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  1. RoS what looks is Guice losing in the passing game? He's getting two targets per game, I doubt that changes under any game script. Peterson is the biggest threat to Guice's touches, not Thompson. And Peterson has been virtually splitting opportunities 50:50 with Guice over the last three games.
  2. Oh goodness no. I never said that or anything close to that. I was very clear that I think he is a 10-13 opportunity guy, who can be explosive and gets GL opps, which makes him a flex play RoS. But he can easily put up a 7 for 23 game just like many other 10-13 opportunity guys. The difference is Guice has shown more upside than most of the other guys that I think you could plug in at this stage of the season.
  3. Guice had 31% in week 11 & 41% in week 12. He had 9, 11 & 13 rushes+targets. He has put up 244 yards and 3 TDs. In week 13 Thompson had 5 opportunities (his season low) for 29 yards. And, Guice had his season high in opportunities with impressive results. No, I don't expect Thompson's presence to have any impact in Guice. If anything Guice is going to impact Thompson's opportunities.
  4. Over the last three games Guice has three carries from the one yard line (2 TDs), Peterson has zero. I think he is flex worthy on his 10 or so carries and 2-3 targets/game going forward. I don't see Chris Thompson impacting his market share in the least.
  5. It seems like you already made up your mind despite mounting evidence that he may be a strong hold. On 31 touches over the last three games he has gains of 60, 45 & that 37 yard monster. He has scored three TDs, two of which were at the goal line and he has been used regularly in the passing game. Injury concerns or not you shouldn't make a move until after the season at the earliest and probably best served if you wait until after the draft.
  6. Looks like the correct answers were Deebo and Devante Parker.
  7. Sure but the Raiders beat themselves v NYJ (and the refs didn't do them any favors either).
  8. Chiefs should win. Raiders should have beat the Jets. #### happens.
  9. I love hearing stuff like this. Hope he keeps on track and he's looked very good so far, who knows, maybe he turns into the guy that was drafted #3 overall.
  10. Absolutely. Then again it looks like Penny is doing those things, or at least starting to do those things. This story is nothing but good news.
  11. I think there are a lot of things 22 year olds don't get that we think they should. The fact that he's an athlete is, IMO, irrelevant when it comes to health and nutrition. Do you and I get a pass on eating healthy and exercising because we're not athletes? Of course not, it is literally (not figuratively) every bit as important to us as it should be to anyone else on the planet. In fact, I think with the rigors of their training routines athletes are typically much more able to overcome many negative impacts of eating crappy food. Good on him for taking this step but I don't see it a
  12. So you're thinking that McDonald's is the beginning and the end of his commitment? He's still hitting up Burger King, KFC & Arby's?
  13. That understandable. Again, how was that story an indication of him not "getting it"?
  14. So he changes his behavior to cut out fast food and you see that as an indication that he doesn't "get it."?
  15. If he had been practicing in full all week I would probably start him but I got burned starting him vs Cle last time when he had limited designations in practice. Agree with @need2know that we should probably wait until he makes it through a full game before starting him with confidence. HOWEVER the desperate among us probably can't afford to miss out on that full game because the Pitt RB position is one of the most high volume in the league. He was a top 6 RB in my league before the shoulder and if you are in a must win situation I don't think you can leave him on the bench if he
  16. So we're pretty certain that Samuels isn't the clear backup that most Conner owners thought he was going to be, right? He's been below average in both rushing and receiving. Terrible actually. IMO, but for the blip that was the Colts game he's pretty much a limited pass catching back at best. He seems to be a TD dependent play who doesn't get regular goal line chances. I think he's entirely droppable in both redraft and dynasty and, in redraft Snell is the clear backup to Conner.
  17. Although I don't think Chubb has the medical concerns that are surrounding Guice.
  18. But, as most have said in here already, you're not getting a first for him now. You're selling at the bottom which doesn't make sense. His value likely won't get lower so you might as well hold.
  19. Yeah but your premise is that Guice may not ever be the guy he was in college because of his injuries, which is what most were saying about Gurley after 2016. That he simply wasn't ever going to be the player we thought he was going to be coming out of college because of his ACL. I think there is plenty of opportunity for Guice to get right enough health wise to produce at a high level for awhile at least. Either way selling now is too little value. If he bombs you won't get much less for him than you will now. But if he shows anything at all his value will increase probably more tha
  20. It seems like Rudolph is thinking too much and reacting too slowly and the scrutiny from the incident with Garrett may be getting to him. Throw in that defensive coordinators have more tape on him and his depleted weapons and I am not sure he is going to be able to salvage anything this season. He may have the physical tools but I now question his mental toughness. Look at a guy like Kyle Allen, I am not sure he is any more physically gifted than Rudolph (I think, on paper most would say he is far less so) but dude is nails mentally. He ####s the bed and immediately forgets about i
  21. You may be right about him but IMO it would be short sighted to consider trading him before this season is over. He won't net you much right now and you are getting at least a glimpse of what he may, or may not be able to do. That TD catch was very nice and mostly on him. I also think you are way off base about his best case scenario, or maybe did not consider what the term "best case scenario" means. I think 2017 Gurley makes a good case for your best & worst case scenarios. He was pretty much written off as maybe a high volume guy who would never get right physically then delive
  22. And to the point about the apology: Of course it was scripted. Everyone reads scripted statements. Not reading a scripted statement in that situation is beyond stupid. #PrinceAndrewsays
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