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  1. Full dose of Moderna seems to give the best results to J&J recipients. The booster dose of Moderna wasn't tested in the mix/match studies and would likely have given results closer to the Pfizer shot. https://yourlocalepidemiologist.substack.com/p/mixing-vaccines-the-study-weve-all
  2. We stumbled upon the cure to the common cold? Go us! Boost me.
  3. Thank you, it might have been a blessing in disguise. Instead of "Lower 3" seats that I had selected through Ticketmaster. I purchased 9th row "Floor C" tickets through Stubhub tonight. Also ended up switching venues, Belmont would have worked great for so many reasons, but Prudential Center, Newark on a Saturday will be so much easier than Belmont on a Weds. I've never FBG Cornholed before, but first beer is on me @comfortably numb if you secured tickets.
  4. I hate Ticketmaster. Had reasonable seats, but some error wouldn't allow me to check out at my device. Tried a different browser and then tried the Ticketmaster app on my phone, all no good. Guess I'll be scrounging on Stubhub
  5. I saw the announcement yesterday, but didn't see anything about ticket availability. Does the whole tour go on sale Friday? Or is it staggered? I'll be looking for Belmont. 🤘
  6. Tesla carries very little true inventory. You can not normally walk into a store and select the exact car you're going to buy like the traditional dealership model. Most 3s and Ys are shipped to regional areas and matched to buyers en-route. When something like this happens, it's typically the result of a sale not going through (for whatever reason) for a car previously matched to another buyer.
  7. For adults, Moderna is a higher dose than Pfizer, which I'd guess is why it's somewhat more effective. They will reconfigure the vaccine dose for children, so this difference will likely be reduced. I'm signing my 10 year old up for whatever shot is first available.
  8. Official Model S Plaid 7:35 lap @ Nurburgring
  9. Do you mean appraisal would be based on before work is done for the rehab loan? We are actually already 2 weeks into the renovation, so if there's some benefit to getting things lined up ahead of time, I already screwed the pooch. I do still have the contact info for the guy you gave me in CT last year. I assume your recommendation hasn't changed, but I'll PM you in a month or two when we're closing down the renovation to make sure.
  10. Thanks, the entire refi would be well under jumbo limits (is Jumbo really ~$550k now?). The HELOC is a significant amount (over 25% of my mortgage balance), so would take several years to aggressively pay off. With the recent hot market and whatever extra value we are adding with the renovation, my best guess is that we'll have about 45% equity after an appraisal. I assume that a new appraisal completely incorporates the new sq. ft. and that they don't go off previous data. Is there a formal way to initiate this or is it built into the refi process? I've refi'd numerous times over the years, but not after making significant changes to any property.
  11. We are in the middle of a kitchen renovation. We are expanding the kitchen into our 3 season room (also called a Breezeway in these parts) while converting the 3 season room into living space. We will add about 250 square ft. in total, while renovating and expanding our kitchen. We also need to add a second floor renovation soon (like next year), to add an additional bedroom and master bathroom. I have a HELOC to pay for the kitchen renovation. Once it is finished, I am to refi, pay off the HELOC and probably max out to 80% LTV to provide some funding for the next second floor renovation. Are there any pitfalls I should be aware of? I assume I'll pay a slightly higher rate for a cash out refi. We refi'd last year to 3.125%, so even with the cash out, it seems like we should be on par or better.
  12. And DO NOT pay a fee to enter a bi-weekly program. I saw this a few years back, not sure how common it is now.
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