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  1. Look at his past few years, this is his thing, Cousins starts of slow. That said, keep CJ.
  2. Good, good. Back to Abdullah could be more effective as the change of pace guy. It just seems like a matter of time before he gets banged up again running between the tackles like he did last night. Him and Riddick are same size, but Riddick just seems to run with more power. Abdullah dances and is better in open space, I am an owner close to cutting in a short bench league and have to decide between him and Riddick as bye weeks approach.
  3. They may not bring him back if they lose to the Browns.
  4. No game this year had both teams go over 30 points yet this season, this one has the potential.
  5. Literally as you talk about everything other than football and derails threads.
  6. Just like a certain powerful person in the world has a tweet for everything to show he is a hypocrite, this person has one as well. The irony in his posts are so awesome, Alanis is flattered. If you are going to troll, be better at it.
  7. Yes, Riddick runs with more power than Abdullah.
  8. I much rather see Riddick get more snaps carrying the ball. Seems Riddick has way more power. Let Abdullah get more reps as the COP, I think he can be more productive.
  9. Interesting habit. Boston Globe just put out an article with more Gronk quotes about his injury. http://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/patriots/2017/09/18/bill-belichick-rob-gronkowski/mCrgomwPm7GAf1CAjhQ4ZK/story.html Hopefully we see Gronk smash this weekend!
  10. The 11am EST time imposed by the NFL for the ruling has passed and still nothing.
  11. Neither of which are doctors themselves. The history of the Patriots can cause many to reason if they are honest about anything. You can trust them if you so like, I will remain skeptical.
  12. Even if in those posts they are explicitly saying they are just guessing? Confusing post since you too just played online doctor which is fine since we are just merely discussing whats plausible since many actual experts seem confused by this injury. The Patriots do have a history of lying or cheating, as we all are familiar with. I do think he will be fine this week as well and may miss Wed and Thurs practice.
  13. True, he may not play, but updates on him should come soon, I see a lot of people talking about themselves and nothing to do with Gordon from some who typically derail the discussion, I hope they wont continue to ruin the thread and say things such as they want to derail the thread. People are literally talking pizza in this thread. With Colemans injury, if reinstated, he might matter.
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