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  1. We are the circus. We don't have to be the circus but we are. And I don't think the circus is nearly as big and bad as it was perceived to be even a year ago.
  2. The only thing he did on game day is kneel, just like other players continue to kneel and hold up fists etc. Where do you draw the line on interviews? Gameday only or all interviews?
  3. Totally agree. I think it is pretty obvious that if Kaepernick is signed there will be zero negative impact. People will complain and continue to watch just as the people in Kaepernick's camp complain and continue to watch. Frankly I think that fact is the strongest case for collusion. It's not about money for the NFL because there is no money at risk. Hell, a guy like Kaepernick in the league would probably lead to bigger ad-buys and TV contracts.
  4. I know it all started a long time ago but remember that Kaepernick did do everything quietly. He sat for the anthem without saying a word. He answered questions about it only when asked. When a marine suggested he kneel, instead of sit he did and continued to do everything quietly. We politicized it, we made it loud, we made it a controversy. He quietly kneeled and did his job. As far as his football demands. We don't know what they are and I think the narrative of $20 min/year and a starting job is unfairly being accepted as a reality. There are so many reasons those who wish to
  5. Your interpretation of his shirt is what it is and I won't change that. But why should he have to "conform" to that odd standard to play football? I don't think the "Employers may demand XYZ, from potential employees" argument would pass legal muster. It didn't in the first collusion case and I doubt it would in future cases which is probably why the league tried to get language preventing future labor claims into the injury waiver that they dropped on him just prior to his workout. Who said football players can't be activists? Us, apparently. If deeply examined, or not even so d
  6. Are you sure you want to keep walking down the slave history analogy trail? Think about it, very deeply. I sincerely suggest leaving it alone. There is a reason there were very few slave revolts.
  7. My impulse from a "Just shut up and play football" perspective is to agree with you. But this is America, why shouldn't Football players be activists too? We're killing this guy because he is standing up (or kneeling) over issues he strongly believes in. Issues that seem very legitimate and problematic for us as a society. It took courage to do it silently, and more so when it became public. And we, us the consumers, are telling him to shut up and go away. His absence from the league has zero, nothing, not one iota to do with his football abilities.
  8. After yesterday I am tempted to say Williams has to get the first crack at the job. However Wilkins has performed well since last year and probably has more of a three down skillset than Williams. My guess is Wilkins gets the start sees most of the early down work and catches some passes. Williams will spell and every 3rd/4th series and vulture TDs. Hines role is probably unchanged.
  9. I can't really speak to his fashion sense but the waiver was entirely unreasonable.
  10. In Saturday the league presented a waiver which should have exclusively protected the league against any lawsuits or workers' claims if Kaepernick got injured during the workout. Which was completely reasonable. However the league also included language asking Kaepernick to waive any and all future labor law claims against the league. That is entirely unreasonable. The league said if he didn't sign he couldn't work out at the Falcons facility. It was an unreasonable request by the league so Kaepernick moved the workout.
  11. Can't tell anything definitively from that clip. TD stands.
  12. The lines will fall exactly how you think they will. The Giants have a very high quality back-up in Eli. Get back to us next year when it's a Josh Johnson, Luke Fall or, ooooof Alex "Trick Shot" Tanney type.
  13. Goodnight to you as well brother, see you tomorrow. The physical ability has always been there and it has always been undeniable. An NFL executive who was there today said his arm strength is still top notch and he doesn't appear to have lost any of his speed/mobility. He said his deep ball was average. Look the guy led the Niners to two NFC championship games and a Super Bowl that they were absolutely in control of until that bizarre 45 minute power outage. It is disengenuous to deny his contributions to those teams yet gold him responsible for the poor Chip Kelly teams that f
  14. Bottom line is he apparently looked more than deserving of being on an NFL roster.
  15. Apparently his arm strength and wheels are still top notch and his long ball accuracy is still average.
  16. I like seeing so few posts in this thread.
  17. I can easily imagine that number being "leaked" by someone with no connection to Kaepernick and the AP simply running with it. That's S.O.P. in 2019.
  18. Okay, so we have no idea what their expectations are for money or starting status and everyone is just speculating.
  19. Has Kaepernick's camp ever made a public statement about salary demands or is that just speculation by third parties?
  20. Or, y'know, take another team to multiple conference championship games and a Super Bowl. Either way.
  21. Based on the recent update I wouldn't do that but good luck.
  22. Based on the recent update I wouldn't do that but good luck.
  23. Based on the recent update I wouldn't do that.
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