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  1. I came across this page a couple weeks ago and am following. Good stuff.
  2. Why hasn't this brilliant (cover) band had more attention? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClJMqrWQJ8OYWJ4ZdfqZdeQ
  3. Thanks guys, then it's super important they get my contribution's (box 5) fixed. We changed 401k companies 2 or 3 times and I'm afraid that some data was lost in the transition. They are reporting Box 5 less than 1% of the actual contribution on my records.
  4. The covid exemption waives the 10% penalty. So with a Roth withdrawal, both contributions and earnings should be tax free. My withdrawal contained both (I withdrew the entire ROTH balance). I don't know for sure that the reporting is incorrect, it's just that if I entered it as-is, H&R Block applies tax. It may be an error with the tax program or I am entering it wrong. So if the rules are the same as a Roth IRA, I would leave 2a blank? Or my 401k service should leave 2a blank?
  5. Last year, I took (and qualify for) a Covid hardship withdrawal from my 401k, which I split between regular 401k contributions and Roth 401k contributions. I received a 1099 for each type. The info reported on the 1099 for the regular 401k looks correct. If I am electing to split the taxes over 3 years, it appears that form 8915-E has me enter 1/3 of the withdrawal. Should this value be entered in Box 2A or both Box 1 and 2A in my tax program (H&R Block)? The 1099 for my Roth 401k includes incorrect information. It is marked with B2 in Box 7, but the incorrect value is reported i
  6. Awesome. And led me to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Rzo31YMPBQ
  7. for updates on a free option. Will definitely watch for free (even if it sucks).
  8. This. Anyone who says Tesla has no moat, clearly still does not understand the company. The competition is virtually non-existent outside of China, the major OEMs are still only making compliance cars in small volumes (except for VW). Stolen from the Tesla investment forum: The bar to be competitive with Tesla is rising ... - in 2009 you needed to produce a few thousand sportscars at a 6 figure price - in 2012 you needed to produce some tens of thousands family sedans with 250miles range under $100k and think about charging - in 2015 you needed to produce even 7-seate
  9. I believe everyone should invest in things they understand and stay away from things they don't. I'm not at all intending to compare gains from the past year. However, not understanding a stock and screaming from the roof top to get out are two dramatically different things. If someone actually took your advice, hopefully they found one of the other positions instead.
  10. Meant to include this one. Also, I hope Nugget took action on the information I PM'd him.
  11. I know there's a stock thread, but I was reminiscing on this thread tonight. One of these posts aged well.
  12. This was the first year we were extremely well prepared, seasoned and let sit overnight in the fridge. Also the first year the roasts were completely thawed, started cooking at 45 degrees internal. Cooked at 180, the 2 bone hit 125 after 4 hours. The 3 bone took another hour to hit 122. Both roasts settled at about 3 1/2 degrees higher after sitting. I went higher temp (530) and longer (8 mins) than usual with the crust. A hair more gray around the edges than I've had recently, but still came out pretty great.
  13. Here's a link that I've used as a guideline, I think it is more accurate with the target temperatures. 115 will be extremely rare (not medium rare as all-recipes is stating). The picture I posted above was removed from the oven at 125: My cook times usually run way longer than they state, but I have also started with sub-32 roasts a few times. You would do best to not hold yourself to a 15 window. Either remove it early and reheat if needed (as mentioned in the notes) or make your plans to eat when the roast is ready. Trying to hit a specific time with reverse sear is going to be stressfu
  14. And it's the cleanest plot line possible. My kids suggested Ezra or Kanan as possibilities. I haven't watched the end of Rebels, but I believe either would have required a time consuming explanation (or plans for a spin-off). Luke can show up, be a bad-###, and exit the scene/show without any additional commitments to the overall story line.
  15. You can not go wrong with reverse sear. Enjoy!
  16. Absolute no-no after cooking. I "think" raw is ok, it's what a dog would have eaten in the wild. But, I would google this to be certain.
  17. Ashoka would not have worked at that point in the story. If she was going to train him, she would have taken him when they first met, instead of sending Mando on a wild goose chase.
  18. We had a leftover 2 bone from last year that we cooked a week ago. Set the oven at the lowest temp yet (180 deg F) until 125 deg F, let it sit for 30 minutes, then seared at 500 deg F. Edge to edge perfection. I'll try to post a pic. We have a second leftover 2 bone from last year, but realized the 2 bone was barely enough for our immediate family. We now also have a fresh 3 bone that we'll prepare at the same time, so we can deliver some to local friends and family that we can't celebrate with this year. https://ibb.co/qjphQyx
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