RB in Miami He has a reputation as a freelancer which leads to him getting hit for a loss with high frequency. That's why Gase never gave him the full time job. Nothing frustrates a HC more than guys not following the game plan. Take what's blocked for you is the mantra and Drake apparently doesn't do that enough so h
  15. He was on a marginally better team last year that didn't just trade away their best two players...but I actually agree. Drake is easily their best receiver out of the backfield which should be a very valuable in Miami. The line won't be able to stop pressure and the RB dump off is going to be a necessity. They are also going to be playing behind all season so expect I expect they will need to pass much more than they would prefer. Flores also comes from New England and knows the value of using short passes to as an alternative to the running game when needed. So I don't assume
  16. If I'm reading overthecap.com correctly it looks like he signed for $40 mil and got paid about $33 mil and there was still a $7 mil salary and cap hit for 2019 on the books.
  17. Can most of us agree that McCoy is an upgrade over Hyde in the KC offense?
  18. Spotrac has them at 6th with $28mil but I don't know how recently that was updated. Still plenty of money though. KC listed at 13th with $14mil, Chargers at 22nd with only $3.8mil.
  19. A team trading for him would also have to trade for his contract.
  20. His cap hit and performance last season made him getting cut hardly a surprise.
  21. I was going to mention your second point as well. Ferrell doesn't have to be a 15 sack guy to be worth the #4 pick. He has to set the edge, make sure Mahomes doesn't break contain, control the B gap and force run plays horizontal rather than upfield and if he can throw in multiple sacks and QB pressures as well then he can absolutely be worth the #4. Regarding your first point Florio has been making a great point since the draft that if Mayock were still in the TV booth he would have been propping up Farrell all off-season and that would absolutely change how taking him at #4 would have b
  22. That was my benchmark, and I totally agree.
  23. It ain't much. DJ Moore, Evan Engram, Austin Hooper & Will Fuller Hoping Moore lives up to the hype, Engram becomes the OBJ beneficiary, Hooper remains a steady outlet and Fuller lasts beyond the week 1 National Anthem. Lots and lots of hoping.
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