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  1. It seems like Rudolph is thinking too much and reacting too slowly and the scrutiny from the incident with Garrett may be getting to him. Throw in that defensive coordinators have more tape on him and his depleted weapons and I am not sure he is going to be able to salvage anything this season. He may have the physical tools but I now question his mental toughness. Look at a guy like Kyle Allen, I am not sure he is any more physically gifted than Rudolph (I think, on paper most would say he is far less so) but dude is nails mentally. He ####s the bed and immediately forgets about i
  2. Not sure I would bail on Guice when we all know so much is going to change in Washington this offseason. You're most likely going to see a new coaching staff, AP will probably be gone and Chris Thompson is an unrestricted free agent. The team has needs everywhere and RB is generally a pretty low priority in the NFL, so a high pick on a RB or a splash FA signing seems unlikely. It seems very likely that whoever heads the new regime will have Guice as the 1A in any RB situation going into the season. Not sure you are going to be able to get a better RoI in a trade.
  3. The early drops by Renfrow and Williams were real killers. Carr was on target and the pass catchers bailed the Jets out. The shortcomings at LB were very clearly demonstrated as the crossing routes and passes in the flat were almost entirely uncontested all day (or at least until mid Q3 when I tuned out, as Gruden did too when he pulled Carr). This was a winnable game but mistakes, and one of the worst roughing calls I have ever seen, just created a snowball that wasn't going to be stopped. #### happens! Bring on the Chiefs!!!
  4. So, yeah looks like I couldn't have beenore wrong about this. Do we think Thursday is the reality going forward, as long as Mack is out? Or did Wilkins just need more time to get right? Williams obviously got a ton of volume, and he was solid but not spectacular. Has he earned a Mackesque hammerlock on the primary RB duties? FTR I think Hines role remains static regardless of any of the other RBs status.
  5. Of course he could try but, I think he will wisely appeal his fine then let it all die.
  6. I was in the camp that it would be a split for early down and short yardage work between Wilkins and Williams (with Hines role staying static) and I want to stick with that on the notion that Wilkins was an emergency only option on Thursday but, man they fed the heck out of Williams and he looked solid...but not spectacular. If Wilkins is healthy next week and Mack is out, how do we see this backfield performing. I obviously could not trade Wilkins for a bag.of rocks in redraft but I may be willing to risk trading another RB if we think Thursday night was a mirage
  7. Crosby? Yeah, I could actually see him garner some DROTY votes. Such a bummer Abram got hurt. Even in limited action he looked beyond legit and came off as an obvious leader on Hard Knocks.
  8. I think far more of us were wrong, to some degree, about him than were right.
  9. KC doesn't have a game on us if we beat 'em. Then it comes down to math and math sucks.
  10. Wildcard? WILDCARD?!?!?!! Division title is in their control baby. Gotta change our thought processes brother.
  11. Who is starting at RB for the Colts? It's not in the FBG weekly update.
  12. Totally agree but to be fair I think the injury does downgrade his status. Wouldn't be the first time an injured star player was trotted out and used as a decoy.
  13. Would you please unpack this? Are you suggesting, I'd he misses another game, the Colts may actually shut him down in the middle of the playoff race? You walk away from that a bit with "...for fantasy teams for sure." Even so it means that even if he comes back in week 13 some/most/all fantasy owners won't play him again? That contention seems very odd. He has scored TDs in 4 of 5.5 games (5 total) and has averages a little over 8 targets/game. If he's back he should be in your lineup. That has nothing to do with name, that's about numbers.
  14. I agree that the perception was Kaepernick is a liability. I think there is a legitimate question as to whether that has changed. I have pretty much checked out of most "News" outlets aside from NPR but you can't get away from it entirely. The Kaepernick workout didn't seem to crossover from sports websites into more national outlets. I think the vocal minority are the only ones really carrying this torch anymore.
  15. My take home message is to keep whoever wrote that ESPN Outlook off my radar permanently.
  16. Believe it or not I actually understand your position and, on some level agree with you. What I do not understand is the anger you are projecting, perhaps you are not aware of it but that is how your posts about Kaepernick project. So what is it about Kaepernick that makes you seem so angry? The football part or the protest part, and why?
  17. So in your opinion he should capitulate entirely. Would you sincerely be satisfied with that? Every other player who wishes may sit, kneel, hold up his hand, which is literally (not figuratively) the only thing Kaepernick did on game day, but not him. Is that a reasonable expectation? It's okay for everyone or it's okay for no-one those are the only reasonable options. He doesn't need to make public statements about his expectations for salary or his role on the team. I am certain he has discussed it with any teams that have asked, beyond that it's none of our business. These are the
  18. People are still kneeling, holding fists in the air etc. no one says a word anymore. And we need to remember he never made a public statement about why he was sitting, then kneeling, until asked. The fact that we're talking about it also proves that it will draw eyeballs and generate money for the league.
  19. Yes. Is there anything that suggests he was not? And he seems to be focused on playing football now too.
  20. Of course that is possible. But Kaepernick did not do that the last time around so I don't know why the expectation would be he will do it this time around.
  21. The media caters to us. Much of the media, most perhaps, is no longer the Fourth Estate. They no longer simply report things that are news worthy, they report things they think will generate the most attention. If they think we want a Colin Kaepernick frenzy they'll chum the water and see what it attracts. If we don't consume that nonsense, they'll move on to something else they think/hope we want.
  22. Not, my words. I was responding based on another poster suggesting it may have been.
  23. Deal with what? More eyeballs? More ad-buys? If it's not about money, and it really doesn't seem to be, then what's it about? No specific coach/owner wants the extra media distraction? I can see that as a legitimate argument but if the league really wanted him in they would make a deal with someone.
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